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  1. My 65, another build to follow

    Thanks for the words of wisdom, Jason. Unlike me, U definitely have the experience from building multiple cars (maybe I can borrow your wallet haha). Thanks for the input. I am not a quitter. I will keep plugging away. I may only be taking baby steps but that sure beats quitting in my book Having fun with this is a great way to keep motivated. I shoulda placed this video in my thread prior to my showing u guys my bare metal & then epoxy primer process. Oh well...hope u guys enjoy me rolling into the sunset Cheech & Chong style with my poor mans drone haha...I got tired of this look pretty quick haha
  2. My 65, another build to follow

    I sure wish I woulda known 5 years ago what I know now...I woulda totally done the same “just go with it” & learn
  3. 65 Riviera Gran Sport on Jay Leno's Garage

    Leno does NOT own that 65. It belongs to a friend of mine. I am trying to get him to create a username & login for the Rivi Forum to answer any Q’s.
  4. I know the owner of that Riv. He has two 65’s. One is his & one is his wife’s haha. That one on the show is his wife’s haha. He built both of them. Both came out AWESOME!! I’m gonna try to get him to log in & answer any Q’s.
  5. Control Arm Bushing set '64

    Old thread, I know. Everything I have read about urethane bushings says that they squeak like crazy. Did u ever install these trailing arms and experience squeaking? Has anyone tried this method?
  6. My 65, another build to follow

    Hey Steve, glad to be back at it myself & glad to see your still here. It’s been a long journey. This forum changed a bunch & my pix are all jacked. My build thread needs lots of work to get it back to how I once had it. yea I’m bummed about my bodywork. The cost for minimal bodywork is crazy. Now imagine the cost for the amount of work mine will need. The thought makes me 🤢… I’d rather get her running right (EFI) & maybe spend my money to be cool like u with airbags haha (I think u had bags right?) As for the EFI, I’m in the same boat as u. I didn’t know much. I didn’t do much research on any other units other than the Holley & FiTech units. The FiTechs got a lot of bad reviews & its only $200 cheaper. I needed the electric fuel pump setup too. With the deals u can find on Holley’s ‘Master Kit’ (includes electric fuel pump) it’s comparable in price to the FiTech. Bottom line, I only pulled the trigger on the Holley kit due to the Holley reputation, good reviews & the cost.
  7. My 65, another build to follow

    I do appreciate the great sound advise u guys always offer. U guys are a wealth of knowledge. Thank u. At this point, in regards to my bodywork, I don’t know which direction I will be going in. This project has definately become a huge pain in the a$$. I see why dudes quit & their projects sit & rot away...this sucks... I did reach out to a couple of my more local than Larry Daisey contacts to ask about a good quarter panel to use...just in seems I will have a quarter panel to use if & when the bodywork begins. I really dont feel this car of mine is worthy of spending the umpteen amount of money its gonna take to cut out sections of the quarter to replace with donor car sections. I’m leaning towards Randall & Jason’s theory, fix what I have with hammer & dolly as best as I can & use a bit of filler. I just wanna drive this SOB not show it Cutting out sections to replace with donor car sections is great if this car had the potential to be as nice as any of your cars. I know its tough to read this entire thread & its been so long. You guys probably forgot. Here is the recap: my car is NOT a prized Gran Sport, my car is NOT highly optioned, my car is NOT numbers matching, it DOESN’T have the original engine block, the engine block is NOT even from a Rivi, the body always sat krooked on the chassis & now I’m sure its from this damage. The frame machine is an awesome option that I will consider, thanks for that idea. All good ideas, thanks brothers. I’m just irritated...we will prevail...somehow some way As for now, I like that my car is one solid color. It totally gets the juices flowing again. So I’ve been driving the snot out of it. My latest concerns are trying to get the damn thing to idle right. She runs like a champ. But at times when I first put it in gear (R or D) she starts to sputter badly & wants to die. Ive been asking my buddy’s for advise, including our old pal Chris Nolan (Alini), in getting it right. Ive been bouncing back & forth between timing, fuel/air mixture, idle adjustment... no luck. I even ditched the points & went to Pertronix...I’ve spent time looking for vacuum leaks...NO LUCK In order to stay motivated, keep my sanity & continue to enjoy this journey, here is my solution...yes…I’m “that” guy 😬
  8. My 65, another build to follow

    Thx for the feedback. I was so bummed when I uncovered the damage on that quarter panel that I thought I was gonna need a donor car. My plan was to drive my car off of the nearest cliff. On my way to that cliff my gut said ‘ask a pro at your local bodyshop for his opinion.’ There happened to be 3 shops on my way to that cliff. Luckily for me all 3 shops said what u described. It’s gonna take a lot of hammer & dollying to get it close to right for sure. Then a fraction of the body filler that I took off will make up the difference. The bondo I took off must’ve been 3/4-1” thick. Edit: u are correct. NO RUST
  9. My 65, another build to follow

    I am very pleased with this shops work & the look of this PPG DP90 epoxy primer. Apparently, some dudes run this as their top coat for that satin look. Interweb says it doesn’t have the UV protection that most top coats offer. I dont plan on keeping it this color. But this look will definately work well until I do get the bodywork started. Plus I keep my car garaged so it should hold up for a bit.
  10. My 65, another build to follow

    Good news: The black epoxy really got the juices flowing. So much so that I didn’t wanna skip a beat in my momentum. I asked the shop if they would spray the front half of my car in the next couple of days if I got it striped for them. I told the shop owner I would take the next day off of work just to get ‘er done! He was cool enough to allow me to leave the car there & come back the next morning with my tools to strip it there on his lot. That helped me from destroying my garage again off to work I went haha Obviously, taking off the light grey primer was kind of a step backwards. After striping it down, I went back the next morning to take hood hinges, grill & bumper filler off. The boss said “you’ve come this far, u might as well take the fenders off”...yup...more steps backwards but in a good way. Ugh, what a journey haha
  11. My 65, another build to follow

    Bad news: The light grey epoxy I bought from my local PPG paint store apparently is not the best. It was described to be a good product for the DIY guy like me. The bodyshop uses a professional grade product called PPG DP90. They offered to continue batheing her in my DIY crap or select to use the shop stuff... ...I opted for the better stuff under the agreement that this shop does the bodywork for me later on too. They agreed...on one condition...they wanted the old DIY epoxy primer OFF. UGH!! What a journey, right? I agreed. I was also given a choice of color. I chose the black option & boy am I glad I did haha. It looks frigin AWESOME dents/dings/cellulite quarter panel & all
  12. My 65, another build to follow

    Here she is the day she was dropped off at said bodyshop. They quickly jumped on getting her ready for her light grey epoxy bath to match the fenders & doors. U can see the different colored grey on the hood. Like I mentioned earlier, that was the sandable primer (poly I think) that was used over the epoxy by the other bodyshop during the block sanding of only the hood.
  13. My 65, another build to follow

    In an effort to keep the juices flowing I went back to one of the first body shops that originally turned me away. They originally said my car was too much work. My new plea to them was that if I brought them the light grey epoxy that I used on front of the car & if I striped the rest of the black lacquer paint off would they help me get it all one color. They agreed. Off to work I went... I masked off my entire garage with plastic. I did the best to cover my nice Nailhead & went to town on striping. LOTS of work...LOTS of hours...LOTS of beer haha. Despite hanging plastic & covering my Nailhead my efforts only helped a little. My garage was DESTROYED haha I quickly proved that my car IS a pile of caca haha & it WAS really a bondo cake on wheels. Driver quarter panel was the worst. My heart sank & I almost threw the towel in on this project after seeing this. What I discovered was horrible!!! DISCLAIMER: the discovery of what was hidden under the bondo is of graphic nature haha...images not suited for persons under 18 years of age haha...ensure u are sitting to avoid any head trauma from possible fainting spells haha
  14. My 65, another build to follow

    Bad news: I called my machine shop/engine builder guy to ask why they used steel freeze plugs in my heads. He didn’t know why. He agreed that only brass plugs should’ve been used. Well I sprung a leak. Luckily I at home when it happened. Another tough lesson I learned was that I probably should’ve taken my engine to Russ Martin in NorCal for a rebuild... . U can see the cracks on my upper control arm bushings. Some cracks are almost all the way across Good news: I was able to remove & replace the plugs in my garage. It was a bit of a pain. But it coulda been worse right?