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  1. I don’t have access to TSB 01-06-04-011, but I think the keyword is “disable” not “remove.” To disable it, you just need do disconnect the intake air, unplug the electrical connector, and install a shorter belt.
  2. Any shop with a Tech II scanner and the proper subscriptions should be able to do it (any GM dealer).
  3. https://buickforums.com/forums/threads/air-injection-delete.15194/post-62316
  4. There was a service bulletin to remove them as they failed, so nobody buys replacements... lol
  5. The spoiler is probably off an Olds Alero. That’s a fairly common spoiler on Reattas. https://reattaowner.com/roj/85-body-a-interior/body-exterior/245-alero-spoiler-installation-instructions
  6. Is this a switch pitch? Stuck in the wrong pitch?
  7. Regulators are more problematic than generators. See if this helps. DO NOT buy a new regulator and expect it to work off the shelf. They need to be dialed in for your specific system.
  8. Torque to yield bolts weren't a thing until the 1980s. Differences in marking outside of the standard grade markings is just a way of differentiating between different bolt suppliers. When I rebuilt the 1970 Olds 350 that was in my grandmother's F-85, some of the bolt heads had severe pitting. I had a parts motor that I picked up locally and used some head bolts off it. Because of differences in markings from different suppliers, I segregated them so all of the visible bolts were matching, and the ones under the valve covers... not so much. lol
  9. Our ‘56 had a badly recovered front and a stock ‘55 back. Our local shop reproduced the seats nearly correctly simply based on the interior manual sheet from SMS and internet photos. I say nearly because he missed a small detail that can’t normally be seen, and SMS kept sending us junk printed vinyl so we used locally sourced quality vinyl (without the print) instead. (photo is NOT out of focus) (replacement material)
  10. I looked at the back end of a LOT of Specials and Centurys before we put duals on our car. The thing to remember is that the original exhaust on these cars was mild steel and in some parts of the country would have been completely trashed by the time the car was two years old. I've seen those tips placed at every dimension imaginable. We tried to locate ours based off old factory imagery. Our Special was originally a single exhaust car. I took a pattern off a dual exhaust car and cut out the notches just before we sent it out for rechrome. Our tips were off the shelf tips they had at the muffler shop, but they look pretty legit unless you look under the car (non-factory brackets). Interior fabrics were also not as good back then. Having seats re-covered was not uncommon. Our car had been off the road since about 1989, and the obviously re-covered front seat was worn out. Underneath it still had the correct tag for a 1956 46R, but the back seat was from a '55.
  11. It was mentioned on Facebook, but I’ll touch on it here. The missing code for export indicates the car was NOT built with an export package. Since the manifest says “Garnet” I’d say you are probably right... lol The registry does not include every 1990 Reatta built. This is owner submitted data. Please send your data to Barney so he can include this car in his next update.
  12. Every series had an interior theme, but the different models had variations on the theme. I don’t recall the differences for 60 series cars, but not all Centurys would have had the exact same patterns.
  13. This. If you got dual exhaust from the factory, the bumper is notched for the tips. There was no dual exhaust without the chrome tips & bumper notches. Another bumper feature you’ve got are the “j-bars” that cover the bumper bolts. They catch water & debris from the road and rust away from the inside out. Often paper thin on surviving copies.
  14. Sorry boys, it was a one day only special. According to this site it’s Spam, Oreos, and mayo. They had me at Spam & Oreos, then ruined it! https://www.businessinsider.com/mcdonalds-new-burger-china-spam-mayonnaise-oreos-2020-12
  15. I’ve been kicking myself for not grabbing that ‘56 Century dash face since I was down there in ‘17... lol
  16. I had a teacher in high school that was from Arkansas that was griping to one of my friends about the Coke choices at the local convenience store he worked at. “I need a 16oz bottle to put my peanuts in,” she said. He replied, “We have them in the back, but they are the same price as the 20s.” “I don’t care, I need the 16 ounce!” ”Just don’t drink the whole bottle...” ”NO! I need a 16 ounce bottle of Coke. Anything else just isn’t right!” lol
  17. Resistance value isn’t enough. You need something that can handle the wattage requirements. As noted above, the ceramic is not critical as long as the conductor inside is intact. It is also a heat sink to help the conductor stay solid (not liquid), so if chunks are missing, it’s functional time may be limited.
  18. Ok, so for 1939 there were 4 lines of Buicks. 40 Series Special 60 Series Century 80 Series Roadmaster 90 Series Limited Inside each series is specific models. So for the 80 Series there’s: Model 80C Sport Phaeton Model 81 Touring Sedan Model 81F Formal Sedan Model 81C Sport Phaeton Model 87 Sport Sedan
  19. I love that color. There was a Park Avenue coupe in my neighborhood back in the '90s that was the same color. It always made me drool... lol
  20. For years I've tried to find a factory hp rating for the '56 Synchromesh engines. All published data refers to the Dynaflow cars, with 220 in the 2bbl Specials and 255 in the rest. SM Specials had lower compression and a different cam. I'd guess they were about 200, but it's just a guess. https://www.hometownbuick.com/portfolio/1956-buick-shop-manual/
  21. I’m just wondering when we are going to get to September 2020... lol
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