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  1. Same as the 1960 Pontiac Berkshire Green. GM used the same green for a lot of the lines with different names.
  2. I’m a bit strange in that I actually listen to the old radio shows on XM. Channel 148. I do listen to music (20’s-early 90’s) but mostly the radio shows. Fibber McGee & Molly, Suspense, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, etc.
  3. Working on a few Ford flathead fuel pumps I purchased from a fellow member. 4 were used pumps and one was a partial NOS new pump. I cleaned the glass bowls up, 3 OEM AC glass and one that I presume to be aftermarket. Original AC bowl Aftermarket
  4. Done. I should have done more research first, that what I get for jumping the gun. Another lesson learned, but zero cost this time. That’s rare.
  5. Isn't the Brooks pretty rare too?
  6. Thanks for the photo! I divested myself of all social media except LinkedIn, and that's about to go as well. I got to the point where I opened up Facebook and after 10 minutes, I was checking the JPL Near Earth Object website to see if there was any hope that an asteroid was on its way to produce an extinction-level event.
  7. They weren't advertised as Champion, they were advertised as Autolite. Not sure how I left the impression that they were. My concerns were that they were selling them at a cheap price compared to the others on eBay and the order was cancelled. It was stated there were issues with the brass nut on top on the Autolite. I will check with Bratton's for parts certainly. I just tend to wander through eBay like a kid in the hobby store.
  8. Thank you for the review! I have been leaning towards this one a bit because of the significantly reduced noise level but always floated back to the Quincy for the cost. I see it has come down $100 from the original $1999 when it came out.
  9. Yep, the Pontiac will never leave, it’s an heirloom. I’m planning on two Model A’s, one I can daily drive and one I can do a proper restoration. I think there is a Model A club in Montgomery or Birmingham, I’m in Auburn, AL.
  10. Thanks for the info! I’m just getting into the Model A scene, I haven’t bought one yet but I do my best to know what I need to know before I dive in. They were advertised as Autolite, so no problems there. I’ve already received all of the judging standards books and info and joined MAFCA and have their info. I just have to complete my 57 Chevy and sell it so I have the cash/space to get a Model A. Since the Champion are better /more accurate, I will wait to find some of those.
  11. Ok, I’m wondering if he just realized he sold them to me for a really cheap price and gave me an excuse to cancel the sale. They are running ~$30 each on eBay and I bought these for $37.95 for 4 plus shipping/tax put them at just under $50 for all 4.
  12. That was some insane animation! It didn’t get much better until the 1980’s, maybe even later.
  13. That’s the other compressor I’ve been looking at, it’s just double the price of the Quincy.
  14. This was the photo associated with the initial eBay ad that I purchased. I’m assuming these are Champion plugs just reboxed, correct? Thanks for the info on the plugs! I am beginning the Model A path soon.
  15. I wish I could put it out in a shed, but the HOA and my wife would burn me at an eco-friendly renewable stake and find a way to make it carbon-neutral. I can get a bigger tank, but would need to elevate it to an upper mezzanine. I have a 19’ high peak in the center of the workshop.
  16. Its actually about double the CFM I have been suffering with over the past 10 years. I have used a DeWalt Emglo 110v compressor (worst purchase ever) that puts out about 6 CFM and have used it to do a bunch, I just have a LOT of waiting time for it to build back up pressure. I'm also constrained on tank diameter, I have a 24' x 24' shop. I can go small diameter and tall, that is about it.
  17. This is the one I plan on buying if it ever goes on sale. https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200612355_200612355
  18. I bought a set of 4 Autolite 3x plugs for a future project (Ford Model A) and found them at a good price (assuming from the other prices on eBay). I bought them, then the seller cancelled the sale 2 days later and sent me this response. Item: 1928-1931 Model A Ford Spark Plug & Wire Set w/Brass 3X Tops & Copper Washers "Hello and thank you for your purchase. However recently we have had some trouble with the 3X type tops not fitting securely, therefore we have cancelled the order and issued a full refund. We do have the autolite spark plugs with the steel top
  19. As a former Wyoming resident, I didn't even know about the antique plates or the insurance loophole. In Alabama where I live now, you must have insurance on everything but can get the antique plates for a 1 time fee of $50 or so. I just get YOM plates for my antique cars though. I do have to renew every year, but YOM plates look a bit nicer.
  20. Yep, I remember the switch when I was in junior / high school in the mid 80's. I still have a can of Prestone in a can like that.
  21. Milk crates have been supporting the automotive restoration community for over 100 years. 😀
  22. Where did you get the aftermarket fan? I'm making my list of places to source things.
  23. Yep, it’s a good video! https://youtu.be/CySWcjlxO4Y
  24. Have you ever found any old photos of the car? With the distinctive paint scheme for the 1933 air races, there may be some photos of her out there.
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