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  1. Thanks again..sorry for the late text....I will call him tomorrow
  2. Can someone tell me what is this, I had my front bumper rechromed and when I gave it to the platers it was the COMPLETE unit ...WHAT IS THIS PIECE
  3. Hello Kosage..Keep up the OUTSTANDING Work
  4. Hello My friends. Passenger side front floor pan installed, body patch panels welded in, New Front Windshield camed in...Wire wheeled the floor and painted it today. Got the windshield area done...Started da sanding with 80 grit and hit it after with 180 grit. Will sand again tomorrow..They should be sealing and priming starting Tuesday...TIRED OF SANDING...HOW MUCH DO YOU HAVE TO SAND??? I THOUGHT I WAS FINISHED!! Owner of the shop said I'm doing a great job..JUST TRYING TO LEARN.... Windshield painted floors today
  5. Hello Buick and Buickettes.. Finally got the body panels cut out and welded in..I thought it was terrible but welder said this is a treat. I have passenger side floor pan and a little windshield area work left to do..
  6. Thank you..I hope my Dad will like it. He passed away before I could had it REALLY RIGHT
  7. Good Afternoon, been busy working. Here's some of pictures of NADINE. Owner of the Body let me da sand the car Ist with 80 then 180. MY DAMN SHOULDERS ARE KILLING ME..LOL I also installed the drivers door I bought. Im uptight,that I had the door sandblasted and someone put a patch on the bottom corner...1 passenger side floor pan has to be patched. BUMMER!!! AND need little windshield area patch at the top corners. IT NEVER LEAKED !! Floor pan getting done this weekend.. UPSET ABOUT THE RUST !!!
  8. Okay I have some new Chrome goodies BUICK LETTERS for the hood,8 Venti-ports, 2 Century Scripts for the doors. Also Jet Plane and Tray .Plater coming for bumpers front and rear and headlight bezels.. Pop, I miss you, its been 6 weeks since you passed away..I wish you could be here to see it finished
  9. Looking theses parts for a 1956 Buick Century 4DR HARDTOP parts 63D...NEW or a non CLOUDY WINDSHIELD....ORIGINAL TYPE Front clips part number 4658445 Left side lower and 4658444 Right side lower AND. TOP RIGHT AND LEFT SIDES thse are the OEM 56 buick with Reveal trim
  10. Looking for a good hood for a 1956 Buick Century Riviera 4dr hardtop....must be rust free under the front and area where it touches the top of the mustache...The guy in Mississippi with one, something is wrong with your Email.. If you have one send me some pictures please
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