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  1. lancemb

    My 1931 Buick project- the saga begins...

    This car's shaping up nicely! Looks like you're the right person to finish the job!
  2. lancemb

    1984 Buick Riviera

    Am I reading this correctly that this original post is 11+ years old, and was bumped yesterday by the same poster? Roberta, are description and pictures current?
  3. lancemb

    1972 Centurion Convertible

    Well's not likely to happen if everything is in perfect working order. That's kinda how it goes with everything. But old convertible tops can get worn or out of adjustment, especially on a car that someone is buying on the cheap and perhaps not putting a lot of time and money into. Glass certainly looks nicer too, I was just thinking along the lines of the suggestion that the car could be enjoyed without putting too much time and money into so as not to get too "upside down" in it if that's a concern. This happened on 2 of my dad's cars years ago, neither because of having stuff stored in the back. Surely it's largely preventable with enough service, and careful lowering of the top, but my point is it's a risk with this top design that largely doesn't exist on most convertibles.
  4. lancemb

    1972 Centurion Convertible

    Go with the plastic rear window if you do. These scissor tops have a tendency to bind up then collapse when lowering top, which can lead to shattered glass rear window.
  5. lancemb

    1972 Centurion Convertible

    LOL, how many of our restorations do make sense? 90% of the cars sitting on a showfield have far more into them that what they are worth. Yes...if it was only as an investment then half the old cars out there wouldn't exist anymore. Look at it this way though... it's still a better investment than just about any new car!
  6. lancemb

    1940 Buick Special
  7. Very nice car! Great shade of green.
  8. lancemb

    Nice Original 1956 Wagon Not Mine

    No a week or so was up when I posted...could have just ran out time, but wouldn't be surprised if sold alteady. Pretty solid street driving CA original for under $5k...
  10. lancemb

    FOR SALE: Another 1957 Roadmaster 75 !!

    Yes! Got some space you can lend?
  11. lancemb

    1958 taillight vertical bar needed

    Pete, I've got a very nice one. I'll send you an email tomorrow.