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  1. Hi Guys, What type of glue do you use to stick the black material around the radio bezel
  2. Does anyone add any clear to the veneers to make them really shine, or leave as they come
  3. Hi Wayne, Thank you, I will ask the spring guy weather to re tension or replace
  4. Hi Guys, I am having issues with the spring height in my car, drivers side 62CM, Passenger side 67CM, wheel arch to ground, so in inches, about 2 inches difference. But when I pulled out the springs, they sit exactly at the same height. Any Ideas
  5. Hi Guys, Finally nearing completion and ready for Club Reg in Australia
  6. Hi Guys, Is there anyway I can repair this veneer piece. Looks like water damage
  7. I am trying to find some laser cut pieces of walnut consul and door trim. The ones on Ebay seem to be very dull. I ordered a sheet of walnut from USA, but that to is very dull. Where is the best place to buy
  8. Hmm none in my collection of parts, only things were these clips Pictured, that look like slot into side of the lights
  9. Hi Mate, Does anyone know what holds these lights in the sails. Is there some sort of clip
  10. Does anyone have a picture of what type of clips go on hereps go here to secure dash pad
  11. Thank you, my chrome is ok but a little pitted, but so expensive to replace
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