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Early Windshields


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11 pictures 


1 looks like 26-7 T Ford

2 ?

3 might be model A, more likely not...

4 is T (used many years with little changes that I cannot specifically make out from pictures)

5 is also T, just top half 

6+7 are also T, bottom half 

8 is T without the cowl brackets 

9 ?

10 ?

11 ?

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Number 4 appears to be 1917 to 1922 Ford, without the mounting brackets that attach to the cowl. The hinge pins appear to be above the lower glass which allows the two sections to fold offset and hold the upper glass a bit higher.

Number 5 might be the 1915 to early 1917 upper section. I can't tell for sure from this angle, but it appears it MIGHT be the hinge part with the pin even with the glass edge which causes the sections to fold evenly with the folded top section held lower.

Number 6 is again a 1917 to 1922 frame with the mounting brackets on the lower frame. Again, notice the hinge pin well above the glass line.

Number 7 again appears to be a 1917 to 1922 lower section with the mounting brackets to attach to the cowl. I can't make out enough of the hinges to tell anything, but the mounting brackets appear to be the 1917 and later variety. Note, The silver dollar sized pieces to mount the oil sidelamps onto.  These were on all 1915 through 1918 open cars (with a change in the shape of the casting that occurred in 1917). They were also on any open car from 1919 through 1922 that was originally sold without the electrics package which included starter, generator, and battery.

Number 8 is again a 1917 to 1922 without the brackets, but having the offset hinges.


The rest of the windshields, I can't help with.

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