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  1. So like many, I need a real vacation. I've been to Phoenix when I was in the Army but would love to visit with my family but it's a bit of a haul from PA. I see the dates are "new" and wasn't sure how set in stone they were and what size event the region is expecting. Would be going as a judge but of course to enjoy the car show and surrounding area as well. Anyone have any sneak peaks on this stuff?
  2. Judging is quite a bit of fun, I recommend everyone try it out at least at some point! Then go over your own car and see if you find anything you think might be questionable and be ready. Anything you know is unusual for the time it doesn't hurt to point out the the judges and say "this is correct, here is the documents". We on the judging team will not take that as any sort of insult! Just speak with the team captain.
  3. I saw more masks on than what I see inside some stores. I think in general folks did a good job being respectful of the situation and the wishes of the club. Huge props to the leadership that made it happen. You could not tell the show was going to be somewhere else as of a month ago.
  4. I think it's too broad a range for "professionals" to exist. Not enough transactions to have a profitable company structure. To pay someone what it's worth for them to be a subject matter expert on any given car would be cost prohibitive, and to pay for less wouldn't be a good value for you.
  5. I didn't realize they made more than one either but I guess it makes sense for a motorcade. I am pretty sure the Henry Ford has one, as I think I remember Truman's car being one of several presidential cars on exhibit there.
  6. Well my hats always off to you folks who run the CJE classes. It's one of the things I honestly look forward to most and it's hard to pick which one to take. The knowledge is always so impressive so thank you!
  7. Yep number 25! Not bad for a 37 year old. Still learning so much each time. I was hoping to take advantage of the double CJE points this year, but I'm just excited we'll still be able to have these shows at all.
  8. Welcome! We'll be looking forward to hearing about you and your machines!
  9. Great looking machine. I think for the general market the color and transmission hurt the value a bit. Not so much in dollars but in quickness to sell. It's a bit of a bare bones luxuaryish car that probably no one wakes up in the morning looking for, but the right buyer would see it and be pleased to have it. I agree with others $15k is a fair figures for such a machine. So many great machines out there in that price range like it even if they aren't identical. They check the same boxes for someone wanting an antique that they can drive and enjoy as is. You mentioned it's a clean title, is it in your name or still in your grandfathers? It would have to clear through the estate if it's still in his name, and that can be easy or challenging depending on the situation. I would take the effort to get it into your name to sell if you haven't already. That will not only make the process easier, but also greatly improve a buyers willingness to travel to see and purchase. No one wants to travel and then go around meeting the family to collect signatures and then pleading with cousin Charlie that it really isn't worth $100,000.
  10. I'll be at both... First time for Grand Nationals for me. I expect I'll want to bring knee pads. Looking forward to seeing those who can make it!
  11. Not sure... I just registered yesterday... the change in date actually worked even better for me with my job. I'm guessing it might be a busy day with some folks not being able to or comfortable being out and about yet.
  12. Honestly I worked for one of the vendors as a kid back in the 90's and never knew there was a show field for several years... I thought it was a big flea market in the mud! I don't think its all horrible to have just the show. Might refocus the mission. I think it was harmful today to have some people leaking bits of this information. Folks who knew it was coming in some degree should have kept their mouths shut until an official respond came out. I certainly understand it takes months of planning, and there are points much earlier than the even where decisions need to be made. Is there still expected to be judging? I was gonna hit 25 credits at Hershey (after NC got canceled earlier...)
  13. It's more of a buyers market today than it was 20 years ago though. These cars will always have value, but the demand is lowering. IMO a solid 4 door sedan is the ticket for a budget '50s car. Their value is crippled but you get every bit as much car and frankly the styling isn't hurt nearly as much with the extra doors as during later periods.
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