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Oil for Lincoln v12 Detergent or non detergent


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I have a 1941 Lincoln V12 and a 1948 Lincoln V12. Manual recommends straight weight oil SAE 10W, 20W or 30W depending upon temperature. I am assuming that non detergent because detergent oil wasn't available at that time.

Since both cars have an oil filter, can 10W/30W multi grade detergent oil be used? 

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I have used Shell Rotella 15W40 in my 1941 Lincoln for some 10 + years with no problems. I  do change it once a year.

Last year I had to drop the oil pan to correct another problem and found NO SLUDGE. Great Stuff and relatively cheap if you

buy it by the case. (5qt bottles).  I drive mine at least  3 days a week .  SURE DO MISS THE MEETS

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If you really don't know the history of these cars and how  their  V12 s were maintained;    , JFranklin is correct  . drop the pans  and  clean out the sludge , clean off the oil pump pick up

screen   and check the condition of the oil float. Good suggestion from  "1941"  good oil

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