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For Sale: 1942 Chrysler Windsor sedan - $19,000 - Sedgwick, KS - Not Mine

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For Sale: 1942 Chrysler Windsor sedan - $19,000 - Sedgwick, KS

1942 Chrysler Windsor - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle... (craigslist.org)

1942 Chrysler Windsor 4 Door Sedan.  Straight 6-cylinder engine, Vacuum-Matic Transmission.  Everything under the hood is new or rebuilt,  All new wiring harness under the hood and under the dash,  New Tires, brakes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder and lines, exhaust,  New Electric fuel pump at the tank.  Radiator cleaned, rodded, and repaired.  Transmission serviced and new diaphragm put in vacuum pump.  odometer: 61000
I have $25,000.00 invested.  $19,000.00 or Best Offer.

Contact:  Michael W Sharp  call:  (316) two-5-3-six-5-six-8

Copy and paste in your email:   afb5ef85cf22319a8998bfb82f36ab99@sale.craigslist.org

I have no personal interest or stake in the eventual sale of this 1942 Chrysler Windsor sedan.

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS a.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS b.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS c.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS d.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS e.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS f.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS g.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS h.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS i.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS j.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS k.jpg

'42 Chrysler Windsor KS l.jpg

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I think this is an interesting car, but I agree that it's priced a bit optimistically, even assuming that everything the seller says is true about how much he had put into it.  To my eye, the '42 is much cleaner and better looking than the postwar models.  The wrap-around horizontal chrome bars are very distinctive, and nicely repeated on the rear fenders, and in very good shape on this car. It has a much more unified look to me than the big pot metal egg crate grill that they stuck on after the war (and I'm saying that even though I had a '48 Windsor which I loved).


What would bug me about this particular car though is the state of the dash plastic.  As I commented on the other thread on the '41 New Yorker in Wyoming, the plastic on the '41s and '42s generally did not hold up well.  On this car you see the typical melted and distorted panel above the speaker grill, as well as the broken glove box door (which the seller maybe attempted to obscure by taking the main dash photo with the glove box open!).  I would wager that you will never find replacements for these pieces unless you're willing to pay a fortune for them.  Even the pieces that are completely intact on the steering wheel and window garnish moldings seem to have a rough surface on them, unlike the plastic on the New Yorker.  (I know I'm a broken record on this, but I still think that New Yorker would make a great project for someone willing to do the work.  I should probably just either buy it myself or shut up! 😄)

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4 minutes ago, Brooklyn Beer said:

I don't think even as a New Yorker it would sell at that price.

Only if it were a New Yorker town sedan with Highlander plaid or Thunderbird American Indian blanket upholstery.    Were it a New Yorker three passenger coupe, one of the 158 built, or a two door brougham, one of 62 built, it would sell instantly!

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