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Stoughton trucks

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1920-28 per Mroz, dying in 1929, along with a lot of company...

Typical assembled truck, altho Mroz states a few models used "own" engine, probably their design built by one of the proprietary engine builders...

Apparentaly  fairly popular as mentioned in most of my period catalogs, where a lot of other names aren't.

Engines used run the gamut--Herc, Wauk, Lyc, Cont'l, Midwest----an equal upportunity engine user...

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Appears to be a home built tractor or Autotrac made up of parts from various cars and trucks. Such machines were common in the thirties and forties, I knew a mechanic who made more than 20 of them during WW2 when you could not buy a new tractor. Have seen several in junk yards, fence rows etc. one made from a cut down 32 Ford.

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