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  1. In the movie, The Long, Long Trailer, they used a skip. Not only that, when they got into hilly country, they change from a Ford to a Mercury because the Ford couldn’t haul the trailer up the hills.
  2. I have often wondered if any of these ever looked good or if they were always old cars that were modified?
  3. It looks like they planted a little girl in a pot. That’s a funny way to grow kids... LOL
  4. Looks like it is off now... LOL It is missing a hood...
  5. Well, they may have cut their feet off but they got some nice clouds...
  6. Even with 6 kids from 5 to 15 and two adults, I don’t think anyone went hungry that night... pictured are the fishermen... growing up in the depression, my dad was quite the outdoorsman... still, I’ll bet it was an exciting day for everyone in that boat on Yellowstone lake... Even though that car has a huge trunk, we still used up a cartop carrier. Somewhere west of Milwaukee, someone got a new sleeping bag... we assumed it wasn’t tied down sufficiently and blew off... pictured: back row, Cleo & dad front row Jim & Ken... I was the 5 year old not pict
  7. The guy who found it is willing to part with it. It doesn’t have much value to me except to hang on the wall. Of course special education has a birthday coming up... he could hang it on his wall... or use it as a soup dish... LOL. yes I know what I spelled... anyway, he wants me to make an offer... what would be fair?
  8. if you twisted my arm really hard I would drive it. Actually, I would drive it if you threatened to twist the arm of my worst enemy... LOL
  9. I worked for Oldsmobile when these came out and thought they were pretty slick. This dose sound like it belongs in a horror movie though. What I heard was they made the car heavy but that was pre oil embargo.
  10. I love the car but the setting is great too. What lake?
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