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  1. It looks like someone cut up a panel truck to make it.
  2. If you need a shroud I can look at a 50 in a local junkyard that has a 8.
  3. I still live in the house I gew up in and there is still one car still around in the neighborhood that has been there since I can remember and its my 55 Ford Convertible and still sits in the garage it always sat unless its in the big garage to be serviced. Non of the original neighbors still live here and I am the last holdout.
  4. The neighbors two houses away got a new 67 Country Sedan that I got in 2000 to use the drivetrain for my 65 Country Squire.
  5. On the one side it was a big Buick and then a couple Caddys and on the other side was a 63 Impala and a 59 Olds that was the first car I seen with power windows.
  6. I hope its for a 55 Chevy,it would be easier to find someone who would need it.
  7. Took it out of the trunk of a 53 Olds in a junkyard many years ago but its not the same as the jack I had for a 53 Olds I had at the time so anyone have a Idea on what its for.
  8. I had a 50 Chrysler that dod not want to start when damp,replaced the battery cables and did npt put the braided ground vable back on and it would start whem it rained all week.
  9. Looked up Moller road and it looks like its all housing and nothing related to anything a city would need,probably took the land to sell to developers so they can get more money from property taxes.
  10. He is not too concerned on 100 percent original and thinking about a plastic rear window,those pictures help a bunch but I need to see one in person before I start making a top.
  11. It has the frame bit the top was rotten when the owner bought it in 58 and removed,does not have the rear window parts.
  12. I have someone wanting a top made for a 33 Plymouth PC convertible,I have never seen one and this one has not had a top on it since the late 50s. I really need to see one so I know how things attach so anyone know where a similar car is in a reasonable distance from the Dayton Ohio area or where a show is that might have similar vehicles.
  13. The drivers of the trucks that delivered them to the dealers hated the ones with a automatic with air since they did not have the power to go up the ramps with the air on.
  14. I worked at a Chevy dealer that also sold Isuzu trucks and one day they gave me a Isuzu car to put in inventory and after inspecting it I noticed it was built on the same chassis as a Chevette.
  15. From what I have read you can put the 65 and newer FE in a 64 and older but can not put the 64 and older FEs in a 65 and newer due to the moto mount holes in the block.
  16. I still have not gotten the rear window to work,I think its the relay amd this is how it looks now and next is to get dual exhaust.
  17. My mom had a 1980 4 door and it was not that bad of a car,had to replace a few clutch cables but it went over 100,000 miles and eventually rusted to death on the Florida coast.
  18. It got new tires this week so I took it down the highway for the first time,even though the overdrive is not working yet with the 3.25 gears it went down the road just fine. Next is dual exhaust.
  19. I think I had problems with the 57 Caddy full covers staying on my 53 Olds too and it also got the poverty caps.
  20. Got the new tires on along with the poverty caps.
  21. I had a 50 Windsor 8 pass sedan for many years and the six moved it just fine but was screaming when trying to go down the highway.
  22. I am suprised they found one that fit,I wanted one to put on a 53 Olds to protect the fresh paint but nebet could find one big enough.
  23. If I lived where it did not snow I would be driving a old car for a daily driver,I feel safer in them then the newer vehicles.
  24. I would say its a T truck with that rear end.
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