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  2. I coincidentally just got a list from Skip Boyer of the parts he offers. He does not do the gauge faces, but this set is available from Bob's (it says 41 to 47, but I'm pretty sure they are the same as 40): Skip's list doesn't mention a horn "button," but does include "Horn Ring Plastic (cream)" for $45.00 if that helps. I will post Skip's list here if I can figure out how to do it.
  3. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Thanks for pointing that out. I asked Eric Hirsh about current draw (apparently not an issue), but I did not ask him about heat. I will talk to him and see what he says. However, I'm not too concerned with regard to my car since I rarely drive it at night. So the lights are only going to be illuminated when I'm turning or braking. And turn signals and brake lights were the principal reason that I decided to switch to halogen in the first place -- I want to make sure other drivers can see what I'm doing.
  4. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    The cylindrical one with the silver-colored base is the halogen lamp.
  5. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Halogen Bulbs As I mentioned earlier, I ordered halogen bulbs for my tail/brake lamps, rear turn signal lamps, and front parking/turn signal lamps. I installed them today. I was very impressed with the quality of the lamps supplied by Hirsch. Here's a comparison of the old incandescent bulb with the halogen bulb for the twin filament applications. Just a plug-in substitute -- couldn't be easier. It's difficult to get a good photo that really shows the difference. The difference seemed to show up better in a photo with the parking lights because of the clear lens. Here's the halogen on the passenger side and the old incandescent lamp on the driver side. Hirsch claims the halogens are "almost" twice as bright, and I would say that's accurate.
  6. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Temperature Gauge Repaired Good News! As noted previously, I sent my NOS temp gauge off to Vermont to be examined by Roy Martin, "The Temperature Gauge Guy." Roy called me to say that the problem was only a matter of calibration. All he needed to do was tweak the Bourdon tube at the gauge head, and all was well. He charged me $35.00 plus $10.00 for return shipping. As shown by the photos below, it now registers at the bottom at room temperature, and the top (220 degrees) when the bulb is immersed in boiling water. I'm very happy with his work! At room temperature with the bulb in a pan of boiling water I heartily recommend Roy to anyone who is looking for help in repairing a temp. gauge. Roy Martin 172 Laurel Hill Drive South Burlington, VT 05403 802-862-6374
  7. 1937 Buick Special - Opinions re. condition

    Hi Philip: I am also a newbie as far as Buicks go, so I probably shouldn't be shooting my mouth off anyway. I also don't think it's prudent to buy a car from a dealer anywhere unless you have seen it up close. Photos just always look better than the real deal. However, that being said, I was just reacting to the difference between a Special and a Roadmaster, and that certain things in the photos of the Roadmaster caught my eye. I have not looked at the photos of the blue Special. I was just offering an opinion, for whatever it's worth, on the Roadie -- I was not comparing the two cars.
  8. 1937 Buick Special - Opinions re. condition

    It seems to me that you wouldn't go wrong offering 17 on that Roadmaster. Yes, it needs some work, but it looks complete and many things on it look great -- like the dash, for example.
  9. Talk about a time capsule

    Thanks for the clarification, Matt! I understand it now.
  10. Talk about a time capsule

    Wow -- given the posts on this thread, I am totally confused about the rules for this forum. Mr. Earl, can you clarify?
  11. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    Trunk Details Doing the tail light job gave me a chance to further explore the trunk area of my car. Here's the spare tire well. The black cardboard pieces from the factory are still there. Even the wedge-shaped wooden block to hold the spare in the right position. Is that a standard item? Looks like it. Also, the plaid trunk liner is clearly original and doesn't look like it's ever been touched. The only rust is at the bottom of the well (typical, I assume), not bad, just surface. I will treat that and repaint it when I get around to it. And here's the spare -- obviously never been on the road and mounted on a pristine wheel. Whoever did the repaint on my car (and whenever he did it), he seems to have done an excellent job!
  12. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    PS: If you get the idea that I'm shamelessly copying the format followed by Gary W, you are correct! I might as well strive to meet the gold standard!
  13. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    New Tail Light Lenses The tail light lenses on my car were so badly faded and milky that it was really a safety hazard as well as a cosmetic issue, so I decided to get some new lenses from Bob's. This is what the old ones looked like. Nice package from Bob's Here's a side-by-side comparison (the reflection off the shiny new lens makes it look odd in the photo). Here's what the old light looked like once I took it apart. The inner lenses are yellowed, but not badly. The "new" rubber from Steel is more confirmation that someone did some restoration work on my car in the past. Here's how everything looked with the new lens after clean up. I removed the inner lenses and washed them in soap and water, and went over the housing with an SOS pad. It was in pretty good shape. I polished the chrome piece and treated the rubber pad with some Armor All. The light sockets were in good shape and didn't need much clean up. New lens back in place. Here's a little video with the tail light illuminated and the directional signal in action. Much, much better! Next up: Halogen bulbs on their way from Bill Hirsch. They are supposed to be almost twice as bright, which I think is prudent given how small the lights are compared to the modern cars on the road.
  14. Stevens 1921 roadster

    Forgive my ignorance, but what the heck is going on with that steering wheel?
  15. Happy Birthday, Gary! You are a gentleman and a scholar, and we are very fortunate to have you on this forum. (And my totally ignorant and random opinion on your last question is that "wiggle room" is a good thing and you should wait until you have the hood in place to make the adjustment).