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1924 Buick 41

Philip Watts

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Hello I am based in England and have the opportunity to purchase
a 1923 Buick 41 Coupe (6 cylinder) that is here in the UK
As you can imagine they are not that common in the UK and as far as I can
discover, there is no UK Club.
My reason for contacting the Forum was to ask your advice as regards the availability of basic 
maintainance spares in the USA/North America  as it would seem the most logical place for me to buy such items.
Any advice would be most gratefully revived.
Best Wishes in these crazy times from the Uk
Pip Watts


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Just a comment:  I have been selling off some of the 1932 Buick parts I accumulated over the past 25 years.  I have sold some part into foreign countries.  It can be very expensive and complicated to ship into  countries outside of the USA. Payment used to be a problem, but PAYPAL accounts have solved this problem.  


There are a number of people that to manage shipping to their home countries have established shipment consolidators in the USA.  Parts are shipped to their address and the parts are accumulated and sent in a container to their home countries.  Thus eliminating the USA shipping responsibilities.  I have sold some parts this way and it sure beats my challenges in using the USPS for shipping.  I don't know this as a fact, but I believe that many parts are shipped in containers with USA purchased complete antique cars.  


You may want to search out through collectors and museums in your country  to see if this is a viable alternative for you.


Best of luck with your new purchase.


The forum can be a great resource for information and parts.


Bob Engle


















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That looks a beautiful car. Welcome to the Pre war Buick Forum.  I am from Australia and have purchased many parts for my cars over the years from the US  through US Ebay,  as well as members of this Forum  who always help in advice and aquiring parts.  It does not look as though you will need many parts for your car.  Bobs Automobilia is the main go to place for Buick parts, going back to the 20,s.  Other members  will provide a list of other  buisnesses for locating parts. Good luck with your purchase.


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Hi Philip,

   Welcome to the forum.  The first item on the Buick Pre war website are the links to help with locating parts.  The major running parts are available.  Many parts have to be fabricated from components.  Other parts that are no longer in production anywhere, and sometimes you have to build a tool to make a part.  That is the fun of having a unique car.  From the looks of your photo, you will have an easy go of it.  Many of our cars started in much worse condition and we all work together to keep them running.  A mid 20's Buick is good choice for a quality collectible.     Hugh 




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If you’re used to shipping stuff from the US it’s no worse than anything else (which I”m sure we’d have a few of our American friends have them falling off their chairs what we have to pay)


We’ve found the Buick parts to be much more reasonable than say Cadillac

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