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2 hours ago, Vila said:

Let us know what the fuel problem is when you get it figured out.  I would be interested in knowing the solution.


Quite a few people on car forums get their issues figured out and never respond to let everyone know what the actual issue was and how they ended up fixing it.

Yes, I will respond with my answer. 

Your comments align with my concerns, as well.

I like to hear the results, as well as the problem.

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16 hours ago, CarlLaFong said:

I don't know what living in California has to do with the idiotic idea of rigging up the contraption that you have recommended. My original post would lead someone, with a modicum of reading comprehension, to see that I am concerned with safety. Nowhere was the topic, of moving gasoline from one container to another, broached.  BTW, all of my vehicles run on gasoline or Diesel. I will admit that I use the crazy, California method of putting fuel in them. We have these places here that we call gas stations. We give the guy a number of fun tickets and, magically, fuel issues forth from the pump at the island. No wacky flame throwers needed. In the rare event that I have to transfer fuel from one vehicle or implement to another, I find that a good old siphon hose still works. Because of an incident, in my shop, several years ago where I set myself on fire from the waist down, I do have a bit more respect for flammables. You may continue to use your device as you please. See you on the 5 o'clock news


The only real difference between using my "idiotic contraption" and using a $100 air powered vacuum brake bleeder to do the same thing, is that my "idiotic contraption" can be built for less than $5, or made out of things that people with multiple cars usually have laying around the garage. Thinking that a rational person would use the length of hose that controls where the gas goes to direct it to a safe location, I didn't specifically mention a container. It never occurred to me that someone would stand if front of this hose and soak their pants with gas so they could accidently set themselves on fire later. That is, if you really did set yourself on fire from the waist down and if you did------------------


After using that little setting yourself on fire story to berate my "idiotic contraption", the decent thing to do would be to disclose the sequence of reckless acts that led to this unfortunate event as it might dissuade others from following your path to the same unfortunate outcome.


Seems to me that using the gold old fashion siphon hose means sucking on one end hard enough to draw gas up and hoping that when you do, you can get the hose out of your mouth before you get a mouth full of gas. With the good old fashion siphon hose, when you do get the hose out of your mouth and point the end down, gas comes pouring out soaking everything in it's path while you're rushing to get that nasty tasting end into the can. If your good old siphon hose is one of those modern, high quality Made in China with the built in hand operated piston pump siphon hoses, you don't have to think about getting a mouth full of gas and the other end of the hose will probably stay in the can while you're working the pump. When those things are new they are  no safer to use than my "idiotic contraption" and when they get to be a few years old they aren't near as safe to use.

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A good marine primer bulb and some 5/16 gas line work a whole lot better than those hokey siphon kits they sell.  I bought one of those siphon kits in a pinch before after working at a Marina for years and almost laughed my Butt off as to how crappy they were and worked.  You can really pull gas with a real primer bulb. 

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23 hours ago, CarlLaFong said:

don't know what living in California has to do with the idiotic idea of rigging up the contraption that you have recommended.


It is not location. It is age. Old guys come up with really dangerous ideas. And they usually implement them alone.


The last time I set up a gravity feed fuel system I started a fire under my Wills pickup in the garage. It ain't hard. I was alone.


Right now I need to remove some of the garage ceiling tiles and get into the area of the rafters. But it is in an area that requires me to close the overhead door. Old guy, closed garage, climbing a ladder, alone.

Ever have the doctor ask if you have fallen since your last visit and wonder why? They know.


May when my Wife gets home she''l sit out there for a while.


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8 hours ago, Digger914 said:


The only real difference between using my "idiotic contraption" and using a $100 air powered vacuum bla bla bla bla

Well digger, you keep digging a deeper hole for yourself. Since you have, tacitly, called me a liar, I will do the "decent" thing(???) and relay the chain of events that led to my near demise. I ride a V8 motorcycle. Why,  is my business. Due to a badly leaking Quadrajet carburetor, I managed to hydrolock the engine. This FACT is documented, with photos on my blog, should your inquiring mind require further proof. In an effort to clear the cylinders, I pulled the plugs. Standing astride the bike I hit the starter button. I failed to disconnect the hot lead to the distributor. The gas was blown through the plugholes and the dangling high tension leads were close enough to the block to allow spark. Three feet of flame shot out of the sides of the bike and soaked my jeans with burning gasoline. Fortunately, for me, I had a blanket that I had used to lay on when I was working under the bike. I wrapped myself up and doused the flames. I just had some minor first degree burns and a few melted parts on the bike. I'm sorry that I didn't save the jeans so your CSI team could examine them to verify my story. As an aside, I ended up with a bent rod and had to dismantle the bike and the engine to replace it. This is also documented, also with photos.

Here's is how someone with a functioning brain siphons gas. Stick the hose in the donor tank. Stick the other end in the gas can. Stick your blow gun in the donor tank filler. Tightly wrap a rag around the blow gun, siphon hose and the filler neck. Squeeze the blow gun a few times and gas will flow. Simple science and no gasoline cocktail

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