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  1. Hi, I have a interior question, and may seem a little dumb. The question is, what order does the interior from the back seats go in, seats, rear carpet, door cards, including parcel shelf, pieces between rear seats etc
  2. Hi Guys, My 65 sits lower on the drivers side. Do I get them all re set, or I have heard you can get spacers for them. Is this correct
  3. Hi Guys, What are these vacuum lines for on firewall. And also the round canister thing with vacuum hose coming out of it
  4. Thanks Ed appreciate your knowledge. Finding parts is difficult, but Clarks have most of everything,except the plastic arm rest bases, just the shipping is what kills us Aussies
  5. Thanks guys, this is what I have,
  6. Hi I have a 65 Riv, in Australia, Does the standard interior have wood paneling inserts in the door trims and console and does the fuel gauge show empty, when key is off, or always show how much fuel is in the tank
  7. Hi would anyone have a picture of the clamps which secure the console to the floor which run the length of the console. Thank you
  8. Thanks David, will give you a call tomorrow
  9. Hi I am after two of the plastic parts that go under the arm rests
  10. I have seen the heater core cut out through the firewall
  11. Kevrev


    I just bought my first 65 Riviera. I went to California last year and a mate bought a 65, I fell in love with them. The same guy bought this 65, and said, if you ever want it, you can pay what I paid, plus parts. The Riv first came to Australia in 2008, and has had a lot of work over the years. The interior needs finishing and a little rust around the back window will need looking at, at some stage The last owner made the interior silver, but I am not so sure
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