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Globe - Kokomo, IN


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The car on the left is a circa 1917 low price Overland.


The white touring car is a Dodge - circa 1924. 


The touring behind it is a circa 1916 Buick four cylinder.


The car with the chummy roadster styling,  under the word 'Development', looks like a Stutz but I don't think it is big enough.


At far right is probably another Dodge - circa 1926 - but it could also be an early Hupmobile Model A

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Second from the left is a 1923 Apperson Jackrabbit with the rabbit. Here is the same model with the rabbit on the radiator mounted on the wrong angle. I believe the rabbit was always jumping front feet down and rear feet up.

1923 Apperson Jackrabbit.jpg

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i believe the sixth car may be a 1920 or early 1921 Kissel Tourster. Kissel and Apperson styling were close, influenced buy Conover Silver in New York, and both had rounded radiators and a rear "bustle". But an Apperson  Tourster had a rear porthole, whereas a Kissel did not.. Also, a Kissel would be the same hi end car type that would fit with these others.

Here are a couple pictures of a 1921 Kissel Tpurster in the museum in Denver.

Ron Hausmann 



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