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1911 Minnesota Porcelain Plate


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Hi, I wanted to Know if there are any license plate experts around, I was Offered a 1911 porcelain Minnesota plate . Its dark blue and white letter with verticle MINN on left and 1911 On right , It is in very mint condition, I would just buy it to flip on ebay . He wants a pretty penny for it so I just wondered if there is a way to value these old plates. I do know the 1911 plate only had 20,000 made by the state. I would love to hear any plate collector advise before i purchase it. if wondering he wants 500.00 cash . seems extreme ? is there any meat left at that price, Thanks much ahead for any advise 

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I don't mean to sound harsh, but unless a person has very in depth knowledge of the car hobby market the present time probably isn't the time to make a large bet.

Way to much uncertainty in even the medium term.


Greg in Canada

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There are reproductions (or fakes) of some porcelain

license plates.  I don't know whether Minnesota's 1911

plate suffers from that, but be aware.  Maybe one of

our experts here can tell you if he sees a photo of the

specific plate you are interested in.


Terry Bond, one of the forum regulars, is a serious

collector of all sorts of automotive memorabilia.  Value

will depend on its condition, since such plates often chipped.

Such a plate being in "very mint" condition may be a warning

flag.  He may be among the people who can give good advice

on price and authenticity.

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Thanks for the "plug" John.  Wish I could help on that but for plates, "let me call someone who can help."  (I do know a few serious collectors though).


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