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  1. A Tesla on auto pilot hit a tree and it burned for how many hours? and took how many gallons of water to extinguish? We are going to need more infrastructure than charging stations to fill the highways with modern electric vehicles. We are going to need a super fast fire suppression system that works on these batteries, or a lot of urns for the ashes of their occupants.
  2. My best suggestion is visit your nearest farm animal vet and get yourself one of those wonderful rubber gloves that that goes all the way up your arm to the shoulder then follow these instructions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Liiewkf1UIA Don't have any southern state gummy jell experience, so I don't know how long gas lasts in the warm verses the cold, but in my chilly part of the world gas tank goo usually means new injectors, purge valve and at least one vacuum check valve. Hopefully a clean tank with new pump will give you trouble free down the road driving.
  3. "still have the manifold gauge set but they are for R12Z" Good tools never die. Hose fittings need to update if removable fitting adapters weren't attached over top of factory connections when updated, but the gauge set itself is not obsolete and new 134 hoses are cheap. Basically you are a couple of fitting connectors away from being able to monitor high side while you add freon to the low.
  4. Entertaining and educational: Tucker, a man and his dream.
  5. Not knowing which of the old and even older style belts you have to match, a trip to a u pull to acquire the newer end you need, a search of the internet for air line seat belt extensions made for the larger passengers and a trip to the shoe or upholstery shop for a sewing machine that can attach what you need to your adapter harness.
  6. Post this in the for sale section with pictures, price and location.
  7. For 25 years I had been talking about moving the cheap, small, leaky steel shed from the flat spot next to the garage to some other part of the yard. Now that I have finally cut down the big tree, built the retaining wall, brought in the fill, poured the cement and built the barn, I can estimate that I probably spent as much, or more time over the years talking about the all the work as I did doing the actual work. Talk was a lot cheaper, but for less than 10 grand and a couple hundred hours spread out over two summers, I got an easy to push the boat into flat spot next to the gara
  8. If the last picture is the mudflap I can guess at the significance, if the last picture is cows crossing the road single file I'm impressed that you could get those cows to line up for the photo, but I have no idea why it would be significant. Looking forward to your new [project. From the first time I only saw part of one and that part was hidden under a different body, I have thought that the Singer was an interesting vehicle.
  9. This car is one of the limited production, ultra rare and highly collectible, Edsel by Iacocca, AKA the Chrysler TC by Maserati.
  10. I built this little barn just so I could put a car in it.
  11. Don't underestimate the value of your knowledge. "If you have no knowledge of the History of the Motor Industry", this is the kind of thread a Yank needs to read if he is ever going to work on any old thing made in England. If I ever need one again I have a left hand 5/8 BST screw because I couldn't find the darn thing when it was time to put the scythe mower back together and I had to right thread tap an 11/16 which was as close as I could get. Luckily I had a full set the very difficult to find bent ring spanners. maybe not quite so difficult if you can translate British English
  12. Everything I know from down under came from pictures sent by extended family to my great aunts, one was an Aussie and the other a Kiwi from across the ditch. Suburban sprawl or a house on a small yard doesn't fit the images I grew up looking at. I have old habits and one old habit that keeps me from having a can full of rusty nuts and bolts is the habit of cleaning nuts and bolts on the wire wheel. I do keep old bolts and will even keep a worn one if it is the only one I have in its size. Never know when that one old bolt will be the most important bolt in the bin.
  13. Age, I'm not ready to accept age as the reason for the increased gravitational pull caused by all this global warming crap, something I had noticed myself as I was setting railroad ties and sliding sheets of plywood up the trusses to build the roof so I could make a place to store all these loose shingles. All so I could put a car away for the winter.
  14. Bernie, I remember you had some trouble with parts from overseas and................ If this thing is crossing the ocean and coming from an unproven / unknown to you source, you might want to consider getting it FOB Destination. It really cuts down on the scammers.
  15. There was a poem? I remember the name from history and even seen the movie, but I never knew there was a poem. As for replying to the overly broad gear box question, you can always ask which flavor?
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