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  1. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Thank you on the dog -- we love her. Those tags are very interesting. I'm learning some stuff I never knew.
  2. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Haha -- she was squinting in the sun, I'll do better next time, I promise! 😄
  3. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Now Don, don't underestimate me! 😉 I'm already on it. It's complicated, but doable. They no longer make the 122 size film the old Kodak used, but I was able to find 3-D printed adapters that allow me to use 120 film, which is still readily available. And it turns out that there's a place in my neighborhood for vintage camera enthusiasts that does film processing. Since the 120 film is narrower, it makes it a little tricky to use the view finder because you only end up with the center portion of the image. (It's 2-1/4 X 5-1/2 instead of 3-1/4 X 5-1/2.) Also, since the little red window (remember those?) is in the wrong location with the narrower film, I had to "calibrate" the camera by running a dummy paper roll through and counting the turns on the take-up spool to get the film in the right position for each exposure. So there's going to be some trial and error before I get it sorted out, but I'm really having fun (can you tell)? 😄 No photos of the car yet, but here's an image from my first practice roll. Stay tuned.
  4. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    That's very interesting. I wonder whether they needed the steel for the war, and that's why states like California stopped making new plates for every year and issued the topper strip for '42, the tag for '43, and the window sticker for '44.
  5. neil morse

    1939 Buick Jack?

    I realize this is an old thread, but it's satisfying for me to see that I'm not alone in thinking the '40-'41 jack was some kind of "widow maker!" What were they thinking?
  6. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Oh, I'm working on it. I've got the right equipment. 😉
  7. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Here's the plate on the car. I could just use the '41 plate by itself, but I think the "V for Victory" tag adds an extra coolness factor.
  8. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    I got this answer from an outfit called "Dave's California License Plates" Yes the V tab stands for Victory and was issued to vehicle owners who paid their registration for the vehicles in 1943. Just like a sticker today the V was validated to be used for 1943 vehicles. In 1944 when you paid for registration on your vehicle they sent you a 1944 window sticker and the 1943 V tabs would of still been affixed to the plate. So it looks like California had a plate for '41, a plate for new cars in '42, but a yellow "topper" that went across the top of your '41 plate for old cars, the "V for Victory" tag for '43, a window sticker for '44, and then they went back to issuing new plates starting in '45. It's explained on this page: So the plate I got would be the correct plate that my car would have had in 1943. I'm going to stick it on the front and run my "official" vanity plate ("41SUPER") on the rear only. It's not strictly kosher from a DMV standpoint, but I think my chances of getting in trouble are pretty remote. This all started because I am trying to take some "faux-vintage" photos of my car, and the modern plate sticks out like a sore thumb. This way the car will look authentic for the period.
  9. neil morse

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    Thanks, Mark. I located that site this morning, but it doesn't appear that they have a discussion forum like the one we have here, or that I could participate in their list serve without joining. But I'm going to try to communicate with them.
  10. neil morse

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

  11. I just bought this 1941 California plate on ebay, and I have a question for all the professors. As you can see, the plate has a "topper" strip for 1942, but then also has a corner tag that simply has the letter "V" on it. From the limited information I have been able to glean from ebay, these tags are referred to as "V for Victory" tags, and were issued in 1942 and 1943. I figured I could find the whole story on the Internet, but so far I haven't found a thing about them. Since the tags covered the year on the plate, I'm wondering whether they were issued during the war instead of new tags for each year, since no new cars were being registered. Does anyone know anything about this?
  12. neil morse

    Who Doesn't Like Photos

  13. I realize that your mother-in-law in "only" 80, and your Buick is 81, but I suggest you proceed with caution! We all know you're frustrated by the delays that were beyond your control, but a few more days won't make a difference at this point! Take a deep breath. 😉
  14. neil morse

    1932 Other Makes Packard Super Eight

    The ad copy deserves an award for "most pretentious of the year," but the car is gorgeous, no doubt about it.
  15. neil morse

    Favorite Pictures of My Pre War Buick

    Thank you. It's called "royal maroon."