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  1. neil morse

    1941 McLaughlin Buick Roadmaster

    Based on my own experience, I would say that your statement is accurate, in other words, you DID have "horrible, horrible" luck. My car continues to run great with the Pertronix unit (although I have heard from others that they sometimes fail). Getting back to your thread, Keith, I am again amazed at the amount of work you did on this car over many years. Excellent job!
  2. neil morse

    1935 Lincoln K - Series 541 Sedan

    That goes for me, too. Whatever the problem, Matt, I hope you can work it out.
  3. neil morse


    Elpad, these are all fantastic! Keep them coming. Are you going to post an answer to your question about how many Buicks appeared in the photo of the parking garage a while back?
  4. neil morse

    41 Buick: How to remove temp. sensor cable from gauge

    Excellent! As you know, I will be doing the same job on my '41, and I'm hoping my old sensor comes out more easily! I had somehow missed this thread when you started it. I assume you got the gauge housing apart okay? You were correct that you can easily remove the bezel, as Don also said, by just uncrimping the places where the bezel is crimped. You then remove the bezel and the glass, pull the whole temperature gauge out through the front, and feed the new one back in the same way.
  5. neil morse

    1931 Nash 890 Ambassador Club Sedan *SOLD*

    Excellent work, Matt. As I said, if I had the money to spend, I would have jumped on this deal. What a great car!
  6. neil morse

    1931 Nash 890 Ambassador Club Sedan *SOLD*

    What a beautiful, stylish automobile! Looks like an exceptional deal for someone. I wish I could afford it.
  7. neil morse


  8. neil morse


    From the 2018 Hillsborough Concours d'Elegance:
  9. neil morse


    It took me two months, but I've finally gotten all the way through this thread and caught up to the present. I just wanted to post a thank you to everyone who has contributed! What a great collection of Buick photos. May it continue to flourish!
  10. neil morse

    1929 Cadillac 341B Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton *SOLD*

    It never hurts to have a few pretty ladies draped over the car when you're shooting sales photos!
  11. neil morse

    1962 chrysler newport

    I owned one of these back in the '80's. If the dash is in good shape, I recommend that you post a picture of the "goldfish bowl" instrument cluster -- like something from a space ship. That might help generate more interest. Also, more information about the car would be helpful. Mine was very comfortable and reliable.
  12. neil morse

    1929 Cadillac 341B Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton *SOLD*

    Very interesting, Matt. I hadn't considered that angle at all. I guess that's why we're not hearing "Riding Around in My Cadillac" by Ariana Grande. 😆
  13. neil morse

    1929 Cadillac 341B Dual Cowl Sport Phaeton *SOLD*

    Magnificent car! And I just click on Matt's videos for that disco beat that helps me get going in the morning! 😄
  14. Several people on the forum recommended that I just use a product like the one EmTee has recommended. But the guy who I eventually had do my tank told me that "nothing sticks to rust." This makes sense to me. Sloshing some sealer around in a rusty tank may work for a while, but unless the sealer is bonding to bare metal, it will eventually flake off and get caught up in your fuel system. The only way to really take care of the problem is to have someone sandblast the inside of the tank down to bare metal, and THEN apply the sealer. It costs a little more, but I think it's worth it for the peace of mind.
  15. neil morse

    1941 Buick: Access to speedometer cable at transmission

    Well that makes me feel better, I admit! I swear there is no transmission inspection hatch on my car, and my '41 Super and Ken's '41 Roadmaster share the same body, so I think for some reason (I can't imagine what) Buick decided to discontinue the inspection hatch on the C body starting in 1941. Any further input from '41 owners would be most welcome!