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  1. This pretty much sums up the rumor I last heard about Rob J’s build…not sure of details Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m sure the GOAT had nothing to do with it…haha
  2. Put the fuel cap back on? sorry…couldn’t resist haha how about trying a new fuel cap? The gasket on yours may be bad
  3. I will be home tomorrow & get that info for u edit: wow, it’s been 5 years since I bought these. Pulled box off shelf & once again, I was pleasantly surprised how nice these felts look. I loosely test fit each piece to my existing felts & they look identical. Except for the small offset in the outer felt above the door handle. Doesn’t look hard to put the offset in when installing tho. Box is labeled with the Mfg Co. logo “Repops” (Montco Mfg.) & sold thru Rubber the Right Way (maybe others too). Price has gone up by almost $30 in 5 years…inflation I guess? I do like that they have a Lifetime Warranty to the original owner IF u send in the registration form within 30 days of purchase…I didn’t 🤦🏻‍♂️ With the start of this thread I was inspired to call my local upholstery guy for a quote on installation of these felts. I said I would remove all the old trim, take it to him to R&R the felts with staples like original. $250 was the quote 😳 I didn’t think it would be so high. Then I noticed there are staples & screws with install instructions included in this box. Sweet!! Maybe I’ll install myself 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Coincidentally, before all this talk, I recently saw a 64 at his shop with new window felts installed using rivets. He didn’t do the install but he pointed out its an easier install that some guys prefer. He said the rivets are way too visible & scream “look at me” to detail oriented guys like most of us. So DONT USE RIVETS haha Sorry for long post…hope this helps…
  4. I bought my fuzzies from I think their website has demensions. They sell pre-cut fuzzies & cut to fit fuzzies. I bought the pre-cut ones but have not installed mine yet. So can’t comment on figment
  5. RockinRiviDad

    NEW 18” wheels

    What tire size did u buy? Is your ride lowered with shorter springs or are u riding on bags?
  6. RockinRiviDad

    NEW 18” wheels

    Me likey…kinda looks like u chose a deeper offset for the rear…if so, me likey even more haha 👍🏼
  7. RockinRiviDad

    1964 Riviera Radiator

    Ricks Radiator
  8. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Great ideas…thank guys… I just looked for the Tefba filter on YouTube. Coincidentally, I found a dude with a 63 Riv showing his approach using a window screen. Lots of rusty junk came out of his Nailhead…I hope mine isn’t that bad 😞
  9. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Makes sense. So now what? Is replacing of my coolant on a regular basis my only hope? Or is there some sort of additive that can help break it down before I drain & refill the system?
  10. RockinRiviDad

    Riviera Custom Built For you

    I don’t know what it takes to tool up for projects like this. At a price of $60 a plaque I’m guessing the tooling is pretty steep. Thx for offering the service 👍🏼 But Bob @ Scanlan Veneer, where I bought my walnut wood door inserts, has been making/selling these for years…at the same price of $20 like mentioned in post #1
  11. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Thank you. Went on vacation. Not much time to sort out this rust issue. I once had the attention of some mechanics on this forum. I was hoping one would chime in. My fault for dragging this build on for so long & hacking my car up haha. They prob lost interest 🤣
  12. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Nobody knows if this rusty discovery is normal huh? Oh well...the plan is to change my coolant with every oil change. Hope u all had a good Father’s Day. Family was good to me 😁...I got my walnut wood inserts from Robert @ Scanlan Classic Auto Veneer...SUPER nice guy...SUPER nice product...Apparently, there is two different shades to choose from. There a gold oak like shade & this darker brown shade that I absolutely LOVE... thx for the recommendation Robert...LOVE the “Proudly Made in the USA” touch 👍 I will call this my Mickey Mouse’d door panel revival took many steps to tear down, disassemble, clean, apply veneer, reassemble & reinstall panels...I did not fully rebuild my panels....I probably should...door cards need to be replaced but I reused them along with the old vinyl/carpet too...if anyone wants to donate a paint job for my car then I’ll redo these panels the right way 😆...even after taking all the shortcuts that I took to get these panels nicer I still clocked TONS of hours...& I’m still not quite finished...but I’m liking the far, so good
  13. RockinRiviDad

    1964 Riviera Radiator

    Ricks Radiator is where i got my radiator from. He’s in SoCal too. He may be a distributor of the products in the link Tex provided. But Rick is at ALL the big shows & Swap Meets...i like helping the little shops...he a super nice guy too