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  1. Good to know...I’ll look JD Race up Thanks, Joe
  2. Hey KongaMan I definitely have those tools, I also want the side bearings changed too... might as well when your in there. Its overwhelming when you read the process in the service manual and all the specialty tools they used back in the day. If you look back through the pages of this forum you’ll read I’ve checked and verified everything you’ve mentioned, motor/ trans mounts, harmonic balancer, fan, exhaust system, Riviera rattle etc.. Its hard to simulate the vibration while on the hoist, I guess because of no load on the rear wheels. Your last point about pinion bearing no
  3. John I tried to pm you but said you can’t receive messages, I’m probably not doing it correctly can I message you through separate email? Joe
  4. Hey John, nice to hear from a fellow Canadian...I’ll pm you right after I post my thoughts. My dshaft is stepped ”in”on the shaft end and that fits on the ”shoulder”of the pinion flange and both fit snug together, so no miss alignment is possible unless there’s a burr and you don’t get both sitting flat while bolting them together then you’d definitely have a wobble or vibration all my threads are in good shape and torqued to specs. You could be right someone could have done work on her before me I’m the third owner, but this was my brother in laws car since 1970 and he would know if any work
  5. I hope to find someone local who can help me with this if I decide to repair rather than replace. I understand the process but I have never done this before, It’s described well in the service manual but with a lot of unique tools that I don’t have or ever used so I’d need help from a professional and describe in the manual as drive, coast and float noises seems to make sense in my situation, that’s why changing it out is easier and I could do that myself. I had the 3rd member out last year and he the rear end specialist checked the back lash and told me to put it right back in the car but no
  6. The Lucas was just a test to see if the vibration changed and it did so I think I’ll look for a 3rd member. The driveshaft attaches flange type 1965. Technical is good I understand it completely it might take some thinking on my part to sink in though... haha...I appreciate you’re input on this Thanks Joe
  7. Yes absolutely it’s not difficult to swap the 3rd member out... trying to find one is tough especially because I’m in Ontario Canada and most parts are in the States. Keep it in mind if you know where to get one and pass it forward to me please. I appreciate you’re input and I’ll update on this thread when I change it out Thanks Joe
  8. Ok I’m back home and after filling the rear diff with Lucas the vibration is still there but reduced in noise quite a bit.. I think I’m getting close to answer... 3rd member bearings. I don’t know of anyone in my area who does these. I think it’s easier just to get a used 3rd member with a 3.23 ratio non posi but wouldn’t mind a posi. Are the axles the same seeing I just put axle bearings on. Any thoughts? thanks Joe
  9. I hope It takes my vibration away... haha
  10. Hey John i’ll have this a few times to comprehend but I get you mean. In short the pinion/ bearing has never been touched so that’s why I keep looking there because of all the other parts I’ve replaced. Right now I’m at my buddy’s shop and on the hoist and just for experiment I drained the diff fluid and put in a full litre of Lucas then topped up with diff fluid to see if this dampens the vibration. Another test we did was drive the car up to 50-70 mph put it in neutral and shut down the engine and let it coast, and still felt the vibration but more towards the front rather then the rea
  11. It’s noticeable under load or more when just holding at any speed. When I put the trans in neutral and coast it’s there too but not as much because of the decline in speed. Second gear has the same results.
  12. Thanks John, great information to take in and review. When you mention about frequency of vibration do you mean how often it occurs or at a specific speed? A scored ring and pinion could be the problem as this is the only original part that hasn’t been rebuilt even though I had the rear end out and looked at by a rear end ”specialist“ although he just looked at it no detailed inspection and told me to put this back in the car...I’m focusing on this part of your explanation because of that. This vibration is similar to a wheel bearing hum but not constant as one sound it gets louder then
  13. Thanks...I’ll check that, I know I looked it last summer and I had the transmission rebuilt 2 years ago so you think they’d replace that in the rebuild. I’ve also had the car back to the transmission shop to help with this vibration issue you’d think they might have suggested that too
  14. Ive done this, my buddy has a shop and hoist and I practically live there with this car trying to figure this out
  15. Yes I totally agree but this seems to be coming from the back of the car and feeling it through the back of the front seats and through the console
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