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  1. 19tom40

    Very rough 1937 Zephyr 3 Window Coupe

    You are a brave man. I hope that you will be able to find all of the parts you need to restore the car. I would also like to see your progress on the car. It would be interesting to see how you restore all four fenders and fix the floor.
  2. There are not a lot of parts reproduced for the pickups. I suggest that you post your questions about the truck on the Early Ford V-8 Club Forum. They also have a classified section where you can post ads for needed parts. Here is a link to it. https://www.earlyfordv8.org/forum/viewtopics.cfm?Forum=17 The hubcaps that you need are the 1939 standard cap. If you have 5 of them, your best bet is to restore the caps that you have. Here is a link to a photo of the correct hub caps on The Ford Barn (another good site for restoration answers. They are not being reproduced. https://www.fordbarn.com/forum/showthread.php?t=181924
  3. 19tom40

    My first Lincoln Zephyr

    You have a real prize in that car, it should give you many years of enjoyment. I like that photo of your 4 year old using the come a long. It would have been a real treat to see his face as he was using it.
  4. 19tom40

    38 Zephyr headlight switch removal

    The 1940 Ford switch knob comes off with the shaft by pulling it out and turning it 90 degrees and then pulling hard to release it form the switch. The 1941 and later Fords, there is a small spring loaded catch that must be released before the knob can come out. The release button is on the top front (the end nearest the engine) of the switch. There is a small hole that you can insert a tool into, press down on the tool while pulling the knob out. I don't know if your 38 Zephyr uses one of these methods or another method, but you can explore these 2 options until some one with a 38 or 39 Zephyr can give you better information.
  5. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    The body and trim look very good. You definitely have a prize. Congratulations.
  6. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Glad that you had a safe trip and picked up a good trailer. I hope that you will post some photos of your prize. Pick up a couple of bottles of wine at the Live Oaks Winery while you are there. It is one of the better wineries in CA.
  7. List it on the Ford Barn and Early Ford V-8 web sites. There will be more people looking for an engine there. Give a price and a description. Does the engine turn and does the seller have any idea why it was removed from the truck and the condition when removed.
  8. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    I am glad that you found a good solution to your problem, good luck with your project. If you had posted some of the things about your experience in the first post, you might not have received as much irrelevant information. I always assume that I am corresponding with a novice, unless there is information that lets me know the experience level of the person.
  9. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Babychadwick, you asked for opinions and advice and got some. You provided very little information and wanted some sort of an answer, everyone that read your post had a different idea of what you wanted. To get the advice that you need, you need to supply information on all of the variables and more will pop up as people provide opinions and advice. If you want to know if a Zephyr can be towed on a dolly the answer is "it depends". The distance you are going to tow it, the experience of the driver of the tow vehicle, the condition of the towed vehicle, the condition of the roads and on and on.
  10. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    You may be limited to towing at 40-45 MPH depending upon the load balance with a dolly. I just checked U-Haul for their one way rates from the Chicago area to Portland OR. The car hauler is $628 and the dolly is $313. If you waited to buy new tires, you could easily afford the car hauler. You can check prices on their website. There are other one way companies that may be less expensive. There are so many things that can go wrong when transporting a car, that I would opt for the safest way. If you have not trailered a car before, make sure that you have an experienced friend along. Your 4 year old needs a father much more than he needs Great-Grandpa's car. Check moving companies in the area where the car is located. You can get some very low prices from them if they need to fill a truck. My son had a quote from the Phoenix area loading dock to a Chicago area loading dock to transport a 96 Mark VII for $300. There would be extra charges if the car was not loaded and unloaded at a loading dock.
  11. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    Because you don't know the condition of the car, and need to tow it a long distance, I strongly recommend that you rent a trailer and tow it home that way. Just as a quick check post the pickup location and your home location on U-Haul's web site. If the pickup location doesn't have a trailer available have them search for nearby trailers. If you decide to use a dolly, I would lock the front wheels and tow it with the back wheels on the dolly. Be very careful with this arrangement as the weight is not evenly distributed. If the car starts to sway, slow down until it is stable and then don't exceed the stable speed. Overfilling the transmission would not be any better than having the correct level. Because you do not know the condition of the differential and transmission, a long tow is a crap shoot. You could also check out brokers for transporting cars. Some of them are good choices if you do not have a specific deadline to pick up the car.
  12. 19tom40

    V-12 REbuild $$$$$$$

    Welding the block is not a good idea. It can lead to other cracks and is more expensive to have done right than stitching. Stitching involves drilling along the crack and filling the holes with threaded plugs. To properly weld a block, it should be heated in a oven, welded and then allowed to come to room temperature over a long period. Even then a weld may not hold due to contamination in the casting.
  13. 19tom40

    Towing a Zeyphr on a dolley

    How far are you going to tow it? Has it been towed that way and you want to know what to check for damage?
  14. 19tom40

    '39 Lincoln Zephyr fender welt

    The welt should go between any part of the fender that meets up with the body.
  15. 19tom40

    Front Furn Signal

    If the car originally had turn signals, the front bulbs would be dual filament like the rear bulbs. I believe that most 1953 Fords had turn signals installed at the factory. The only exception might be the Mainliner. Turn signals became mandatory in 1954. The easiest way to have the parking lights on with the headlights is to tie the parking light wire to the taillight wire at the switch. The tail light comes on with the parking lights and head lights. Here is a link to the wiring diagram.