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  1. If I were you I would do what ever the hell you want to do... I bet you get lots of thumbs up along the way regardless if you are pulling it or driving it.
  2. That is a very nice looking car! Really like the color!
  3. Car runs great. Never heard of the issue you mention Arnulfo? I spoke with Russ Martin during the rebuild and followed his advice, this never came up that I recall? It has been a while though.
  4. Thanks for the information and advice Winston.
  5. needs headliner installed. new wood, heater core. upholstery is in good condition. Front seats redone.
  6. All numbers match. 75,000 miles. less then 1000 miles on engine and trees rebuild.
  7. not making any offerings. nothing to gain. just looking for an approx value to help me decide on selling it or not.
  8. Thinking of selling my 65 Riv. Car has been in my family since 1967. Rebuilt motor, Trans. No rust. Needs someone to finish off the interior. Any thoughts on Value?
  9. When I turn my car over it fires and will run as long as the key is engaged. Once the key is let off it dies. I noticed my ground strap is broke? Could this cause this issue? What other places should I check. Thanks Bob
  10. I need one headliner bow clip for my headliner on a 65 Riviera. Can anyone help me out? Thanks Bob
  11. No not going, taking my girls to Europe during that time. I will get them in the mail early next week. Enjoy the meet. Bob
  12. I can send you eight, let me know where to send them. BOb