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  1. I’ve purchased a few parts from James in the past and not long ago I spoke with him he said the only dshaft he has for 65 was really pitted. Joe
  2. You're right i went back in the forum and found the pictures of the three dshafts and sent him a message. Thanks!
  3. i didn't know he had an original dshaft available, i though he cut it up to modify...
  4. Yeah... I hear you and i'm just scrambling for some solution. I should put it out there if anyone knows where to get a good used driveshaft, let me know.
  5. I road tested the car in a 50 mph zone then down the highway home. At 40 mph the vibration starts again and continues through highway speeds, no better no worse. I'm now going to look at the rear end and bearings. I'll keep updating as I go. Thanks, Joe
  6. Hi's an update, my issues continue... it's been a month long headache. the last time I posted I was waiting for the local drive line shop to install the CV kit in the rear cardon joint, this was completed along with balancing the shaft and the car returned to me.The car still vibrates at 40 mph and up no better and a little worse so it seems as speed increases. I asked for the shop to replace the front CV kit too might as well replace everything and start fresh, but I had to supply this kit as they exhausted their supplier. When I received the kit, they refused to do any more work on the shaft as they didn't want to deal with this anymore. I can honestly say I'm not pleased with this supposedly reputable shop. I changed the CV kit myself including the u joints, all 5 of them now are new along with the hanger bearing and support. We just had a dumping of snow last night so I couldn't road test the car I will do this as soon as I can. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks, Joe
  7. Well...finally an update, I just received a call from the drive line shop turns out the rear CV ball and socket is worn out, scored and out of round. I guess you really can't see this without taking the cardon joint apart. Originally the shop said this part was a little worn when I had the shaft there the first time so it makes sense but they said it wasn't that bad either... I should have this back in the car on Friday evening and hopefully put an end to this issue. I will update you guys next week after I road test the car. Thank you all for you're help! Joe
  8. definitely I would like to see how his drive shaft is phased. one question i thought of when reading through the forums on this topic was if the driveshaft weights should be on the same side when phasing the front and rear shafts together. I'm going to take a closer look at mine on the spline where there is supposed to be a pin? for correct phasing position. that would answer my question. Joe
  9. Ya that might be a stretch for that one... I sort of hinted but he didn't comment back
  10. Yes that's a good point, I'll get it back to my mechanic on Saturday and try your advice. I've already been underneath while running but looking more at the driveshaft and wheels and not the other stuff involved. there's defiantly nothing driveshaft to frame etc...while on the hoist anyway that I can see Thanks, Joe
  11. Hey Joe, Good point about the guys that bag these cars... yes my car is all original and what I mean, nothing modified but in the mid 80's when I rebuilt the car everything was replaced with original parts driveshaft hanger and u joints. As mentioned in earlier opinions there has been a lot of hands on these cars over the years even though I'm only the third owner. With the help of the internet and the shop manual I'm checking things off my list but this one has me going nuts.. I too have the 425 engine and just recently changed the hanger bearing to see if that helped and actually seemed worse when I drove the car. I've re-phased as per Buick specs 67-1/2 degrees and the car seemed a little smoother from the start but once you hit 40 mph the vibration through the center of the console and back of the front seats is annoying. I've also tried balancing as per the shop manual with two gear clamps but that didn't help either. I agree with you, the 40-70 mph is normal driving speeds and who wants to feel vibration then? There is a guy in my town who has the same year Riv and he let me drive his car and no vibration at all... his car is all original... I mean from 65... After reading all the input about your troubles I feel your pain and aggravation, maybe a little less on my issue... I hope the drive line shop can help tomorrow afternoon I might change the motor mounts and tranny mount just to see what happens... if anything My email is it would be good to talk Thanks for your help!
  12. Yes, my mechanic suggested that until he drove the car and said the vibration wasn't from the tires or rims, it wouldn't hurt to try it. I'm taking the car to a reputable drive train shop tomorrow after work so they can drive it and get their opinion. thanks for you're input... i'm stumped
  13. no vibration at a stand still in park running the engine at a high rpm
  14. Thanks Tom for you're input, The engine mounts and tranny mount was changed in 1986... they look solid, i guess it wouldn't hurt to replace them anyway. I've ran the car on the hoist at 40-50 mph and the vibration is still there. Thanks, Joe
  15. I have a 65 Riv with a stock drive line and i'm experiencing the same vibration through the center of the car after 40 mph and up. The drive shaft was taken out and inspected by a drive line shop, all was good with the drive shaft. After reading all of the forums on this issue I've decided to replace the hanger and bearing and re phase at 67-1/2 degrees which didn't make any difference. I've had the shaft out a few times to try phasing at different angles just to see any difference...sometimes worse but nothing better for vibration. any suggestions? Thanks