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car in this photo?


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That is the  Danielle Steel mansion. The novel writer. She and her husband bought it. Originally  the Spreckel’s mansion. Pacific Heights, San Francisco. I just liked the car. It doesn't look too bulky.

Spreckels Mansion, San Francisco, California, home of sugar magnate Adolph B. Spreckels

The family's 1912 mansion, located at 2080 Washington Street in the Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, is currently the home of novelist Danielle Steel.[7] The mansion was designed by George A. Applegarth.[8] in the French Baroque style. The chateau was designated as San Francisco Landmark #197 on June 9, 1990.[9]

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17 minutes ago, sagefinds said:

I guess that's a car in the lower left corner behind the tree but what is it?

With that sharp roof line at the rear, I am gonna guess 1964 mercury....

1964 Mercury.jpg

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