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    have owned and driven 128/129 fast four dodge brother daily for the past 35 years

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  1. Richard every frame that I have seen or had to any work on{ over 20 plus in 40 years } has these holes and nothing ever been seen in them, they all have them , good question ? Bob
  2. Richard the frame has come up very well and was what you heeded to get things in order , glad to see the car running , its a very good feeling at this stage to see all your work turn out so well ,it stands square on the springs , very good work Bob
  3. robert b

    1927/1928 Tourer body

    Richard I will have a talk to you
  4. Matt if you need any thing that I can help with just call ,Bob
  5. robert b

    1927/28 Gearbox rebuild

  6. robert b

    1927/28 Gearbox rebuild

    Richard could you call me when possible today .Bob
  7. robert b

    Route of the 2249 Dodge Senior fuel pipe

    Check for vaccum leaks on the manifold and flange gaskets .Leaning out of mixture could do this to .bob. Bad condesors can also give this sort of result.
  8. robert b

    Garden gnome ID?

    When looking at rear gard in detail i see the molding around the edge indicates that it is a 1929 model in this country . bob
  9. robert b

    Garden gnome ID?

    The body moldings on the scuttle is the id that it is a Richards body , the hooked curve to the front as where Holdens body moldings smaller and finish at the door edge .
  10. robert b

    Garden gnome ID?

    Yes the tourer has been uted and why i say tourer is the rear gard is from the wider body work and shows the fixing bolts on the top of the gard , the roadster models have a full gard and are mounted on the inner side . bob
  11. robert b

    Garden gnome ID?

    The car in post 10 is not a fast four as you say Ray ,it is more like a 25 or 26 model . as it is not possible to see the motor we can only guess , may be a 126 or 124. ?
  12. robert b

    Garden gnome ID?

    1928 Stanard Six with midland steeldraulic brakes . With a T.J.Richards tourer body .
  13. Sorry guys that I have not been on for a while , lots of work to do , Rich that all looks good , did you get my papers yet . bob
  14. Ok some one all ways comes up with something i have not had the need to remove , so will have a look at it in morning before work and let you know bob
  15. Will forward you more information tomorrow