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A big shout out to Bob “Turbinator” Burnopp.  I just received a set of his center caps for my 1964 cast aluminum wheel covers. They are perfect and really add to the luster of the stainless spinner.  If your car has these covers, these will definitely enhance your ride. We’ll worth it.



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Here's a goody that you may know or not know.  Has to do with the finned aluminum brake drums.  Not the hub and brake drum assembly, just the aluminum drum.  The 45 fin drums from a 65 will work on the bigger 63/64 hubs, and conversely, you can use the 63/64 drums on a 65.  In the picture you'll see that a 65 hub does NOT completely fill the hole in the drum.  That hole is the same size for 63, 64, and 65.  I do not have any 66 drums so I won't comment on that, nor will I comment on the 90 finned drums. IMG_20211101_092023364.jpg.659ec195de3e3d6fbb446e19bdddee9e.jpgIMG_20211101_092449959.jpg.3c3f538057b0416626aeb9f3bd9508ee.jpgk

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The only advertising is an ad that Ray runs in the ROA magazine.....   the rest is word of mouth and repeat customers. 

I can repair (not restoration) GM power antenna from the early '60's until they were no longer offered around 2005. 

Early '60's antenna were made for GM by Tenna in Cleveland... major problems are old age, broken cord, hard grease, bent mast and bad motors.

Many of the '63-65 Riviera antenna have a bad black insulator,  I have a machinist that makes a new replacement if your antenna needs one.  

I charge $90 to repair (that does not include replacing a damaged or missing mast as they are very hard to find and I do not have spares available)

Some owners send me 2 or 3 antenna to make one good one....all depends on the conditions.   

Around 1977 Delco started making the GM antenna and their first attempt was short lived (1977-1979)   After that the Delco Slimline was used in 

all GM products.  Their main problem is broken plastic cords... I replace the cord with a plastic coated steel cable that may outlast the car.

The repair charge for any year Slimline is $75.   I do have good used replacement mast for the Slimline power antenna and charge $25 if the

mast is bad.    Return shipping is $20    I can be reached by PM,  email (barneyeaton1@gmail.com) or phone (5126355132)


  Assortment of good and bad antenna pictures


gears VI.jpg


Barler 8-20 2.jpg

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