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  1. Nice! Where did you end up finding it?
  2. lancemb

    1963 Wildcat 2-dr. ht. in CT.

    Dang, too bad no title! Looks like a really great car. One of my favorite Buicks of this decade, easily.
  3. lancemb

    1972 Buick Electra 225 Limited coupe (SOLD)

    Yeah if I hadn't just added another car I'd have been joining the realm of big 1970's Buicks. This looks like an awesome car!
  4. lancemb

    1956 Buick Miscellaneous Parts Most NOS

    Are you looking for used or NOS? Since BUICK RACER does not have one I think I can help.
  5. lancemb

    1957 steering wheel wanted

    Found jack, still looking for nice white steering wheel (black not needed). I have a nearly-perfect green one I'd trade.
  6. Looking for original very nice, PM if you have some.
  7. lancemb

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    That is correct. Also, note on the tag Mod. 57-53; model 53 is the Super Sedan. That tag does not belong with that car if it is a coupe. I'd stay far away from this car.
  8. lancemb

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    This may be another one of those things that is not 100% consistent, but on the ones I've observed I normally see paint around the edges indicating the plate was applied prior to painting and then masked off. There was probably a standard masking decal, which was not always applied straight and neat either.
  9. lancemb

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    These are the same colors (CX on trim tag) as the Roadmaster coupe I am restoring - but different placement (mine is CXX for white roof and grey entirely below, yours would be mostly white with grey below sweepspear trim). The tag has definitely been removed and reapplied, but that could easily be that the painter did this to be thorough when the color was changed. I don't know why anyone would want to change such a beautiful original combo, but it happens. There are things to look for to clue you in on whether this tag belongs with the car. First, look in nooks and crannies for evidence of colors that the tag shows. On this car, it would have been white. Behind trunk side boards edge of rocker panels underneath, and cowl area behind back of fender are good places to peer with a flashlight. Next, the interior trim. TG57ROADMASTER points out he didn't see this in his book, but some trim codes came out later and may not be in the master book. I can look at my literature this weekend if you want. As far as the VIN, if all numbers match except the first digit being omitted, it's probably just a mistake. Check the VIN on the door jamb against the top front of the engine block. I have seen a couple that didn't have it stamped on the engine block, but if it does have a VIN stamped on it it should match if engine is original to the car. I've also been told the VIN is on the front of the frame somewhere but I am not sure where.
  10. I didn't think that spotlight was correct as I've never seen one on a 57. The trailmaster looks much nicer; my 75R came with one and it will be going back on. I was going to put one on the other side to balance it out, but after seeing a couple pics of cars with dual Trailmasters I think it looks a bit too hefty and overdone so I'll probably just leave the one as it came with. I totally agree on the skirts, and have a similar sentiment about pretty much all of these other "extras". I had a Super coupe with a continental kit on it and I promptly removed it and sold it to help fund the paint job.
  11. Is that spotlight original? I've never seen one on a 57. I am definitely not a fan of its looks. Has incorrect headlight rings.
  12. The car is on Ebay now. If I was to be able to closely inspect the car I bet I could determine if this was the original color combination. It looks to be rust free so likely has only had the one repaint, which does not appear to have been very thorough by looking along the insides of the fenders under the hood, so I'm sure there is much original paint preserved in the crevasses. This is similar to two other 75R's that came up for sale last year. Both were pretty nice cars in general but would have needed too many things redone as original to suit my taste, making the total cost too high. That's why I opted for my big project instead. I could probably live with this paint as-is though if I could confirm it's original colors.
  13. lancemb

    1964 Buick Electra 225, 30k original miles, $15K obo

    Typically people here are looking for bargains, unless they come out specifically seeking a particular car. Even outside of here, you may have to drop the price a little in my opinion. It's a beautiful car though for sure.
  14. Agggh! It's another one of those goofy paint codes! Appears to be BX-281. I'm dying to know what the original color was!