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  1. Digger914

    Catalytic converter broken

    Even in the nearly rust free state of Missouri, slipping a direct fit CAT onto a Reatta without having the car up on a hoist is not going to be easy and I recommend a universal CAT for DIY replacement. Working space under a car on jack stands is limited, even with air tools and a torch, O2 sensors do not like to come out of the bung, nuts do not like to come off the studs, getting the flange to seat while laying on your back and stretching rock hard old rubber to move the exhaust back far enough to slip over the new pipe is a test of will and strength. Even up on a hoist, if you break a stud or bolt and need to work over the exhaust header it can become a job and a half. Slapping in a universal CAT is fairly easy as the O2 sensor to CAT core distance of the OBD-1 system isn't critical to operation and a DIY in the driveway job requires minimal tools. Slice the pipe front and back of the CAT with a recip saw, slip the new CAT on to the existing pipe, clamp it tight, with your impact gun and you're good to go. Sometimes you need to add a length of repair pipe which can be purchased with a pre expanded end and that makes fitment easy.
  2. Digger914

    ID horizontal opposed engine

    Looks like a single crank but picture is to small to say for sure, could be a boxer engine or it could be this one
  3. For the dash you mask the cracked / split area with tape and paper then fill the cavity with the smallest squirt of expanding / insulation foam that you can manage, that is small squirt as small as possible as you will be removing the excess to flush with the dash after it expands and the less you have to remove the easier the job. To make it look like it never cracked lightly sand a shallow trough, that is very shallow into your new foam and lightly sand the adjoining vinyl smooth and use an off the shelf vinyl repair kit to recoat and retexture the repaired area. Would have to see the door to suggest anything for an almost destroyed panel.
  4. Digger914

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    So I got one of those cars that detunes at stoplights and idles so low and rough that you think it's broken and going to die. I started out to post a note on how I developed a steering wheel twitch to trick the engine computer into holding a smooth idle and how that same rhythmic tug on the steering wheel keeps new cars from shutting down . But I had to write this first paragraph a dozen times just to get this said. I grew to hate brand new cars when I was young and if I hadn't needed the tax break for my business, I would have never ever bought a new car. When you grow up in a new car dealership and every car in the driveway has dealer plates, you learn that new cars are not and never can be fun. I was forced to drive brand new cars while living at home with the folks, they were all dads cars, or the car dad sold you and sure the price was always great, but even today I still hate brand new cars.
  5. Digger914

    What should you do with old car paint?

    Put the brushed aluminum hand rails back on the box and you will have an eye catching casket.
  6. Digger914

    What should you do with old car paint?

    In my part of the country, specifically my county, businesses pay through the nose to get rid of this stuff and home owners can take paint of any condition from half goo to still sloshing to the county recycle center and get rid of it no charge. The county north of me paint has different rules and a drop off charge. Check with your county recycle center and it wouldn't hurt to price shop the counties where your kids live, all kids leave a bunch of crap for the folks to deal with when they move out, only fair that they deal with some of yours.
  7. Digger914

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    Fun, but not perfect. Sure I made more for the store, but not enough to make up for letting a cash buyer off the lot without a car.
  8. Digger914

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    One time, one car, that actually worked for me. Two real CASH buyers showed up at the same time on the same car and I sold it for more than advertised.
  9. Digger914

    A window into the life of a car dealer

    My dad always said there is an ass for every seat. Growing up in a family of Car Salesmen, Sales Managers, General Managers and New Car Dealerships, I think I've heard about every (avoiding the more colorful terms) tire kicker story that can be told. As I read Matt's posting I expected to find favorite ( more colorful term ) phone call question. "what's the least you will take?
  10. Digger914

    Were my seats reupholstered?

    If you are as lucky as I was with the car I got from Death Valley, under those seat covers you will find pristine factory upholstery. Give it a good cleaning and it should look factory new. The lower section looks like it will need some touching up, a good detail shop should be able to make that small section look as good as the upper and when all is done you've saved a thousand bucks. Congratulations.
  11. Digger914

    1964 Ford Falcon

    Pictures of the entire car, not just the picture of a car that needs a wash and high speed buffing will get you some better advice on where to start. Whether you go with full restoration or a good clean and refresh, do drive the car first and drive long enough to know what kind of shape the mechanics are in. Condition and availability makes my decision on reupholstering, or replacing, or reupholstering a replacement seat and no way to know which is most cost effective without shopping. Up here in rust country we have yards that specialize in salvaging rubber, plastic and upholstery as our cars rot from salt not sun. Before you shop e-bay, go here http://car-part.com/ fill in the blanks in part search and see if you can't get exactly what you need.
  12. Digger914

    Scam Alert

    Un published cases aren't per se president setting, but they can be used to support an argument and sway an outcome. More importantly, reporting the act and outcome encourages others to act and that does make a difference.
  13. If your idle speed is surging between these two numbers giving the throttle body a good cleaning is the first best fix, pay special attention to the port for the idle air motor. If your idle speed is steady while sitting but changes this much between stop signs, a good throttle body cleaning is still your first best fix. Wouldn't hurt to shop the internet for best price on idle air motor and throttle position sensor just in case.
  14. Digger914

    Knock-off wheel removal

    Come on guys, these are safety wire knock offs, if the safety wire is done the way it should be figuring out which way to loosen only takes a quick glance.
  15. Digger914

    Knock-off wheel removal

    Even anti seize doesn't last forever and if you can pound the wheel off with a dead blow hammer it's not really stuck. Oil is for the owner that is meticulous about proper maintenance, anti seize is for the rest of the world. I would say go with oil as that is what the true enthusiast is going to expect and if the buyer doesn't check the safety wire to make sure you have the right number of twists and tension, better tell them that the spinners are on with oil and that they need to be redone every year.