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1923 Franklin 10B Demisedan **UPDATE**


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I recently bought a 1923 Franklin 10B Demisedan.

It was owned by Al Briggs in AZ. It is a project car needing total restoration. I recently joined the Franklin club and downloaded some literature.

I hope to get quite a few original blueprint drawings to help rebuild the wooden framing. The mechanicals are in decent shape.

The firewall data plate is really degenerated and I can only identify the stamped vin number. I include photos of my car, my essentially blank firewall data tag and a similar intact firewall tag that I found on the internet.

I did contact Jerry Turner from Nostalgic Reflections about remaking a firewall tag for me. He needs a very high resolution photo in order to manufacture a new one.

Does anyone in the Franklin club produce repro firewall data tags? Any advice welcomed.

Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH




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I did join the Franklin Club. I got a lot of literature for my car. I carefully looked through the Series 10 parts list to see what original equipment came with the car and what parts I am missing. The parts list actually had a lot of information concerning the differences between the A, B and C series 10 cars.

My car has an early engine (cast aluminum air scoop), an early B demisedan body and a C upgrade kit. I am missing the rear footrest, rear robe strap/brackets, and the entire upper windshield/hardware. The scuff plates are gone also but I do have the drawings for them. I don't know what design needs to be stamped on them though.

I downloaded lots of the original parts drawings from the website. The windshield parts drawings are great but I couldn't find the overall drawing for the 10 B demisedan windshield frame. As I understand, each model has it's own windshield design. Are there any Franklin club members out there that reproduces these windshield components?

I did talk to Jeff Hasslen and bought a new firewall data plate. He did not know of anyone that reproduces the windshield parts.

The car's frame was remade in ash by the previous owner after he bought it. And the frame is indeed solid. The remainder of the body wood framing needs replaced. The roof bows were replaced by him using just flat slats. I know the top is supposed to have curved bows to allow the water to run off to the side gutters. I do not know how much slope/curve that the roof needs. Jeff Hasslen said the Franklin Club does not have drawings of the wood body framing parts.

The interior is all gone or rotted. The scuff plates were cut out of galvanized sheet metal. The floorboards are pieced together.

Are there any 1923 Series 10 owners out there who could take some detailed photos of their windshield? Interior? scuff plates? Roof?

I think the rest of the info missing parts I can reproduce form the parts drawings.

Any help or suggestions appreciated.

Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH

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Do these help? This car is 100% original. The scuff plates are plain, I'll take a photo after the holidays.

The robe strap is leather, and is broken, but I have it. I'd like to make another one including the brackets, for the touring car we have which is missing it.










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Thanks Steve and Franklin Pierce!

That helps a lot. I plan to start taking out the rotten carpet and headliner next week.

I need to see how much wood damage there is but as you can see from my photo it must be bad.

I have three of the four windows and I believe I have the necessary hinges. I need to find three door pulls.

This project will keep me busy til summer!


Tom Wallace, Dayton, OH


Here are a few of the photo's I took before going to the restoration shop. Hopefully this gives a better idea how a Demi-Sedan is built.
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I just am looking at this for the first time, really hope you have the time and patience to restore the demi sedan you bought, They are unique bodies - both touring car and sedan. The demi sedan that Steve Braverman posted of his Dad's car - I agree with Steve's statement that that car is the most original demi sedan you will ever see. I remember riding around in that car with Steve's Dad 55 years ago! Keep all of us aware of your progress on the restoration by posting photos here.

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