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  1. Saw this on Facebook group and thought I'd share for all...
  2. "54 Super sedan

    It does say "or best offer" right in the ad. Give seller a call and be honest... you never know he might bite! Or, maybe that's what you're afraid of...
  3. Still need a 15x6 1942-1950 wheel rim

    I was looking for some 15-6 wheels for my 57, and recently acquired a set of 4 from a car a friend was parting. Prior to that I'd scavenged 2 I think. Therefore, I think I have one extra. If you're interested, I'd be happy to take measurements to ensure it will work with your car, including clip spacing. Let me know; I could use the space right now!
  4. 1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    I don't know why I had so much trouble finding them online then. I think I pitched mine because they got badly bent while prying the frozen shoes and drums off. The one I saved is slightly bent even.
  5. 1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    I have some coming. Thanks!
  6. 1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    They magically disappeared!
  7. 1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    I have not yet; perhaps I'll stop by with an example tomorrow...
  8. 1957 Wheel Cylinder Pins

    I need at least 3 of the pins that go in the wheel cylinders to actuate the shoes on front; unfortunately they do not come with the wheel cylinders themselves when you buy them, as they usually do on newer models. I'm trying to find these quickly, as I'm ready to put front brakes together and just realized I don't have these. Any sources would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    I have done it 3 time, but it never becomes more fun. It will be pleasant to do this one beforehand!
  10. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Yes, trunk pan and spare well were removed in one piece. I had grafted a new lower section into the old well and itcame out pretty nice, but I didn't need it any longer so I sold it.
  11. My 1957 75R - Big Gray

    Ok, it's been awhile. Between family time and minor house projects managed to make some progress. Since last posting, I acquired a 2dr sed Special parts car and cut out some sheet metal, and resold it. The main things I needed were the floor braces in front where it meets the inner rockers, and trunk pan. This was a setback in time, but it was necessary for the sake of this car. I also got the last of the major parts I needed (not from parts car) - a perfect gas tank and correct wheels! My trunk pan wasn't beyond hope but the soft places were in highly contoured areas. After a little measuring, I confirmed that although nearly no sheetmetal is shared between the cars, the trunk pans are the same. The areas around the trunk and rear wheel wells are totally different though. I have managed to complete the rebuild of the front suspension. Next, front brakes will go back together and some wheels back on. Then, it's on to the firewall and some further details on front chassis. Gotta say, it's great to put a few new parts on finally! Also, got the trunk pan pretty much fitted in. It's not welded yet, but from a few feet away it's hard to tell it's not original to the car! I cut the whole rock-solid pan out of the parts car includimg the spare tire well. The original perimeter where the old pan used to be has been flanged a bit where the replacement drops in; this will ensure strength and take stress off the weld. The patching in the floors is complete too, but I didn't have time to clear the debris for a good picture before drop-dead quitting (dinner) time came! More to come...slowly getting there!
  12. 79 Regal limited, not mine

    Dang that nice one is where my sister lives. Would be a great excuse to visit if I was a buyer, which would be very tempting if it was a v8. Very nice car!
  13. 1957 Estate Wagon

    If at least one was local for someone, and the wagon-specific parts were all there between the 2, that would be a great project IMO.
  14. the Lasabre is at the beauty polor

    Beautiful color combo, nice looking car!
  15. Lancemb's 57 Roadmaster Facelift

    Thank you! Coupe is coming along and I'll post an update on that in a couple weeks. Had to take a break from it to get Big Blue back on the road though! Plus I needed the wheels on this car to use as rollers on the coupe since I was tired of filling the crusty tires that were on it with air.