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  1. Looking for a good hood for a 1956 Buick Century Riviera 4dr hardtop....must be rust free under the front and area where it touches the top of the mustache...The guy in Mississippi with one, something is wrong with your Email.. If you have one send me some pictures please
  2. Looking for a good hood no rot or rust underneath the front Please no junk In Virginia Thanks
  3. Hello Kosage...I've been checking you out..I have NADINE at the Beauty Shop, I have to finish it for my Dad. With his passing away few weeks ago REALLY put a fire in me
  4. Good Evening Fellows..went to the shop today removed the windshield today and surprisingly the metal wasn't bad...Told the owner of the Shop ..I don't want no discount..just want to remove it myself..I WANT A NEW WINDSHIELD ANYWAY
  5. Hello Do you ha e the 1956 Century Driver side fender and how much also ship to Va 23701
  6. Happy New Year..Got the trim rails and trim rail weather stripping off..someone siliconed the hell out of them...had to cut it off...came off easily...trim rails are in great shape
  7. Hello is it a video or instructions for removing the windshield trim and roof drip rail molding???Thanks. 4dr Hardtop
  8. Good Evening.BREAKING NEWS FROM VIRGINIA..I removed rest of door trim.(both sides) door panels. Headlight bezels..Mustache.. Going back Tuesday morning. Even found a for sale sign inside the rear door..HAD THE CAR FOR 4 YEARS wondered why the door was hard to put down and it sounded like sheet metal. Noise ..but it went down easy
  9. Thanks Marty..he was 95 years old..He was a old school ALL THE WAY..I trying to out how to remove the Windshield trim and little chrome pieces off the top OUTSIDE of doors
  10. Hello My Buick friends..started the PARTY TODAY!!!! Remove some Chrome and stainless..Removed wire wheels. Antenna. Bezels..Port Holes.Tray.Jet.letters ...Trying for bumpers...T-lights....rest of door trim and windshield trim Tomorrow.. QUESTION IS HOW DO YOU GET THE UPPER DOOR TRIM AND DRIP RAILS OFF..Thanks
  11. Merry Christmas Brothers,, Been busy,had the Headliner done,solid white "Perforated, New cam,lifters,Pertronix Ignition, with Flamethrower Coil, Just put it in the Body Shop, for paint,going with original colors, Cambridge Blue over Dover White, base coat clear coat, Bought New Coker 3 inch white wall tires,,,My dad passed away December 7th. HE WANTED TO SEE IT FINISHED BEFORE HE LEFT,, HAD TO GET IT DONE NOW
  12. Been jammed with work and life,that's all,and got another car and pickup truck
  13. Hello,,I put in a New Cam and lifters and distributor with the Pertronix ignition with the Flamethrower coil,,last Summer,,, She runs REAL GOOD,,,and STARTS SOOOO EASY
  14. What's going on Stranger,,WHAT NOW YOU SELLING THE CAR
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