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  1. What is the goal for this kill switch? Theft protection? Stuck relay? There's no need to interrupt the high current side if all you want to do is disable the starter. I have had starter stuck on before, so I do understand the desire to kill the flow of juice quickly...
  2. HA! I usually get emails on those, but I guess it hasn't caught up to me yet!
  3. @dons56 just told me: “Let’s go...” You should probably tell him how much money to bring! lol
  4. Does the relay click when you hit the horn? Have you tried applying voltage directly to the horn? I have had a horn burn out before...
  5. '56s are bigger. I think our '56 was 2 & 2 when we got her... lol
  6. Measure the center emblem diameter and I'll tell you if they are '55 or '56...
  7. If you need some shed room for this, I'm sure my dad could slip it past my Skyhawk and get it into his shop... He's never driven a car older than him. He'd be happy if someone lent him something, but it probably wouldn't take much to talk him into making a purchase! lol
  8. Here’s my photos: https://mcsquaredimaging.pixieset.com/buicknationals2019/
  9. If I recall correctly, at least part of that scoop came from @NC-car-guy I think dad has more money in that scoop than the whole front bumper. He’ll be glad to know someone noticed... lol Note: It’s an early scoop with the open mesh. Later they replaced the mesh with a solid plate painted to look like the mesh. I think the other ‘56 had the later design.
  10. Looks like this year’s WTF team earned a DNF...
  11. The option is in the parts catalog because we share the platform with the Riviera, which was available without. If someone wanted to get rid of the TEVES system, the easiest thing to do would be to convert everything to the Riviera non-ABS components. Unless someone has already done this on your car, you have ABS.
  12. I'd like to think that they didn't know I was the one that brought the car, or they would have been less obvious (maybe). I just don't understand the need for people to rub their greasy mitts all over my black paint! lol I was given some 1962 stuff at a swap meet a few years ago. It was free to me, so I just wanted to pass it along. I intentionally sought out a '62 that was cared for but noticeably less than perfect, found the owner, and asked if he had any such articles. When he said "No," I simply said, "You do now," and shook his hand. I'm not sure how better to spread good will through the club. I wasn't too worried about bringing Pepper down because I knew there would be nicer examples of '90 Reattas there, but it was kinda fun to have the nicest '56 Riviera in the lot (only because it was the ONLY '56 Riv in the lot)! The one thing the meet convinced me of is that I REALLY need to get Stringfellow to a national!
  13. I don't think I was in the lot 5 minutes and I had people telling their friends, "Wow, you gotta come look at this," and not in a nice way. It's a mostly original driver with dents, bondo, and rusty rocker panels. No, it's not a 400 point car. Probably not a 100 point car, but you know what? I drove it 300 miles last week, it ran perfect, and I didn't cry when it got rained on. lol
  14. Yeah, I’m not sure what I would call a class for our ‘56, Ben’s ‘50, or Willie’s ‘55. “Looks stock, but is far more useful?” Kinda wordy. “Factory on the outside, party underneath?” ”Built to drive, not to win?” ”Less polish, more fun?” ”Stock-ish?” lol The fact that I put 300 miles on an unrestored, original engined, 63 year old car and it never missed a beat is probably reward enough. That, and the smile on the faces of one of my favorite professors, his son, and his granddaughter when I took them for a ride on Sunday before heading home...
  15. YOU GOT YOUR GAS CAP BACK!!! Any sign of the hubcap? I should have nominated you for a hard luck award! lol
  16. That’s one of the great things about the Olds platform, you could stick a ‘68 455 cam from a 442 into an ‘85 307 if you wanted to (and the factory did!). The number 1 thing that woke up the Olds powered Buick I drove in high school was the installation of a “high flow catalytic converter” (a.k.a. “Test Pipe”). lol
  17. Sorry, I’m saying that we had the 403 Olds with the THM400 transmission. Did we ever figure out what rear end you have? The 403 is pretty potent, so if you think it’s lethargic, it may just be a gearing issue. Funny you should mention T/As. I’ve got a spare 403 that a friend pulled from a ‘79 so he could drop in a Poncho 400. He says it was a wasted effort. Not worth the time/money he spent scrounging up parts. Perhaps @Ben Bruce aka First Born needs to come down and help you install fuel injection? 🤣
  18. Meh... I keep hearing that, but we had a '77 Delta 88 with a 403/400 and pulled a camper with that thing everywhere. The only thing we ever cooked was the transmission. We only got rid of it because my brother bent it in the middle.
  19. Sounds like you need me to bring you an Olds 403 to put in it... 😁
  20. Here’s a little more opinion on the X-cars. Not saying I agree with it 100%, but they are factors to consider... https://www.automobilemag.com/news/gm-x-cars-chevrolet-citation-oldsmobile-buick-pontiac-photos-history/?sm_id=paid:sm_id:fb:gen:Mto&o_test:link_clicks:GM_X_cars:am
  21. Normally I’d recommend to always run transmission fluid through the radiator tank last to maintain consistent fluid temps. They work best in a certain temp range, and running the fluid too cool can be as bad as too hot. In your neighborhood, that’s probably not that big of an issue, though. Just helped my brother put a cooler on his ‘Burban. He lives in Nebraska and this is his daily, so it’s absolutely a big deal. 270°F may be where rapid fluid deterioration occurs, but long durations at 225° can be enough to cause significant breakdown. As a general rule, when ATF temps hit 200°F, it’s time to do something different. Do you still have the electronic carb on this car?
  22. There was even a low-rider there, but NO SCALLOPS! Really, I don’t think there's a problem with younger generations being interested in old cars. I think it’s more an issue of selling the value of the club to them. Back in the days before the internet, the club was a vital resource for parts & information. How many folks sign up just to show a car when the Nationals are somewhat local, then let their membership lapse? ENGAGING younger members and keeping them active in the club is the real challenge that needs to be met. That’s probably a topic for another thread, though. Sorry again, Speedo!
  23. I still have plenty of SPAM, too. I was the only taker!
  24. It was also nice to chat with @old-tank and @Ben Bruce aka First Born while we were here! (I love the guys who DRIVE their cars, and aren’t afraid to do little modifications to make them more useful.) Who else am I forgetting... 🧐
  25. No Hi is likely the relay. I’d jumper battery voltage to the blower to see what happens, then check for voltage in/out at the relay. Are any of the other relays the same part number so you can swap for diagnostics? If you lose a lower speed or two, that’s usually a resistor that’s burnt out, but Hi should be straight bus voltage.