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  1. Looking for a jack for a 1947 LC convertible
  2. Is there a source that sets forth the colors of all the various body parts, e.g., frame, underside of fenders, under hood area, etc.
  3. Would you not want an oil high in zinc? I use Rotella in my old cars.
  4. Has anyone experienced a rattle on the passenger side that could be the vacuum tank. I find nothing else loose that would cause the sound and have not yet investigated the tank.
  5. You are correct, the windows are hydraulic.
  6. More than I knew before. My windows also work off the vacuum. I believe the tank behind the left wheel is part of the vacuum system. The service manual I acquired does not discuss the vacuum system. Thank you
  7. Where can I find a schematic of the vacuum system and the operating specifications? Thanks in advance
  8. Is this a part that comes with a rebuild kit? I looked at Boos-Herrill but can't tell what comes with the kit. Any and all advice/sources are appreciated. Thanks Jon
  9. Is a power valve the same as an economizer valve? The latter is the only value I see in a diagram of the carb. I'm looking at the Service Manual for Ford, Lincoln, Mercury - 1946 to 1948, or, if not, can you point me to a book or Internet site to look at. Thanks Ken.
  10. Recently purchased a 1947 Lincoln convertible - rebuilt engine. From the looks of the plugs and the decreased power I assume the fuel mixture is too rich. The car idles well but I do sense a miss that could arise from the (new) fouled plugs and decreased power during driving up a hill (again maybe the fouled plugs both banks). I'll check the accelerator pump level to see that it is set on moderate temperatures, seems applicable for Oklahoma at this time of the year. I'll also check the idle speed adjustment screw. I do not know if the carburetor was ever rebuilt, e.g. the jets and applicable
  11. I did join LZOC but am led to this Forum site from the LZOC site. The 1947 Lincoln is not a continental but a coup convertible. The truck does look like that of a Zephyr though I do not have a Zephyr to look at. I have sent email to various folks that advertise parts for sale.
  12. I acquired a 47 Lincoln Coup Convertible. The trunk lock is missing, the inside mechanism that turns/latches to something, I assume, that is attached to the trunk floor. Can someone send me a picture(s) so I will know what is missing and parts needed to restore. Thanks for your assistance
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