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Something old found in the desert...

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The step is from a 1915 Buick C-4 truck or a 1916 Buick D-4 truck. 


Passenger side.  Same as drivers side, except the part of the fender indicates that it is passenger side.


Typical of the passenger side, not worn very much.


Also note that someone used a blue flame wrench to the step and cut the vertical support off. :(

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On 1/13/2019 at 7:27 PM, 1939_Buick said:

Buick did make trucks.

Could be an early car

As a very big guess 1914 to 1920s or ????. 

Ask in https://forums.aaca.org/forum/60-buick-pre-war/


I had considered posting this question in the pre-war forum because I very much expected it to be, but I didn't want to limit myself.  It looks like the pre-war guys found me anyway, but if Speedo wants to move this topic over there, I won't be offended...

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The guy who found it is willing to part with it. It doesn’t have much value to me except to hang on the wall. Of course special education has a birthday coming up... he could hang it on his wall... or use it as a soup dish... LOL.  yes I know what I spelled... anyway, he wants me to make an offer... what would be fair?

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22 hours ago, SpecialEducation said:


Depends on if it's your money or mine!  lol


True, but the market for them is limited. probably less than a dozen persons that could use them, maybe.  Only true value would be in a speedster of the like where Mark Shaw used some on his car.

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