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  1. So Ed, standard 65 wheels had just the hub caps
  2. Thanks ED, No have never taken one off, but need to adjust the window up a little and fir outer fuzzies
  3. So RivNut, When removing the skin, the door handle stays in the door, nothing else to do here
  4. I brought a flat parcel shelf I know I can hear you all, why did you do that, well, I just ordered a Clarks Fiberglass one and waiting for it to be shipped to Aus. The interior was out of my car when i got it. Can i put the rear seats back in, and put the new parcel shelf in later, or does it need to go in first
  5. Thank you. This only started to happen when I replaced the original headlights with H!, australian Headlights. Maybe they draw to much power ?
  6. Hi Guys, Ok replaced the relay, no change, but as soon as i took the head lights off high beam, they opened, and when i press the floor switch for high beam, clams close, click to low beam, lights and clams work.
  7. Do you have a picture of the limit switches please
  8. My Clams start to open, but close straight away. I have disconnected the arms, but still does it, any ideas as to why
  9. Hi I am doing mine as we speak, not too hard, just need to measure the distance between the door card nails, I had to trim the cards down 5mm each side to fit properly
  10. Hi Guys, I brought a 65 Riv in Australia back in October 2020, have slowly started to put it together. Rust removed from back window, new door cards, carpets, hood lining. I ordered some stuff from Clarks Corvair. Here are some pics.
  11. H Guys, Can someone please send me a pic of where this seat spring attaches, and what is this other thing under my dash, Thank you
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