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  1. 56 front license plate bracket

    That looks identical to 1957 style...wonder if it is.
  2. glove box door

    They come chrome steel or padded. You can get a chrome one and paint it though.
  3. 1984 Park Ave with 9400 miles $4500

    yeah those are some great pictures too... really shows the "minty" condition
  4. 1958 Caballero

    Really looking awesome! Can you tell me where you got the large rivets from?
  5. glove box door

    Telriv I believe he is looking for the chrome kind solid metal that came on Roadmaster 75 and later run convertibles.
  6. Me and my beautiful 1956 Buick

    That's it exactly and why so many cracked with the factory no-gasket set up.
  7. Two 1955 Roadmasters on CL - $1400

    Yes indeed! Doesn't look like it's ready to perform too highly in that shape. However, those valve covers alone must add 30-40 HP.
  8. Dang, I'm not even a '55 guy and this is tempting
  9. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Scary indeed...I nearly left the old ones since they weren't broken and am now regretting I didn't, but I'm past the point of no return! I used ratchet straps to keep it from flinging apart when I disassembled it but have no desire to attempt the reverse.
  10. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Well that's basically how the spring compressor works. The issue is, unless the new coils have fewer twists than the original, the fork at the bottom, which has ridges to keep itself in place, will be too thick to remove from the spring once the spring is in place. If I can find one that's lower profile it would work fine. Wish I still had the ones from my dad's shop but I can't find any like them anymore!
  11. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Man, some of these front end pieces were the hardest bolts yet to get out! I don't know how I'll get the new spring in. The fork from the spring compressor wouldn't even fit between the coils on the old one, so I had a heck of a time getting it out. Neat to see the big area of nice original paint color!
  12. Unsold at $4k. I was watching it and got notifications twice that the reserve had been lowered, so I'm guessing it's not too far off. Location plays a big role on a car in this price range; it would probably cost me somewhere around $1000 for example just for delivery.
  13. More junkyard finds!

    I believe the power antennas were same from early 57 back several years...they changed them during the 57 model year run. Anyway a have a few from 57's and may end up with an extra working restored one next year. If I do I'll post first in these forums.
  14. Powder coat experiment

    There are some self-etching primers out there that might work to layer over that and under a topcoat. Por-15 sells one to use for their products. If it bonds to that it will probably bond to a powder coating.
  15. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Thanks! These shiny bits keep me motivated to keep moving forward with the rest of it! Plus, these small tasks are something I can do when I only have an hour or two. If I don't have at least a half day to work in the garage, it's not really worth the time consumed getting dirty and taking the extra shower, getting out and putting tools away, and sweeping up.