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  1. Passing through there a few times a week. Let me know what you want looked at.
  2. https://youtu.be/NKyQ_twyPMA Here's the link to the first start video.
  3. Found one! Thanks for your consideration!
  4. Looking for a Minnesota or Kansas plate. I do have a '16 Kansas plate to trade or cash deal. Thanks for your consideration. Mike Peternell
  5. I just got clearence from the wife. I'll be heading down there today to have a look about. Let me know what you want pictures of. Mike Peternell
  6. Just for fun! What's wrong with Minnesota?
  7. https://www.k-bid.com/auction/32028/item/3?offset=3 No connection or knowledge of actual value. I am sure you can't build one for that money.
  8. Thanks for dating it! Wasn't sure how early it was. Someone will surely know what car it fits.
  9. A friend gave me this. Not sure what it fits, but for some reason I can picture it on the car. I thought it would be easier to ask the professionals than to spend a hour on the googler trying to figure it out. Your thoughts? Thanks! Mike Peternell
  10. Sorry Al!! I missed your question. Check you tube for a video of the first start. Thanks for the help!
  11. Made a little progress on the Cleveland. Going to try the first start up tomorrow.
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