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  1. RockinRiviDad

    65 Transmission control switch

    I dont think my setup is a good representation for u. Unless u are going with EFI like me. I had to fab up a throttle bracket & I am not a fab guy. Many attempts. Finally got it tho. I don’t think a stock setup sits at this angle. I believe they sit parallel to the valve covers. Maybe someone else can reply with a stock pic
  2. RockinRiviDad

    TA Performance headers

    Cool pix. Thx. Again, sig line doesn’t show up with accessing from cell phone
  3. RockinRiviDad

    TA Performance headers

    Nope. I guess the Mod’s thought Gender, Location & Reputation where more important fields to show when accessing the forum from my phone. Not much time to sit at a computer nowadays haha
  4. RockinRiviDad

    65 Transmission control switch

    Nice pix. I did the same thing to mine a couple months ago. I wish I could add to your pix. But I was more excited that I got the switch to work & wanted to install it for a test drive that I forgot pix 🤦🏻‍♂️
  5. RockinRiviDad

    TA Performance headers

    What year car do u have?
  6. 3 years? ugh!! I’m soooo jealous. I’m going on double that time frame & no where near the finish line haha CONGRATS!!! Happy for u. Looks bitchen!! Any interior & underhood pix?
  7. RockinRiviDad

    TA Performance headers

    Is anyone running these headers on a first gen? 😬
  8. Beach or bath towel in your choice of color?
  9. I sped on over to Kansas from Cali in my bucket of bolts Riv & snuck into Ed’s house to steal these pix while he was napping off the effects of his pain pills. just kidding. Collected one from Russ Martin’s site & Chris Nolan gave me the other. My kickdown & SP never worked. A buddy suggested we get it all back to stock & working right before we add this aux switch. So I’ve been enjoying the stock setup for now. Aux switch coming soon haha Ed: hope the leg is ok & u don’t need pain pills.
  10. Jaw dropping…mouth watering custom work…I am in awe…she came out beautiful!! Congrats. I read she performed well on your Road Tour too. I’d love to try that someday. I sure hope u can find time to answer a couple of Q’s of mine. PM me here or on LatG. Thx
  11. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Good eye Winston. Here is a pic of the coupler before I installed the second half from my old coupler. The new one have a different grounding that is sandwiched between the two halves. U can see the gold anodized metal strap in pic
  12. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Oh yea…I see what u did…u edited your post after I read your original reply…sneaky ok…now I’m picking up what your throwing down
  13. RockinRiviDad

    My 65, another build to follow

    Im sorry…not sure I follow… reference in what article?