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Mounting on split rim

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16 minutes ago, keiser31 said:

One thing about the video that I see wrong is the fact that i did not see a tube/rim liner/band installed after installing the tube and before installing the tire on the rim.

Pretty much - yes, an unsafe tire installation 

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On the video, he would be better powdering the tube first instead of the tire. Also, slightly inflating the tube before installing the tire on the rim.


As for the Weaver Tire Machine: I wish someone would post a video on how to use that! I actually own one, but never found any instructions for it. I use it to hold regular non-split rims while mounting tires, but I'm sure I'm missing some of it's utility.



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Yes, I saw that video as its the only one I found. I thought it didnt seem right either. I found some old timers near me that really know the prewar stuff and had the tool. It would really be a hassle myself but a buddy will make it go quick. It took probably less than 10 minutes to get it on. They pointed out the PITA is the stem was designed too close to the latch or it would have gone quicker. So Im on the hunt for the tool and can get the other 3 done.

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21 hours ago, deaddds said:

I mistakenly measured the inner fellow. Where that tool will grip is 26.5". Anybody got one that big?

When I was looking to get a rim spreader (aka rim tool, or rim spreader), the biggest rims I work on are only 22-23 inch, and because I pack it in with a lot of other tools, I didn't need or want one too big. I saw many of the larger ones on eBay, but it took awhile to find a smaller, more compact one. It's a "Pacific Rim Tool JR.", very similar to the one "Just Me" posted pix of above.


And yes, there are steps to be followed for both removing and installing. It's very important to have the tool contact the rim in the places show in the instructions, or, even if you manage not to damage the rim, you'll still be fighting and cursing. 








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Hi I mounted 5 tires tube and flaps by hand   2 large screw drivers 3 quick grip carpenter clamps   tubes and flaps with baby power  pushed the rim in the tire with some help from screw driver how the trick 1 clamp holding the rim seated on the tire bead ( placed across from the rim ends the other 2 clamps across tell rim seating it upon tire bead. Now the rim ends a just about a 1/4 " from closing a screwdriver to assist in moving it in place . Your done 

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