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  1. FireballV8

    2019 Western Spring Meet

    Thanks Steve Glad to hear it is not cancelled. Steve
  2. FireballV8

    NOS Guide 5" Fog Light Bulbs

    Hi Mike Are these 6 volt? thanks Steve
  3. FireballV8

    Fog light brackets - Free

    Hi Mike I can use these, please let me know cost of postage to Woodland Hills, CA 91367. thank you steve
  4. FireballV8

    2019 Western Spring Meet

    Hello I noticed the 2019 Western Spring Meet is not listed on the events page that was to occur in Fallbrook CA. Has it been cancelled? Does anyone know? Thank You
  5. FireballV8

    Show us your Buick Posters

    Hi Lamar This 50 poster is mounted on a stiff backing board. It's about the same size as your 54 poster. Steve
  6. FireballV8

    Grab bag of misc NOS 54-56 parts

    Hi Lamar PM Sent. Thx Steve
  7. Hello Everyone I guess things are slow, I want to clear my plate of too many cars, therefore I am reducing my asking price by $1,000 to $2,750 but only for Buick club of America members. This car deserves a good home and someone who can get it back on the road. Thank You Steve
  8. FireballV8

    Vintage door & window handles

    Hello, Does anyone recognize these pieces? I think the window cranks may be from a 1937 Packard. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Steve
  9. This is the fan for a 1947 or 1948 Buick Roadmaster. This may fit earlier and later straight eights. Asking $45 plus shipping. Thank You
  10. This is a rocker arm assembly that was completely gone through by Swanson's Vintage Buick Parts in Sacramento CA and is ready to bolt on, it has been in my garage for some time and I don't think I will use it for any of my cars. This may fit earlier and later straight eights. Asking $300 plus shipping. Thank You
  11. This is a front fender spear moulding for a 1947 or 1948 Roadmaster in good condition with decent plating. Asking $75 plus shipping. Thank You Steve
  12. Hello Everyone I am also trying to clean up some old parts and have this NOS battery tray Group # 2.333 Part # 1331296, these are usually corroded and hevily pitted, this is a great piece in unused condition. $100 plus shipping. Thank You Steve
  13. Hello Everyone One of the LA Chapter members bought this NOS aluminum timing chain cover when he had a 1967 Sportwagon, but he never used it and has since sold the car. It is part number 1259587, he wants to sell it and I figured I will start here. He is asking $300 and will include shipping in the lower 48 states. Do these fit a lot of models or are they specific to the 60's Buicks? Thank You Steve
  14. Hello Everyone I have decided to sell my 1957 Buick Century Four Door Hardtop, it is an all original car with Factory Air and is an unrestored all original car, original paint, original interior in need of preservation or restoration. The car is a local southern California car since new and is 100% complete and very solid. I was told that the car will run by the previous owner who was an old time mechanic. I have owned it for a few years now and have not done much with it, it deserves a good home and TLC. I am asking $3,750 for it or best offer. Thank You Steve