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    I am 49yrs old,married, veteran of Desert Storm and Operation Iraq Freedom 2007-2008 I love anything with a motor

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  1. Hello do you know what the shipping cost is for Va. 23701 Thanks
  2. Yep it was. Just have to put it back together...Thanks my friend
  3. Hey thanks I've found the rest of it in my parts stuff..The wire with the electrical contacts..
  4. Here is what I have the orange wire leading to the socket,the mercury switch
  5. Okay Dang..The piece is screwed to the trunk lid. The wire is there... but the guts the internals are missing
  6. Okay ..Thanks Now where does it goes...Yes,I tested the orange wire in the trunk and it has power ...
  7. Okay ..Thanks Now where does it go..The bulb holder or in line somewhere
  8. Name is John let me know if you are still selling parts. 757 -513-3977
  9. Hello what is the shipping to Virginia 23701 Thanks