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  1. I might be a little late on giving any useful answers for diagnosing as they have already been posted, but I can offer one suggestion prior to replacing a sending unit if grounding the sending unit wire swings the gage and that is: make certain the connection to the sending unit is good and attach a fresh ground to the tank before pulling the sending unit. A dirty or loose connection to sending unit or tank ground will make a good gage or sending unit look bad.
  2. Simply put, I started another car project and last spring I had two cars more than I could garage when I bought the lift that I wasn't going to buy until after I added more storage space and sold a car, but the deal was to good to pass on and that changed the way I could park in the garage. Didn't want to put the convertible outside, but new hoist narrowed available floor space and the new project meant something had to sit outside. The last project, a steel roofed car, that could sit outside moved outside with the daily drivers and come April the convertible went up for sale. By August I had dropped the price 3 times without a single call and put the car that had been sitting outside up for sale. The next morning I had several calls and two people showed up to look at the car, when the second guy showed up the first guy reached into his pocket pulled out a wad of hundreds and gave me full asking price before the second guy could get out of his car. With the one car out of the way and working room to build, the almost everyday rain started and delayed everything from tree removal to dirt delivery leaving me a boat that will be and a ragtop that could and most likely be sitting outside this winter. After writing this it occurred to me that I should mention the motivation behind selling off a car and adding un heated storage is the little lady wants to park her car inside the heated garage.
  3. Carl It's my convertible and from the way the weather has delayed everything from tree removal to gravel delivery, it will be outside from late fall till spring snow melt. If we get the severe cold winter weather as predicted keeping it dry until spring won't be a problem and a good cover should allow it to breath until the snow gets to deep. After that and barring a major blizzard with deep drifting snow, I should have enough room to get around the car and sweep the snow off the top. If we get a heavy snow fall with blizzard strength winds, the drifting snow will completely cover the car.
  4. This OP responded to the cat suggestion in a light hearted manner with the best reasons for not having a cat in the yard. Yes this OP did think about the city ordinance and what compliance would mean and if this OP thought complying with the city ordinance was an acceptable option, this OP wouldn't have come to the people who really work to protect their old cars for help. No child left behind means education for everyone and the special needs school across the street is for the children with needs beyond the capabilities of the area public schools. The teacher ratio is six to one, support staff is one to one and some of these children are so disturbed that they are a danger to self and others Every now and then one gets loose and if the right one gets loose unattended small animals that can't run aren't safe. Every day the police are called in to help with the more unruly students and something as simple as a squirrel squashed on the road can create chaos. Daily police presence also means loose animals are captured quickly and code compliant fences don't hold cats. This OP did have a problem with your comment, but this OP also has an autistic grand niece and saw in your posting a near autistic reaction. My intention was to tactfully reach out to you by private message as time allowed, but this "clown" thinks your comments are rude, ignorant, arrogant and seriously doubts that you have the comprehension skills to understand, or character to acknowledge that you misread the posting.
  5. Never heard of the stuff so I Google'd near me and it's available very near me, Thanks. No room for a 5gal bucket under the car, but plenty of room for an old gallon ice cream bucket near the tires where mice can climb and the lids will make great plastic trays for the bait blocks. Thanks Guy's When I made the mouse posting I was hoping for things I didn't know about or hadn't thought of and I knew that someone would say get a cat. I've had several cats over the years and two of the last three were declawed strays that decided they liked my yard and they were both great mousers. Haven't had an outdoor cat since the city enacted the cat ordinance https://library.municode.com/mn/new_hope/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId=CD_ORD_CH7AN and I do have a fence. The fence didn't stop stray cats from getting into the yard and it didn't stop them from getting out, they came and went as they pleased. The loose cat fines go up with every infraction and I would love to let a cat loose in the yard if I could keep it in the yard without tying it down, never expected that listing the reasons for not letting a cat be a cat would be called animal abuse.
  6. Climate controlled storage up the street is only $175 a month with six months paid in advance, they and everyone else I've called are already full for the winter. I had planned on putting a couple of green blocks under the hood, they work well in the garage, don't think laying them around the car will help, they tend to disintegrate on damp ground, but I will toss them in the car with the Bounce just in case the Bounce draws mice.
  7. I will be giving the Bounce a try. Up until the city enacted its cat ordinance there were plenty of outdoor cats that had homes and who knows how many others were feral. Now I chase up mice when I cut the grass and a loose cat is a rare sight.
  8. Honest, the city really does have a leash law for cats. just like dogs, If your cat is out of the house it must be licensed, confined to your property or on a leash. I did look into an electronic rodent repellant, not the one you suggested, more like the type as seen on TV, only ones I could find are all made for indoor use.
  9. The city I live in has a leash law to regulate outdoor cats and the thought of chaining a couple of cats to the car did cross my mind, but I live across the street from a special needs school and attaching a couple of cats to a car in the winter might upset some of the more delicate children. The truly unbalanced ones, every now and then one gets loose and a cat chained to a car won't last the winter.
  10. Parking a convertible outside in the winter is like opening a mouse motel, better to risk rodents than to pour a slab on unstable ground. Killing mice is easy, suggestions on how to keep them away is what I need. I have had heated storage for everything but my winter truck since 1978 and it looks like I will be winter storing a boat and car on a gravel pad this year. Bought a lift and another car this year, needed to turn a hill into flat land to add enclosed storage and expected to be done by mid August. The heavy rains started the day the trench for the retaining wall was dug, the clay turned into mud and it looks like this will be the cities second wettest summer in recorded history. Great weather for green grass, not so good for new construction.
  11. What I see here is a frustrated seller with classic car that isn't selling with a craigslist add and all I can say is don't blame the 30 something younger age group for their lack of interest in a craigslist add for a car built in the 30's. Instant gratification and things that are shinny appeal to all age groups and a car that isn't prepped and ready for sale isn't going to bring top dollar in any age group, A car doesn't need to be perfect to sell fast for a decent price, but it does need to look like it's worth more than the asking price and craigslist is great for selling a lot of thing, but facebook is where you post when you want to find the "younger folks" .
  12. A serious collector absolutely intent on acquiring a Select 60 would do that kind of a search, but the average old convertible buyer in Minnesota isn't looking for a $12,500 thirty year old car and the frugal frozen have chosen to top out our searches at around 3 - 5K for the car that will sit in the garage all but 30 to 40 great convertible driving days of the year.
  13. Found this Select 60 on Minneapolis Craigslist and thought somebody might be interested. https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/cto/d/minneapolis-1990-rare-buick-reatta/6945115866.html
  14. So a boat trailer isn't a car trailer, but straps are straps, bolts are bolts and brakes are brakes. One thing I noticed in all the pics is that none of the boats that left their trailers showed any indication of rear strap attachment, that is no transom damage where the rear straps ripped free and I was encouraged to replace the sun baked straps on my own boat trailer. I didn't stop there, after that I replaced the worn safety chains, checked all the bolts and went through the brakes from end to end. I have no idea how bad the trailer brakes have to get before you can hear them in the truck cab, bit mine were rivets on steel and way past due. If I do make a brick wall stop there is no guarantee that I won't end up with a boat on my roof, but if I should need to lock up the binders, the boat should stay on the trailer and my trailer shouldn't push me into the brick wall.
  15. If your generator works you couldn't have done better for where you are and what you say you want to do. I have a 15kva conditioning transformer stuck in a basement closet that would solve your single circuit breaker problem and if I gave it to you, the shipping cost would be more than you paid for your generator. With a single line into your shed a VFD isn't an option and that generator output can be wired up to give you 110, 220 and run your 3 phase machinery which is great advantage to have for the second hand hoist you might want to buy as that expands your options to second hand equipment from some to all auto service centers. Not going to join the discussion on 110, 220, and AC electrical phase as this is a safety thing and mistakes can be deadly. Get an electrician to help you install the power distribution box and at the very least hook up your first couple of circuits.