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  1. Talk about a time capsule

    I think this looks like a great car, and a very nice survivor. I think the seller's assessment of things that could be done to keep it original is correct and reasonable. However, these things are not free and doable over a weekend but his price does not reflect this.
  2. Interesting '53 Special with factory AC?

    I've got one of those! A 57 Roadmaster?
  3. '55 Buick rims

    Would these be same as 57, does anyone know?
  4. 64 Wildcat $7000 but....only 61K miles

    I agree. I DON'T agree with how he responded whatsoever, but at least a couple of those questions are ones best answered by yourself looking at the car, and can be frustrating when from the seller's end you are probably just someone else taking up time that isn't going to buy it.
  5. 56special 4 dr on Nampa ID Craigslist

    Yeah it would have to be one hell of a deal I couldn't pass up to buy the car from this person, and this is not close to that.
  6. Weird 57 PB Master Cylinder Leak

    Buick Man thanks for the great pictures and explanation! Is it the seals on the part in your 3rd picture that are the culprits?
  7. WOW! That looks like a great car with very little needed to enjoy!
  8. FS: NOS 1955 Buick Hood Ornament

    Good fender ornaments.
  9. Weird 57 PB Master Cylinder Leak

    Dang! Not what I wanted to hear but thanks for the info. I really don't want to change this thing out again! Well mine leaks out completely while sitting for a couple weeks. Seems to function great other than that though. Weird that it developed so suddenly. Think I'll rebuild one on the shelf, then swap out and replace these seals.
  10. Right after returning from BCA National meet in my model 75, I developed a slow brake leak. The puddle told me it was coming from MC area and after drying and refilling it a couple times I finally pinpointed it, but am not sure how to proceed. There is a wire poking out underneath. On mine, this wire is loose and brake fluid is seeping from the hole it sits in. I am not certain what this wire does or why this hole exists, but speculate it was a hole drilled through for manufacturing purposes and then soldered shut with the aid of this wire, as I can't think of any functional reason to have a hole going through all the way. Here are pics of the one off of my 75R. You can see the wire thing, and it's tight and totally sealed. Can anyone confirm or deny my theory on this hole? Any reason I shouldn't just pluck this wire out and close the hole with a self-tapping screw, maybe after driving in a plug?
  11. 1964 Lesabre Estate Wagon

    Very cool. "Ask for price" probably means "want too much" though.
  12. MANY 1957 Parts

    I have been collecting 57 parts for many years, and due to prior lack of inventory and other reasons have accrued more than I need for my current cars, and don't plan on another major 57 project besides the one I currently have, so I'm thinning the herd to fund restoration on my 75R and make some room. I took inventory over the summer and recently went through what I need and this is what I came up with. I also have some other non-1957 stuff I'll post soon. Much of this stuff is accessible, but some is not easily accessible, so if you want pictures of anything I may be able to get it very quickly and I may not but if you seriously want something that is stashed I'll work to get it out as quickly as possible. I'll be getting it all out and in one place in the next several months though, whatever I still have. I also am tentatively planning to be setting up a table at the BOPC meet in St. Charles in February, so can deliver anything you want to that meet free of charge. I WON'T be bringing all of this stuff there, otherwise, but will probably bring some. I think these prices are reasonable, but if you think any are crazy just ask. Some I may flex on, others not. Located in Munster, IN just southeast of Chicago, IL. Description Condition Price Qty Transmission Kit Aftermarket NOS $50 1 Mirror Head, Rearview Day/Nite foggy glass Used $25 4 Park Lite Assy. (1956 also) NOS $75 1 Antenna - Manual, Antenna only Used Nice $75 1 Bezel, Inner Tail Lamp 50/70 PAIR Used Good $150 1 Bumper Bracket - Left Rear - 40/60 Used $50 1 Bumper Cap Donuts Pair, Left No Box NOS $250 1 Bumper End - Front Pair w/ donuts Used $150 1 Bumper End - Front Pair w/ donuts and inserts Used $200 1 Bumper End - Rear Pair Rechromed $1,600 1 Bumper End - Rear Right Used Very Good $450 1 Emblem, Grille Ornament Used $20 2 Exhaust Hanger, Rear Left NOS $80 1 Fabric Pieces- Black Original - Century Used Nice $50 1 Fuel Pump - Core AC Used $30 2 Generator Coil - stiff NOS $30 1 Grille/Hood Bar - Core no cracks Used $125 1 Guards, Door Edge 41/43/49/63/69 NOS $25 1 Guards, Door Edge 50/70 Sedan NOS $25 1 Hood ornament Used Nice $100 1 Hubcap Used Nice $25 7 Mirror, Hooded - no box NOS $425 2 Mirror, Hooded In Box NOS $450 1 Mirror, Left Used Nice $45 1 Mirror, Right NOS $95 1 Mirror, Right Used Nice $50 1 Mirror, Side - Halo Hooded Used $50 1 Mirror, Stem Rearview - needs chromed Used $30 1 Incomplete Brake Booster/Master for Parts Used $50 1 Power Brake Major Repair Kit Bendix NOS $85 1 Power Brake Service Kit Moraine NOS $40 1 Shock - Front Aftermarket Orig type PAIR NOS $80 1 Tissue Dispenser OEM Used Nice $75 1 Torque Ball Used $40 1 Valve Spring Inner NOS $10 1 W/S Washer Jar NOS $65 1 Water Pump - Core - w/ outlet Used $25 1 Water Pump - w/ Outlet - GM - no box NOS $75 1 Wiper Arm Cam-O-Matic Right Used $35 1 Wiper Guide Right Cam-o-matic (Chrome) NOS $20 1 Wonder Bar Radio Needs Restored Core $50 1 Lens Tail Lite 50/70 PAIR Used Nice $40 1 Spare Tire Well Used $125 1 Socket/Reflector, Tail Light - Miscellaneous Used 1 Inner Fender Left - Solid battery tray Used $50 1 Inner Fender Right Used $25 1 Miscellaneous - Stainless Side Trim Used
  13. 1958 rear bumper braces

    Beautiful car and l'll second Jim that I LOVE the color!