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Check list!! To start up my old car...


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Check all fluid levels, look under the car for any obvious leaks (engine, trans, diff and wheel cylinders). Pump the brake pedal to make sure you have brakes. (When you put the car in storage DO NOT apply the handbrake. (I live in a very damp climate and doing that is inviting problems. It's easier to unstick an unapplied handbrake.) Even leave the car in neutral and put chock blocks on both sides of two wheels. Because of the above reason, we often block the clutch pedal part way down so the clutch disc won't stick to the flywheel.

How old is the battery? If it was charged periodically during the winter it should be ok.


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That is an impossible question to answer. What kind of car? Where was it stored? What kind of climate? Inside or outside? What preparations did you make? Did you jack it up, take out the battery and keep it charged up, did you winterize the car? Or did you leave it in a snowbank with the keys in the ignition?

I would start by charging the battery overnight or until it shows a full charge. Then I would cross my fingers and turn the key.

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I should be good here.. I can find the part to hook it up.. (DO NOT apply the handbrake.)

This is the only car I got running last year.. 1954 Kaiser.. Hope all will go well and I can show it off at the local shows...

Just got my 2015 Car Council book today..


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Looks like it was stored properly indoors. I would sniff the gas (petrol) and if it still smells like gas, put the battery in and have a go. If it does not start right away look down the carb while you work the throttle and see if it is getting gas. If it is, and still won't start, check the points for corrosion and give them a shot of contact cleaner and drag a strip of white paper through them. If you have gas and spark it should go.

O ya you could check the oil, coolant, and brake fluid and pump up the tires.

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The gas is new last year. What is the shelf life on gasoline?? We took the tank off to fix the float.. I need to work on the ground wire.. still not working..

It also has a rear end noise.. We need to pull the drums and Check it out... Sounds like a lug nut in the hub cap...

Here is a picture of the bad float.. We tested the new one out of the car.. But it will not work in the car..


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