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58 Roadmaster 75 Turn signals


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Just took the 58 Roadie out for a stretch of the legs before going to sleep for a month or so.


The turn signals worked perfectly fine for the ride until almost home...

Then, the stick suddenly went limp like a noodle on a left turn and no signal actuation.


Clearly something went bad under that horn ring.

(suspecting something plastic and brittle from age..)

The car only has 40,000 miles.


Before I dig into it & look for the shop manual ... any guesses on what broke under there?

And, any parts to be on the look out for?




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The pivot shoulder screw that the canceling plate pivots on has backed out of its threads.  Reinstall the screw with a little blue Loctite and instrument grease on the screw shoulder.

Disconnect the battery, remove the horn ring, remove the nut holding the horn contact disks, remove the disks, remove the steering wheel holding nut.  Now, with a steering wheel puller remove the steering wheel.  Now the faulty screw is accessible.


Chassis Service manual may detail this.



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Well Lads

The pivot screw is in place......but that little pot metal cam deal has broken in half.

How do I best source the replacement parts for this assembly?

Are there any NOS turn signal parts out there that someone knows of?

or, should I start looking for non-broken used ones?

what years , makes , models might interchange?





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…. Mike, just start collating a few used ones and pick out the best one plus you will have back-ups.


I have a question, what is the best way to go about getting the crest ring cap off without gouging the hell out of the crest ring perimeter … err Tape it real good and use a wide standard screw driver blade  or … ?

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Not being familiar with that particular set-up, but was wondering if some sort of adhesive might hold things back together?  Blue Loctite allow for re-torqueing, Red Loctite does not.  Just a dab will do you (hold the Brylcreme, though).  The hot/cold cycles might have caused the pot metal to shrink a little and become more brittle with age.


Just some thoughts . . .


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Thtats it all right, Caballero2.

Mine broke at the skinny part of the casting.

Years of interchangeability on this part?

Perhaps other GM marques used same parts?

Gonna ask myCadillac form boys if there's any chance 

Caddy stuff was the same

Will start looking for used or possiblyNOS replacements.

thanks to all contributors!



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