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Car soap


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Adams Polishes,  makes all sort of car cleaning and polishing products.  I just started using them and I'm really impressed with the polishes.  I polish alot of car finishes from rough orange peel to glassy smooth finish often sanding the whole car out with 2000 grit first.   Their quick wax got a great review from someone that reviews alot of products along side Chemical guys products but he thought Adams was better.  Now I haven't tried any washes from them yet,  but I would suspect they are equally as good.  I don't wash my old cars and Fortunately Don't have to drive my "regular" truck much, keeping it garaged so it doesn't get dirty much.

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This would be the right stuff but It's been out of stock for 100  years.


Auto soap.jpg

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2 hours ago, Laughing Coyote said:

Check out Chemical guys. They have lots of car washing and detailing items.


Chemical Guys stuff is middle of the road quality wise but priced like the real good stuff.


I use a place called Mark V for my car washing and detailing needs.

Luckily, I can go way out of my way and swing by once every months and pick stuff up if I need something.



There are a ton of car detailing forums out there that can be a tremendous source of information for your car detailing needs.

Here is just one of them out there.




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