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FS 1920 Buick


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1 hour ago, rjp said:

Sure seems I would at least get some calls

Buying a car is easy, selling a car takes a lot more effort.  Post it in numerous places for sale, including Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, and all the online venues available.  Good luck.

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3 hours ago, JohnD1956 said:

Here is a link to the sellers thread on the Buick Pre War page:


Thank you. If you are trying to sell something you need to make the effort to make it as easy as possible for people to look at photos and information not tell them where to go buy it you provide a link . if that means you are doing the work twice then it is what it is, people are going to the Buick for sale and wanted section and now are being told to look else where...............thank you JohnD1956.

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@rjp  You really need to post your ad in the Buy/Sell area to start with.   Thanks @JohnD1956 for the link.  I've pasted the necessary text and photos out of the other thread.



From the seller:

1920 Buick touring for sale will be putting pictures on in the future. nice car, new top and new leather seats, rebuilt and painted wheels If interested sooner contact me. would be glad to send pictures  in Washington State. 14500 obo.  or trade? Thanks  Roger 99130 east side between pullman and spokane, Town called Garfeild  runs great new clutch  new top and new leather interior


From others on the other thread:

Canadian McLaughlin with the Mahogany dash. 

It's worth 14.5 k just for the gear shifter knob that says 


  2    R


  3     1


Hang in there.  Looks like a reasonable car.   I like the Buicks of this era.  You mention that it runs good.  May I suggest shooting a video of it starting and being driven and put it up on YouTube and link that to this thread.  I think it could help you find a serious buyer that is looking for a nice Buick of your year.  Is it 118 or 124 inch wheelbase?



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OK, I went to two different web sites, scrolled up and down, and still can't get a photo of the car that's for sale. Note to seller: When you finally get serious about selling it (and you're NOT there yet!), put photos and a complete description with the photos on every forum and website that you've mentioned, including this one. Until then, don't complain about not getting one phone call. You could also send me a photo and an ad for it to go in the Buick Bugle magazine, but only after you get serious about selling it and making it easy for people to find and see.


Pete Phillips, BCA #7338

Leonard, TX

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