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  1. Ok…thx for the info So the names to look for for a heavy duty relay are: GM AC DELCO STANDARD RY8 NOT 4 Seasons are there any others? We may as well list them all to avoid buying crap like I just did. Unless I’m the only one that is good at taking “one step forward, two steps backward” then please delete the post mods
  2. Thx for the reference numbers. But I don’t see those numbers on my box or on the relay… Thx. I will roll the dice. I’ve gotten good at that haha.
  3. I was happy I stumbled across this thread until I started trying to find these GM/AC DELCO relays. Then I realized that this thread is 3 years old 😣. Did U guys buy them all? haha So I scrambled to find these relays online while at work & had no luck. My plan was to stop at my local GM dealership parts department on my way home. Then my super computer savy coworker jumped on the net to help me & finds some in NY! I’m in Cali haha…whatever. So I order 4 of them at $8 each. They got here today & they look right. But the paperwork says nothing of the part number I order. No where does it say GM #1365166 or AC DELCO 15-8172. Lemme guess…is this one of those Chinese made repop’s? Is this common? How can I ensure that this relay is correct?
  4. This is awesome info!! Thank you Winston!! Why hasn’t this thread become a ‘sticky’ or whatever they call here. Can’t one of the moderators make this stay on top?
  5. That looks cool. What is even cooler is that flag on your antenna. Thx for that. Great idea. Where’s my flag… Today’s world sure has funny views on Old Glory.
  6. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Thank u...That Hayden link I posted has some interesting details to go with the ‘footnote’ you shared. It talks about why/how u were experiencing the cold morning clutch engagement. Hope u like
  7. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Same part number Tony posted. I was told Murrey parts are the same as Hayden…whatever…just gimme the correct part dammit!! Just kidding haha
  8. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Thank u Arnulfo...I have a couple of quirks to sort out with my EFI...then I plan to come see u so we can finally race...oh, I mean cruise our Riv’s haha
  9. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow
  10. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Sorry...missed this Q... the weight difference was not a factor in my purchase. I did not even think about that. Wish I would have. That would be a nice detail to know. A detail I do have to share is that this radiator took a little more effort to get it to fit than I had expected. It is suppose to be a “direct replacement.” We all know how that goes right haha. The rubber pads that cradle the lower tank had been purchased new months ago. They worked great with my original radiator because the indentations on the lower tank lined up with the rubber pads making easy to slip my old radiator over the rubber pads. Not the case with the new radiator. The indentation on passenger side was right but not the one on driver side. Solution was to remove pads & take them to my grinder. I took a little bit of rubber off at a time (10-15 times haha) test fitting them each time until I got them thin enough. Small problem number 2 was the brass fittings on the lower tank (see pic in post #283) which my original tank doesn’t have. They are about 1” which is a hinder when trying to fit my original tranny lines. Driver side tranny line only needed a little persuasion. Not the case for the passenger side tranny line. It is shorter, very rigid & difficult to adjust for that 1” adaptor. I had to disconnect both lines from the cross member mount & used my line bender to reshape the existing bends. Worked out great overall. Cooling seems good. Temps hover around 160-180
  11. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Post #283 I mentioned I bought the components I needed to get my car back on the road. In that list of parts I bought a heavy duty fan clutch… When test driving my car a bit with all these new parts (wheels, tires, posi, water pump, fan, HD fan clutch, EFI) I thought I did something wrong. My engine sounded crazy loud as if my RPM were too high while driving. Did I screw up on the posi ratio? Was it the 1/2” taller tire? Was it my EFI? It turns out it was my damn HD fan clutch!! 🤦🏻‍♂️ they do NOT belong on our Nailheads. I bet u guys knew that huh? U just wanted me to watch me squirm a little right? 🤬 Live & learn…HD fan clutches run at 80-90% of shaft speed. That’s almost 1:1 😳…that was the loud noise I was hearing. It was loud. Really loud. It caused me to think I was gonna break something. Not sure why. But it wasnt easy trying to find a standard duty fan clutch. All the local jobbers said all their PC’s & books called for an HD one? Huh? Luckily one guy crossed referenced parts numbers & BINGO! Standard fan clutch has my Nailhead purring soooo nicely HD on the left, standard on the right Post #295 I stated my RPM range at 65-70 mph was 2000-2300. That was wrong. I will go back & edit that. I am actually at 2600-2900 RPM’s @ 65-70 mph.
  12. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Apologies for the crappy lighting. I only had 900 miles on my car before breaking it again & I noticed it was hard to keep things clean. Especially, the polished aluminum. I decided I hated the polished timing chain cover & water pump. I also noticed oil seeping out of the front main seal. Wha tha heck?!?! It’s a new engine. So I pulled the cover, scuffed & painted both the new pump & timing chain cover. Now u can see my nice hardware kit. As for the oil seepage. I found that the machine shop whom I paid lots of $$ to to rebuild my engine used the old rope style front main seal. Not a big deal right? Until they decided to leave my oil sligger out…😣👎🏼☹️…never a dull moment in this journey…
  13. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Lots has happened in a relatively short amount of time. I’ll start with my tire selection. My car is finally back on the road & I placed the call for my wider tires to accommodate my wider wheels. IMO, I nailed the fitment this time. The size was a bit intimidating. But I made them work with the help of a 1/4” spacer. These meats sure help my posi
  14. RockinRiviDad

    Brake Reaction Rod..source?

    That’s interesting. I’m curious to hear what your book says about posi’s for our first-gens. I would have to guess your book won’t help. According to the feedback I’ve gotten throughout the years, we just CANT ‘convert’ our open diff’s