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For Sale: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Fleetline 4dr Sedan - $18,500 - Pttsburg /Antioch, CA - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Fleetline 4dr Sedan - $18,500 - Pttsburg /Antioch, CA

1941 chevy fleetline for sale by owner - Antioch, CA - craigslist
Seller's Description:

Fleetline 4dr Sedan, 216-engine, rebuilt carburetor, Fenton headers, new brakes, no rust.  odometer: 49000

Contact: Pete (925) 7-five-4-5-8-7-four
Copy and paste in your email: c07b9e6d7052321ea42d097db89dcceb@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1941 Chevrolet Special Deluxe Fleetline 4dr Sedan.

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA a.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA b.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA c.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA d.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA e.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA f.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA g.jpg

'41 Chevy Fleetline CA h.jpg

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Sharp car in a good color, but the photos might lead you to believe it doesn't run.

Or, maybe an heir who can't drive a stick and doesn't know how to start it anyway?

Asking price is OK if it runs well.

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Nice looking car in a color that is not often seen on pre-war cars. Even though the seller does not state out right that this car drives and stops well, you might assume that it does as the seller does state that it has a new header and rebuilt carb plus the brakes have been attended to. GLWTS

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Nice car and the color is appealing but for the love of money the photos are terrible. Feel like I'm looking through a key hole. A couple of close ups are fine but at least stand back for some of them. 

The price is the choking factor but here again it is in California. 


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The 1941 Chevrolet four-door sedan is one of my favorite barely prewar cars! It is what my parents had up until I was seven. Somehow I always loved that car (I still remember the 1956 California license plate number on it!). 

The seller doesn't show the interior much at all. And what little I can see? Wasn't properly done (the front seat bottom cushion cover doesn't fit properly). Price seems optimistic for a car that might need a significant rework of the interior?

Otherwise I really like it! It even has the same fold out factory option trunk guard. I remember one time, my dad in a pinch folded that down and chained a trailer tongue to it in order to move the trailer about a mile. He drove slowly and carefully, no harm done.

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