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Marvel Carb's for a 1928 Standard

Rod Miles

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Rod - I think we make kits for every Marvel from 1914 to the bitter end of Marvel in 1938.


With VERY few exceptions, NOTHING is interchangeable from one Marvel model to another, other than some of the body screws, and an occasional fiber washer. For this reason, kits are made to order in our shop. Economically foolish to stock these on the shelf. Since they are custom-made, the time to ship depends on how many orders are in front of your order. Just for grins, I just checked; we offer 102 different rebuilding kits for Marvel carbs. Few fit more than one year, one make, one model.


Typically, we will sell approximately 25 kits for Marvel annually. If you do the math, that means we average selling a single Marvel kit every 4 years!



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If anyone is interested, the frequency of kits sold by manufacturer in order of sales:


Hudson family (Hudson, Essex)






Everything else


For Buick, the kits for standard outsell those for master about 10 to 1; kits for updraft outsell those for the later downdraft about 50 to 1 (for which I am thankful, those accelerator pumps are a real bear to make!).

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