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  1. Seen pictures of early DB screensides that the backrest is just the backrest leather around the wood part and some have a apron on the bottom of the backrest mine seems to have this. Does anyone know what years this apron was used. My 1917 screenside has one (picture) backrest the other side was just a piece of wood would like to know if the picture is original for a 1917 DB screenside. The bottom is sewed under the top leather so it looks like it wasn't added on. Thanks for the reply
  2. I do believe you're all correct I own a 1917 Dodge Brothers Business Car and have been told Dodge didn't make business cars for the public until late 1917 or its a military vehicle Dodge started production for the Army in April 1917 with running frames and cowls and a few business cars used as ambulances in WW1. The original color is black not brownish green the Army color. Dodges first business cars had touring car frames (this I have) with business car bodies on the frames. My frame number 159389 shows production date June 2 1917 the cab number 38843 early cab number, I also know the history to about 1920 no changes were ever made to this vehicle. So this vehicle will be "restored close to original condition as possible" since with no records I don't know what original condition is. This business car worked on a dairy farm in southern Oregon delivering milk the owner put a cut out valve before the muffler for more power climbing the mountains, people tell me to leave it off to be original but then other people say tell the history of it leave the cut out valve on. The title will change when I transfer it from Oregon to South Carolina now I'll have a restored title not close to original WOW. I'll be 70 this year to bad I couldn't get restored to original condition. Thanks for the comments.
  3. In todays world a person can have "a one of a kind original" built from many different parts. Original to me is how the vehicle came off the assembly line from the factory. In the teens people were cutting up touring bodies to make trucks and today its called original. Some factory's built a running frame with cowl you built the rest I would consider this as original if the rest of the vehicle was built in that time. Maybe what it comes down to is that we all have "ORIGINAL VEHICLES" that meets our needs. Original could be to special.
  4. In the 1970's we sent our scrap steel to Japan they returned it to us in many ways (like bearings) we all ways said our bearings were better back then. Now in to days world most all machines are the same and we recycle our scrap steel so if their's a market countries will make it (Even Myers Early Dodge Parts has some products made in other countries) Our world has become much smaller now. 100 year old parts are hard to find now just be blessed someone has the machinery to reproduce them to keep our old Dodges running. I have a DB sign its been outside for over 20 years now with the sun its hard to read but that won't get done until my Dodges are done-- yep-- original parts cost money.
  5. It seems that I have landed in Ford country Rock Hill, South Carolina. Everything around me are Fords I went to a car show and noticed the DB stamping on the front axle of one of the Fords on display and got to talking to a couple of Ford owners and made the mistake of saying "Dodge created Ford and Ford created Dodge" was asked to leave. I come from Southern Oregon where our peaks are as tall as the mountains in South Carolina so if you wanted to drive up a mountain drive a Dodge if you wanted to back up a mountain drive a Ford. 1917 Dodge Brothers Business Car, 1919 Dodge Brothers Touring mine also will stay in the family but their back in Oregon so the Dodges will be home again.
  6. frame has been blasted and painted, transmission rebuilt along with rear end and just starting on engine
  7. I'm now undergoing frame up restoration but because of back operation its very slow
  8. Not a lot of information is known about the business cars from 1917 to 1920. I'm interested in the cab and frame numbers from 1917 to 1920 complete or just parts. I have a business car with frame number 159389 and cab number 38843 (number found on fire wall) not sure of manufacturer of cab so I'm interested did Dodge have more than one suppler of the cabs. Yes I had many people tell me they have a original cab but its a touring body cut off behind the front seat. I would like to put some history together about the early cabs so if you have one please send me the numbers off the frame and cab. thanks!