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  1. I am in the process of checking the brakes and wheel bearing on my 41 Continental and need to know the following: 1) There is a special grease used for the rear wheel bearings ??? 2) What lube is used for the differential ; I believe I used a synthetic but can't find my notes. ?? Any help is appreciated , and hope to see you at the Gilmore in August. I have registered and reserved a room for Fri and Sat nites. Mike Lynch
  2. Any NEW news about the Lincoln meet in August at the Gilmore ??
  3. I have used Shell Rotella 15W40 in my 1941 Lincoln for some 10 + years with no problems. I do change it once a year. Last year I had to drop the oil pan to correct another problem and found NO SLUDGE. Great Stuff and relatively cheap if you buy it by the case. (5qt bottles). I drive mine at least 3 days a week . SURE DO MISS THE MEETS
  4. Victor - I reupholstered my 41 Cabriolet and found an exact match from Hirsch. Mine is blue leather/Blue Bedford Cord.. I will find my samples and send pictures. Mike Lynch
  5. After looking at many leather suppliers , I myself chose Keleen leather for my 41 Continental . Gorgeous stuff ; and I paid $950 per hide. This is a SUPER deal for anyone that needs it.
  6. Thanks Jeff ; I will try that. I just seems odd that the old generator worked fine , but the correct one does not. And - by the way our 41 was at the 50th meet with LOTS of blankets on the upholstery , you could put your finger through the cloth fabric because it was so worn. NO more all day shows in the sun .
  7. After 30+ years of use I have decided to replace my "industrial-sized" generator with the correct one, as it is getting a little noisy. After mounting the new one , it is not charging. I took it in and had it bench tested - all OK. Is it a problem with the regulator? And YES , I did polarize it upon installation (both times)
  8. Too late for The Gilmore ; but still time enough for plenty of late summer rides.
  9. If it like the top on my car , I think that you are expected to pull it the rest of the way down.
  10. PLEASE show us a picture of your car !
  11. I also removed the baffles after installing Skip's pumps. No problems , it runs cool all the time. But I no longer do 4th of July parades (90 degrees at 4 MPH is not wise). I also do not have thermostats. (by "cool" it is still at 1/2 on the temp gauge). I must confess that my new block is a 1942 bored .60 over (almost could take V8 pistons).
  12. I was told that this metal "clip' is there to rattle around and keep the hole open for oil to drain.
  13. COMPLETELY different engine , different angle on the block
  14. Gerry - I rebuilt my V12 in 2012 , using an attachment that was sold by George Trickett (deceased). As shown in the pictures it would fit virtually any engine stand . This could be built by any good welder. I sold mine to Colin Spong who then took it back to England with him. Mike Lynch
  15. Thanks to All who replied . I have since found an exact match in color and fabric from Bill Hirsch Automotive. Hoping it will be done for the 2019 driving season.
  16. The whipcord actually is blue but appears grey due to extreme sun fading. I'll remove a seat cushion and take a picture of the unexposed fabric.
  17. Thanks Tom - I found the original production card - It IS blue leather and blue whipcord.
  18. Thank you Ryan . I will look into that lead . I was truly looking for more responses as a LOT of newly restored 41's are appearing at shows.
  19. After 77 years of fun and sun , my cabriolet seats are now in sad shape. This winter I am having the seat cushions redone ; hopefully in the original blue leather and broadcloth. Anyone know of a source for this? Attached picture is from the early 90's
  20. Great pictures Jeff. We left Sunday morning at 4:30 AM to catch the car ferry and save 5hours of driving. It was a VERY cold and VERY foggy drive to Ludington. Thanks for the pictures; I'm still learning to use my tablet to take pictures and so far have had poor results. The V-12 performed flawlessly over the 1100+mile trip.
  21. Jeff - I used a torque wrench that I borrowed from a retired helicopter mechanic 4' long . he is going to sell it to me as soon as he gets back up here. IT IS A DANDY This is the same guy who did my valves when I had to buy a new block.
  22. VERY nice Jeff - I unfortunately have been forced into re-employment for health care costs. However We will NOT miss GILMORE . Again we will drive the '41 300 miles to the meet. JUST today fixed the dreaded "click-click" of rear hubs by retorquing to 250 ft. lbs. CAN'T wait !! This winter total re-upholstery as the interior is shredding.
  23. WOW Zephyr Dave beautiful car - I've always wanted a '39 coupe !
  24. WOW Jeff , was that your car as found? Amazing
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