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1927 Lincoln, not mine

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I sure would like to spend some time with the seller here. There are B.S.ers, and then there are B.S. “artistes” of the first order. This guy is one of the latter. Best I ever knew was Jim Walls out of Tennessee by way of North Dakota. One of those guys who could “one-up” you and then some no matter what you said. And this is without a moments hesitation. Not even catch a breath before rippin’ in and whuppin’ you. Ran around with the old guy about 45 years ago in Ecuador. Raconteur and ne’er-do-well , gut busting’ funny and as creative as Norman Mailer or Pete Hammill. Like’say, NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAID. Without skipping a beat !!! Cross examine Jim, put him to the test, he would stay on his feet , in perfect cadence, EVERY SINGLE TIME !!! Best B.S. artiste I have come across in my entire long life. Ask me about him some time over a drink or nine. But this guy here : ???? Something like “Back in the times of twenty-and-a-seven, back when yer daddy stood knee-high to a toad tail, these here Lincoleens were pumping out 90 hoss . Them there Mer-ceedes Benzen struggled to see 40. Them rich folk. That Leno guy. “ Anyone got his phone number ? 

Now this here slug is a 1927 S Mercedes. I don’t know how it could pull 40 hoss. Oh, and thanks, as always, O Esteemed “X” !! You got me to laughing right good here tonight. And git a load o’ the period perfect canopy jist-a settin’ purdy up top the bed of his ol’ pickup truck in the ad pics.    -   Cad’lak Carl 

P.S. Here is that Canopy.






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Seller is as you say, 1st class bs artist. But $10,00 G's for a Buffalo wheel, open  Lincoln doesn't strike me as a truly " crack pipe " price.  A few of us like big Classic tow truck conversions and with a certain amount of flexibility on the part of the seller this could be a good start. I even have a spare 314 Caddy engine and trans to swap in and give it some real class.



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Does the seller by chance mention the model designation?  The body is the front section of either a 163-B Sport Phaeton or 164-A Sport Touring by Locke, of the series semi-custom bodies Locke built for Lincoln.   As costly as it certainly will be, if any 1927 Lincoln deserves a restoration and recreation of the rear body section, it would be this car as the Sport Phaeton.

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