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  1. Sorry my bed is in the corner of the garage loaded with the cab and other boxs of parts so I can't see the passanger side till I move it. It would be nice if someone would send some pictures. maybe we will get lucky.
  2. Under your bed the part that goes between the frame and bed does it have a hole. If you need and mine is correct I can send measurements. It would be nice if we could get more information or a picture. I do believe a part from the body to the bracket is needed
  3. I'm not sure if this is original this screenside did come off a dairy farm and production was June 1917 and factory records show production didn't start till October 1917 and this screenside does have parts that were changed by the time production started. I do have pictures when I first got the screenside in 1979 but they are from a cheap film canister aqnd are up in the attic in about 6 pear boxes. The light housing light opening for the license plate is at the side not over the license plate, I did check the license plate holes do fit a 1923 Oregon license plate and when found it had a 1954 Oregon plate on it. There os a hole on the bottom of the bed that could of had a strap that went down and this bracket was mounted to it there is marks to possibly support this.
  4. Looking for pictures of 1917 to 1920 Dodge Brothers Screen Side brake light and license plate location.
  5. Looking to build a battery box for 1917 touring frame. I have pictures and dimensions of the top part of the battery box (bottom rusted away) and lid looking for pictures of the bottom inside and out and dimensions. Could possibly be interested in buying one if quality and price is right. Thanks for taking time for reading this and possibly help Jim
  6. If I measured the battery brackets to the frame could that be of help. I don't know if Dodge had different battery holders. My 1917 screenside the battery container was gone rusted just about 4 inches of the supports bolted to the frame was left they had bolted some wood to hold the battery in place with bailing wire it was a farm truck. I'm going to have to get another battery holder when I get to that point of the restoration or copy the one in the 1919 it is in good condition.
  7. My 1917 screenside had one on it when I found it in 1979. It was a farm truck the farmer's didn't add extra parts so I would think it was installed by the factory but it's hard to say.
  8. Pictures of battery box and with battery cover, floor right and left side fit is nice took patterns off old floor drivers side was worn down into the wood with no gray linoleum covering at the driver feet.
  9. Interesting my 19's frame number is 352694 and my frame number on the 17 is 159389 it would be nice to have a time machine to go back in time. Whats is the frame number on the 19 that has one plate on the bottom of the frame. My 17 is a screenside that I thought was on a touring frame because production was before factory production of the commercial vehicles in October 1917 but I'm now thinking all frames were the same they had a weak point in this area but because of high demand they used parts that were on hand to keep production moving. When commercial vehicles started production the u shape insert was installed to reinforce this weak area later years the frame was changed to be stronger. Battery box rear of box is bolted on the top of cross member between frames on the front of the battery box the top mount is bolted under the top of the u shape frame on the bottom mount it is on the top of the bottom u shape frame. Hope pictures might help
  10. Yes I also do believe this was a weak point in the frame later models this was replaced by a u shape insert that fit inside the original frame to prevent the top of the frame from cracking my passenger side that does not have a reinforcement the top and is cracked I have had it welded up, my 1919 touring has the u shape insert on both sides and has no cracks in the original frame. The reason for this question is I have a screenside that the body I believe is sitting on a touring frame why nobody knows DB started productionon on the screensides in October 1917 but my frame number shows my production date between June 2 or 3 1917 and all the screensides I heard of has the 2 u shape inserts so trying to find out when DB made the changes no records of it.
  11. Area that I'm talking about a person might see the rivets on the bottom of frame. First two pictures are driver side with single plate on bottom of frame, next two are passenger side with no plate
  12. I think each person has their own way but something I didn't do is take pictures a lot of pictures mark everything and don't use a pencil you won't be able to see what you wrote over time it fades. The condition of the vehicle makes a difference maybe only one to two problems to get it running or you want it show condition in today's world their are books that you can get to help catalog your progress and make notes as you start the disassembly. Join the DB Club members who have the same vehicle can be a help and the AACA forums can also be a great help. Good luck post pictures so we can see your progress.
  13. Sorry not sure where to measure for the frame cross beam at engine to cross beam in rear is 122 inches. Dash is a stock goggle box dash with no extra cut out for the steering column, gas tank is under seat with bottom braces for support, rear gas tank brackets has upper tank brackets riveted to frame with no straps to hold tank, no rubber mount on the front springs or rear springs, ignition is delco with a G-1 starter generator, from cab to top of windshield post is 25 1/2 inches my 1919 touring is 24 inches also It has a rod across top front of window with canvas that goes between roof and top of front window, rear springs are 7 with tapered rounded ends (I saw a 1917 touring with the same springs that is why I think I'm sitting on a touring frame) frame number 159389 I know the history to 1921 and nothing has been changed to this vehicle so what ever was done was before 1921. Sorry for the pictures the vehicle was taken apart for the move from Oregon to Charlotte but here is when first found yes the farmer changed wheels but still had the original wooden in a barn and what it is at now I've been working on the engine never rebuilt a engine like this one. What I have seems all parts seem to be in tolerance with DB production for a touring but why the screenside body I had people look at the parts and say it is a production vehicle. Picture of when it was found is to big to send maybe I can to your email but here is where I'm now on the restoration
  14. A very unusual request--- I have a 1917 DB commercial car (screenside) that I believe is sitting on a touring frame, my frame has has a single plate (13 inch long) on the driver side of the frame on the bottom with nothing on the passenger side. I'm asking for you to look at your frame inside along where the driver and passenger sits this is where the reinforcement was installed. Some vehicles have a single plate and some have a insert u shape that fits inside the original frame. Please let me know year, model and reinforcement you have. I have a 1917 DB screenside that I've been told its a factory production but I think its sits on a touring frame production with frame number is June 3 1917 DB didn't start production on commercial vehicles till October 1917 --- yes makes no sense your opinions are also welcome.