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Attaching Pictures to Posts/PM

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GRRRRRRRRRRRR! When trying to post pictures from my photo library to a PM or thread some pictures are oriented correctly and others are oriented upside down even original’s are ALL oriented correctly. Why does this happen and how to I “fix” upside down pics!



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2 minutes ago, g-g-g0 said:

Not dealing with a size issue. All originals are oriented correctly in library. When I attach to to a PM or thread it’s like they just attach them  Willy Nilly! Have not had this issue until recently! 😡😡

I add from my library, it ask for size, I just use  “actual “ and click on that then “add” possibly that will work for you






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I don't have a good or easy solution to this. I suspect the problem is that the pictures really ARE upside down or sideways, and some software is trying to out-think you and show the picture right side up. Then, when it gets uploaded, the truth comes out.


Additionally, if you have clicked some button in a viewer to make it right, you are probably fooling yourself. The bits that make up the picture are probably still as they always were. I transfer the raw JPEGs from my phone, which seem to be oriented at random, and open them in "Pinta" which I believe is about like Microsoft Paint. I rotate the image until it is the way I want it, and then I save the photo after it is modified. Any paint program or photo editor should be able to make permanent changes to the photo and then save the modified photo.


It's a lot of screwing around, but my pictures always come out right side up when I post them online Your mileage may vary.




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As has been discussed in the Forum several times, it helps to take the photos with the phone in landscape orientation and the camera button towards your right. Even so, you can open them in a photo editor and rotate them to the desired orientation. While you’re at it, reduce the image size to 1024 x 768 pixels because the Forum software will reduce them to this size anyway. Then do “save as”. Because the file size of a 1024 x 768 jpg picture is only a few hundred kilobytes, you can insert more photos in a post this way. 

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1 hour ago, Gary_Ash said:

it helps to take the photos with the phone in landscape orientation and the camera button towards your right.

Your phone must be smarter than mine. I do that on every picture, and for the last three(!) phones, the pictures come out random. That is four possible directions, so they are more often wrong than right.

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