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  1. Great Questions. The car had about 22,000 miles when I acquired it. The Franklin has found its forever home with our family. It’s life has been hard but now rest comfortably in the stable. For some reason the car spent most of its life in a chicken coop before being moved to a outside storage area. Luckily the weather in Southern California is arid and did not further deteriorate the car. The wood frame was solid but the top was gone thus dried out the original leather interior. When I acquired the car in ‘08 it was partially disassembled. It took sever
  2. Hello All, This is my car! The car is a 1923 Franklin Series 10B Demi-Sedan with 28,000 original miles. Short History: The car was sold new at Ralph Hamlin’s Franklin Motor Car dealership. The car is and continues to be a SoCal car. In 1933 the car was painted with aviation dope for the 1933 National Air Races at, what is now, LAX airport. The crack paint is a result of the aviation dope shrinking on itself. We drive the car regularly. It is fantastic on long tours along with short trips around town. Since the car is a Demi-Sedan, the widows a
  3. Here are a few of the photo's I took before going to the restoration shop. Hopefully this gives a better idea how a Demi-Sedan is built.
  4. The H.H. Franklin Club will once again be represented at the annual Fall AACA Meet in Hershey, PA The dates are Wednesday, October 8 thru Saturday, October 11. The Official Franklin Club space is RNE 10. Please stop by to say “Hi”, chat about the progress you’ve made on your Franklin (or not - don’t be embarrassed), see “WANTED” items posted and to sign the “I Was Here” board so you can see who else is at Hershey! On Friday, we will have our second annual Franklin Frankfurter Fry just for the Franklin Kids! All Franklin Kids are welcome to join us for hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly, chip
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