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  1. Marty, Thank you very much to you and to all of the other members for taking time to respond. All of your information regarding the electric pump installation was more than helpful and informative. Plan to install the electric pump in-line without the bypass and check valve and see how it goes. Do you have any suggestions for a particular pump (Manufacture/Model) , both a rotary vane and roller vane type, for the 320 straight eight application. Thank you, Larry
  2. I have a question regarding the installation of the electric fuel pumps......I'm installing the pump on a 1940 Buick 320 straight eight. I understand the pump should be positioned close to the tank. However...this may be obvious..... but should the pump be connected in series (in-line) with the tank fuel line that feeds the mechanical pump. That is.... should the electric pump be pumping fuel through the mechanical pump or .....should the output of the electric pump be plumbed in downstream of the mechanical pump. Thank you, Larry
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