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  1. Hi Bernie, Not quite sure what I should be pondering here as I had to expand my image view to 400% to see what the "old battle scar" looked like. The shift / gear select lever assembly looks like the EMV type 57? assembly so it might be the bolts on the side that might be the un explained adjustment points, or it could be whats viable through the open inspection cover which would be the big brake /cone clutch and all the little brake/clutch bands.
  2. Don't know for certain what I'm looking at, but thinking that the ENV has different bolt pattern around the outer edge, I'm going to guess that this is a picture of the Wilson from the Lagonda with the front cover and clutching removed.
  3. A resto mod right hand drive '39 LaSalle convertible coupe is worth what you can get for it and its worth a lot less up here in the states than it is down under.
  4. Bernie, Half of my dads cousins had small town new car dealerships, my dad ran a big city Lincoln store and another one of his cousin ran the Cadillac store directly across the road.. Growing up on the used car lot in a new car family.and having succumbed to this temptation myself, I know the kind of things that can happen to new and used specialty cars that people can't resist driving. Those old preselect trannys might be a pain in stop and go city driving, but they are a pure joy on windy hilly roads and thinking about it always puts a smile on my face.
  5. Silicone on stripped threads is a lot better than the kind of problem I had imagined could be found if someone couldn't resist taking the sports car for a test drive and used the shift pedal like a clutch to get rolling and the new clutch material was an aggressive abrasive..
  6. Getting rid of roller nap and fine brush marks is no different than getting rid of spray job orange peel. Color sanding with high speed buff will make it as smooth and shiny as a base coat clear coat job and when its well done, the only real difference between brush and spray is the thickness of the paint. Marine vs Automotive paint. My youngest brother paints boats for Lund and he told me I could use regular automotive paint to squirt my metal flake color above the water, but free boards on down really should be done with marine paint. There is a difference and any paint will work topside. but auto paint is made to repel water, not to cut through it and it won't hold up to serious use. As my boat spends most of its time sitting on the trailer, a brush full of Rustoleum would probably look good for years.
  7. 20 years ago I was completely stumped by the name of a tool that the shop manual said I needed to remove the windscreen on a 75 MGB. Long story short, I couldn't even order the tool as the internet wasn't as useful back then and finding someone who knew that a 5/8 bent ring spanner was an offset box end wrench took considerably longer than it would today. Thanks for the picture and to paraphrase Shakespeare - a rose is a rose.. Now that I have seen a "cone clutch", I know what it is. Couldn't remember who it was that wrote about Britain and America being "Two Nations Divided by a Common Language" and Google gave me several variants of the statement that could have started with Shaw, Now that I know what a cone clutch is I have one more word for UK to English / English lexicon.
  8. Used Rustolium to roller paint the old plow truck, the paint went on smooth, but had more of a sheen than a shine. The plow blade got sprayed with thinned down Rustolium it shined good, dried quick and still looked good come spring. We learned from the truck and when we painted the figure 8 car we mixed in some thick kind of slimy no brush mark stuff for oil base paint in with the Rustolium and slapped it on with a couple of 4" brushes. Honestly don't remember what the stuff was called, but when it dried to the touch it shined like a new dime and looked like a spray job. Did take a couple of months to fully harden and we left a lot of paint on the cars that rubbed us in the corners.
  9. Hi Bernie, Glad to hear that the Lagonda is no longer a shiftless old car. When the second half of your posting popped up I was in the process of writing about my familiarity with the hand brake and that I am quite sure that there is nothing I can say about how it works, or what you can do with it while sport driving that you don't already know. and I now see that you have handled the hand brake. Fault or human trait, everyone likes to have something special, or a little different than everything that everyone else has and notes don't override force of habit or stop people from making mistakes.
  10. If you haven't seen it, there is a little quip in the general section where people noticed, with speculations, that you pulled your postings and the forever loss of the years of accumulated knowledge. For my own sentimental reasons. I followed your Rapier postings. I'm very glad to see you back and now that you are back, your Singer postings will be linked to my email. Also relieved to learn that you, your home and cars are still intact.
  11. Yikes for a daily driver, but I don't need to drive daily. Did have a 10 year old 30+mpg Saab for a daily driving mpg that I turned into the 18 year old Tahoe with memory power seats because I'm 6'3", the little lady is 4'10", I can't hardly get behind the wheel of her little 4cyl Dodge, I'm now fully retired, didn't have room to keep both my old cars, her car, the new 45 year old boat, the snowmobile trailer and the materials for building my new toy box. Now I don't have to play musical cars to clean the driveway every time it snows and my 30 year old 25+mpg ragtop becomes my summertime daily driver.
  12. Like it or not we are being encouraged to drive electric. Just back from squeezing my 15mpg Tahoe into a $7 per hour parking ramp. If I'd had an RV thick extension cord to a dummy plug in the fender, I could have used the free on street electric vehicle parking next to the on street charging stations.
  13. It's all in how you do the math. with a hurricane force tailwind a 80mph air speed piper cub is a ground speed demon and with a good tailwind, 200mph ground speed with an autogyro is a very believable speed.
  14. My grandfather never tossed anything until he saved every good nut bolt and screw, those buckets went with the farm when it got sold and I started my own bolt collection. My friends, family and neighbors love my bolt buckets which are organized by small, medium, large and metric. Had to buy 4 self locking flange nuts at the hardware store last month and can't even guess at how many dollars my buckets have saved me over the years.