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Fallout from Kevin Harts Cuda


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Kevin Hart may be sued for not having safety features

At first it would appear the lawsuit is because of the modifications. However, to me that doesn't pan out. These cars could have well over 400 hp new so the jump to 700 isn't what made them more dangerous. It was just a different car and a different time. The modifications aren't really a rational consideration if the requirement to have safety features is to be considered. What is the cut off going to be based on? My '54 Ford had 130hp, so if I drop in a 302 (don't worry AACA folks, I won't!) I'm over double the designed HP without much effort. And the talk of airbags is downright scary. I don't want aftermarket airbags. And what company would be dumb enough to put themselves on the line for after market installed airbags liability. This appears to be a very slippery slope of reasoning, and could greatly threaten the enjoyment of antique cars on public roads or with friends. 

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2 hours ago, ted sweet said:

issue is it came stock with seat and shoulder belts but had none

I've not seen any reporting to suggest it didn't have seat-belts. Several sources say it did but just not 5 point seat belts. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has done some fairly stupid speeds with underpowered cars. Speed is the factor much more than how quick they get there.

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On 1/29/2021 at 9:48 AM, TAKerry said:

Old thread, but unless on a purpose built track, why does a car need 700HP?


Goes without saying but I doubt "need" is involved. More like want...


He now owns a 59' Vette with 460 HP and a 70' Charger with 1000 HP as of spring 2021. Let's hope he (and any friends he lets drive) decide to have a bit more respect for these beasts and the public this time around.

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