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    Old machines in general, From my 1917 Singer 31-15 to my 54 Ford to a 1969 Massey Ferguson. My dad and I have started some small farming projects as well.

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  1. Frantz

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    What and park with all those hot rods? Just kidding. It would be a fine DPC truck, but I figure if it's that close to being HPOF eligible I'd rather go that way.
  2. Frantz

    What is the best fire extinguisher?

    I'd want something bigger to protect my car and when we're looking at a judging field we have to confirm that the extinguisher has a charge, so you'd be best with one that has a gauge. Your cars are too nice to trust with something inadequate!
  3. Frantz

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    I would but they're really helpful for my 6 year old daughter. I might see if they look like I could take off and put back on, but if I can get a pass with them on I'd just as soon do that. Nothing is too rusted on this truck, but each time you take something like this off, they don't go back on quite as solid.
  4. Frantz

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    Oh I know all about the clamps (-=
  5. Frantz

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    The number of points would be important to clarify. The rain guards probably come out pretty easy, I'm assuming they weren't a factory option. The running boards are obviously not factory and not as easy to remove but they could come out if that is what held it back. Muffler is OEM style, so I might be good there from what you said. Some hoses still need replaced as they were done with the red replacement hoses rather than OEM style. I suppose it doesn't hurt to take care of what's easy and give it a try.
  6. Frantz

    Help with 1986 F150 HPOF

    I picked up this '86 F150 from a friend of mine and I think it would be a good HPOF truck. It's not as nice as many in the field and I just need some help understanding how HPOF stuff is looked at/judged. I've only done class judging myself. Honestly I know it's not a great truck, but I thought it is a good point in time to take it out of truck use and in 20 more years it'll be a really nice 50 year old truck. These things have to come from somewhere right? Obviously the cap will have to be removed for the judging. The bed is in great shape with no spray in or drop in liner. Previous owners had used carpet to protect. I'm gonna just get a rubber mat (to be removed for show). The wheels in photo are incorrect but I got originals and already got them mounted with fresh rubber. It has an incorrect radio as well. The running boards are wrong, but I think I can keep them on and still score okay? The wiring all looks to be in good order but many of the hoses have been replaced with various quality. I'll be putting new rubber in but it's certainly not original. No repaiting has happened, though the original paint is getting thin. I'm sure shocks have been replaced at some point and the muffler doesn't have quite enough rust for me to think it's original, but the truck is also really clean underneath thanks to previously being owned only by old men and being 2wd and 120k. But lets assume the radio, hoses, the steps, and the muffler are incorrect, and everything else is original. So that would be 26 out of 30 right? That should be okay for a HOPF cert wouldn't it? What's the HPOF vs AACA Original I see on the scorecard? Could I replace hoses correctly or determine muffler to be original or take off the steps and have something different than HPOF? Can I find original muffler and radio and put them in or do they need to be original to the vehicle to count (obviously I could, and would like to, do the radio and no one would know other than the fact that I posted it here) Darn it... I see the rain guards too now that I look.... 25/30?
  7. Frantz

    Ford Country Squire

    I'll say I instantly judged the car when looking at the first picture and the remaining pictures actually made me more hopeful. Still it would be an expensive one to do. If you're just looking to get it on the road you might do okay, but if you're considering doing much more cosmetic work than washing off the algae then I would look for a different car. If the motor doesn't turn by with a wrench at all then I'd probably have to say this one is left for parts or racing. To be road worthy: Tires, brakes and lines, gas tank, carb rebuild, all fluid's flushed (including dif and PS). If you're like me, you'll start out with that intention and then go too far and want to restore it. Then it's just a matter of time, space, money, and passion. I would strongly encourage you to buy a car that you can drive and enjoy as is before getting into such a project because it does get old not having an old car when going to old car shows and always just talking about projects. Let us know how we can help!
  8. Frantz

    Help with my 51 Chevy Wagon

    That looks like a pretty promising project though! Certainly very worthy of a restoration even if you won't likely profit from a monetary sense, you'll have a wonderful piece of history to enjoy! Welcome to the old car hobby!
  9. Frantz


    Its sorta like showing old folks how to use facebook... or opening a hood on one of the new cars I sell. Most things are simple if you already know how they work.
  10. The '59 sketch is attributed to Dave Holls on the all powerful internet. Signatures and style are certainly a match. It does look like a print to me, but if you get a loupe you should be able to see if it's printed or hand drawn.
  11. It's a frame that had the very end (after rear springs) cut off once upon a time. The frame is actually in good shape. Also has the original differential and transmission mated to a 1956? Chevy inline 6. Has front brakes and steering column still attached too. Two wheels so easy to lift and roll around with FEL. I don't need it and would rather someone pay me scrap value for it than to actually scrap it. If you have an old commercial chevy it could be a great spare. Started life as a beer truck in Johnstown PA after the '36 flood. I have some crappy fenders you can have too. I have a floorpan and gas tank also, but that would be extra as they are actually good parts. $100, Lewisberry Pa, will help you load it onto trailer.
  12. Frantz

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    I love it! We'll try to get down there at some point!
  13. Frantz

    just finishing up my 1915 shell gas station

    Very cool! Is this at your personal property or did you do it for a museum or something? I can't quite read the golf cart.
  14. Frantz

    Completed car or needs some work?

    If that's all it needs to be "done" then I'd get it done. It moves it from a project to a turn key. If I were in the market for such a car I would assume that needing a top means there are other neglected projects in store. Of course all cars are ongoing projects in one way or another. But it's unusual to have a car that just needs one thing really only need one thing and I suspect your shoppers are thinking the same.