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  1. I received my Jan/Feb edition about 2 weeks ago and my Mar/Apr edition 3 days ago. I'm definitley no writer but with the help of Tracy my article came to life. There are many stories out there if you are like me not sure about it contact Tracy you might be suprised Dodge Brother's are always interesting reading. A BIG THANK YOU Tracy!!!!!
  2. All parts were sandblasted and no rust has appeared the only part I have a problem with washing would be the differential with the bare steel it also shows no rust I guess I'll wait till a good warm day and blow it off with air when done. Well other than 2 parts on the engine I'm waiting for hope to have a original 1917 running frame by May the rest is easy I just find a good business that does body work and painting while I work on the wooden wheels Thanks for the info Jim
  3. The screensides the military bought were they produce before the October 1917 start of production I'm asking this question because I own a screenside that was produced June, 2 1917 frame number 159389 and there is very little information on the early screensides the other interesting thing is the frame has the upper gas tank bracket riveted to the frame the lower strap has been grouned off and mine has a glove box in the dash.
  4. I have a 1917 DB Screenside and my frame still has the upper gas tank brackets on the rear so my license plate holder is mounted on the side of my frame. People tell me somebody made it not Dodge but yours looks very much like mine and I do believe mine is original.
  5. Well I have moved some stuff and my passenger does not have a hole the hole is just on the driver side at the rear of the bed on the sheet metal that goes between the bed and frame. sorry can not get a picture with out moving the bed
  6. Sorry my bed is in the corner of the garage loaded with the cab and other boxs of parts so I can't see the passanger side till I move it. It would be nice if someone would send some pictures. maybe we will get lucky.
  7. Under your bed the part that goes between the frame and bed does it have a hole. If you need and mine is correct I can send measurements. It would be nice if we could get more information or a picture. I do believe a part from the body to the bracket is needed
  8. I'm not sure if this is original this screenside did come off a dairy farm and production was June 1917 and factory records show production didn't start till October 1917 and this screenside does have parts that were changed by the time production started. I do have pictures when I first got the screenside in 1979 but they are from a cheap film canister aqnd are up in the attic in about 6 pear boxes. The light housing light opening for the license plate is at the side not over the license plate, I did check the license plate holes do fit a 1923 Oregon license plate and when found it had a
  9. Looking for pictures of 1917 to 1920 Dodge Brothers Screen Side brake light and license plate location.
  10. Looking to build a battery box for 1917 touring frame. I have pictures and dimensions of the top part of the battery box (bottom rusted away) and lid looking for pictures of the bottom inside and out and dimensions. Could possibly be interested in buying one if quality and price is right. Thanks for taking time for reading this and possibly help Jim
  11. If I measured the battery brackets to the frame could that be of help. I don't know if Dodge had different battery holders. My 1917 screenside the battery container was gone rusted just about 4 inches of the supports bolted to the frame was left they had bolted some wood to hold the battery in place with bailing wire it was a farm truck. I'm going to have to get another battery holder when I get to that point of the restoration or copy the one in the 1919 it is in good condition.
  12. My 1917 screenside had one on it when I found it in 1979. It was a farm truck the farmer's didn't add extra parts so I would think it was installed by the factory but it's hard to say.
  13. Pictures of battery box and with battery cover, floor right and left side fit is nice took patterns off old floor drivers side was worn down into the wood with no gray linoleum covering at the driver feet.
  14. Interesting my 19's frame number is 352694 and my frame number on the 17 is 159389 it would be nice to have a time machine to go back in time. Whats is the frame number on the 19 that has one plate on the bottom of the frame. My 17 is a screenside that I thought was on a touring frame because production was before factory production of the commercial vehicles in October 1917 but I'm now thinking all frames were the same they had a weak point in this area but because of high demand they used parts that were on hand to keep production moving. When commercial vehicles started production the u sh
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