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  1. Don't know if I've been using the exact sane stuff, but I've been using stuff like this since the mid 80's. Have used it to fix a chipped prop on the boat, usually use it under the hood on leaking AC lines. Good for small repair jobs, best use the wire feed on the busted up aluminium trailer. Anyone thinking about giving this stuff a try, I suggest starting on empty beer cans. Getting a good looking seam is easy, after you learn how to fill a hole in an empty aluminum can.
  2. It won't fix all stretch & dent seats, but I have had very good results with steam. It works to soften up stiff leather and it will also put some bounce back into scrunched foam seat cushions. Sometimes foam cushions are to old and need to be replaced.
  3. I remember the cow magnet craze.
  4. Yep, the less than $100 unit is almost always out of stock and the over $500 is almost always available. Kind of like the last few weeks of shopping for toilet paper. Took me a long time to cross reference the part number and If the Lemforder accumulator was available on my side of the pond, I would have put the part number in a safe place where I could find it again. Bit less than the Wabco price, but not enough to spend hours looking when you have an affordable compatible replacement.
  5. Haven't looked at accumulators for a while and didn't know that Jaguar had switched suppliers from Continental to Hydac. Can't hardly imagine paying the Jaguar price for the Hydac no matter how shinny the box is and it seems that the ATE W01331599229 is still available and thought you might enjoy this. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1CHBF_enUS894US894&biw=1366&bih=625&tbm=shop&ei=GqGvXvq1FZfctQbU4YOQBg&q=ate+brake+accumulator+W0133-1599229&oq=ate+brake+accumulator+W0133-1599229&gs_l=psy-ab-sh.12...
  6. $280K and its not self winding, ????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Remembering back to the Fair Trades name changes, a 1959 Ford with what sounds like a Mercury model name in NY state makes me think Canadian built Ford.
  8. Dual manufacturer badged car with a Maserati VIN plate. Glorified Chrysler absolutely, also the most reliable Maserati ever built.
  9. Everyone is driven to do something everyday and how boring life must be for those who are only driven to get out of bed to use the toilet. Aging or injury, when it happens you notice that the less you do, the less you can do. An old guy, more than several years older than you, says that when you stop you drop. You do what you need to do to accomplish the task at hand, but you don't have to do everything on your own and if someone is available to give you a hand, take it. The old boy was 98 last May, he still works a bit every day, and not because he needs money. Having the fire th
  10. But the twin constant velocity side draft carbs are still a balance challenge that few have mastered. And, you probably can get the body off in one piece single handedly , but do you really want to?
  11. Hi Bernie, Not quite sure what I should be pondering here as I had to expand my image view to 400% to see what the "old battle scar" looked like. The shift / gear select lever assembly looks like the EMV type 57? assembly so it might be the bolts on the side that might be the un explained adjustment points, or it could be whats viable through the open inspection cover which would be the big brake /cone clutch and all the little brake/clutch bands.
  12. Don't know for certain what I'm looking at, but thinking that the ENV has different bolt pattern around the outer edge, I'm going to guess that this is a picture of the Wilson from the Lagonda with the front cover and clutching removed.
  13. A resto mod right hand drive '39 LaSalle convertible coupe is worth what you can get for it and its worth a lot less up here in the states than it is down under.
  14. Bernie, Half of my dads cousins had small town new car dealerships, my dad ran a big city Lincoln store and another one of his cousin ran the Cadillac store directly across the road.. Growing up on the used car lot in a new car family.and having succumbed to this temptation myself, I know the kind of things that can happen to new and used specialty cars that people can't resist driving. Those old preselect trannys might be a pain in stop and go city driving, but they are a pure joy on windy hilly roads and thinking about it always puts a smile on my face.
  15. Silicone on stripped threads is a lot better than the kind of problem I had imagined could be found if someone couldn't resist taking the sports car for a test drive and used the shift pedal like a clutch to get rolling and the new clutch material was an aggressive abrasive..
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