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Pre-Purchase inspection around Mt Airy, MD


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On 11/2/2021 at 8:33 AM, ericisback said:

Thanks for any help!!!!!!

Good day,


Not sure if this thread has been helpful or not, and I have no suggestions either way with respect to your quest to find someone to inspect the car nor any comment related to the suggestions already made in this thread.


A quick question; I often speed read some of these threads, but I noticed you posted a build sheet and cowl tag for a '65 elsewhere in the forum. Is this/that car one you are looking to purchase? If so, in lieu of you finding anybody to inspect it up close and personal, I would suggest asking the seller for as many pictures of the car as possible. Post them to this forum. It's amazing the discerning eyes that are part of this group and the level of detail info and honest critique that can be provided from a handful of decent pictures. 


Anyway, if you are purchasing, good luck, but be careful whom you can trust...



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My experience with inspectors is that you either visit the car yourself, or get enough pictures and info that you are comfortable buying it sight unseen. The $400 or so for the inspection could probably be used to heat your house, but I just lighting it on fire.

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