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  1. no it was redone in the 50's but the outside i think is..
  2. Thank you i will get you some photos this weekend if i can...thank you for helping me...wendy
  3. Thanks to everyone that replied to my message..I will load some pictures as soon as i can..the outside is great but i think underneath she may have some problems...Been in the elements. Thanks again and all have a great day...
  4. Thank you so much i will check with them..have a blessed day...wendy
  5. My had this camper for years..I lost him in 2016. I have been on the internet to try and see what it maybe worth. The prices go from low to high no matter the condition. If anyone knows anything about this travelodge please let me know..thank you Wendy Right now it is not for sale just info about it.
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