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She's a beauty

Guest Jefferyscott

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Guest Jefferyscott

My mission was not to by this car, but I did! I became mesmerized by the styling and could feel the care that had been invested in preserving this piece of Detroit history.

The odometer reads 26,000 miles.

I hope it fits in my garage!




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Guest Jefferyscott

After buying the car, it didn't long for me to make my first error. The battery was drained so the car wouldn't turn over. I set my battery charger to 6v and attached positive to pos and negative to neg. Oops, this melted the battery.

In addition, the brake pedal went straight to the floor.

At that point I had the car towed to my trusted mechanic, Papa Joe.

We replaced the battery and the car fired right up! The engine truly purrs.

Joe went through the brake system and all is good!

Next up, an oil change, a radiator flush and some detailing.

Any words of wisdom to help me avoid another big mistake(battery Mishap) are appreciated.

Example- is there a lead additive I need to add to the gas? I understand ethanol and other modern fuel additives are harmful.

The passenger door vent glass is cracked. How difficult is it finding a replacement?

The interior is in excellent condition but the armrests on the door are tired. Suggestions?

It would be great to replicate the tool kit that came with the car(I have the jack and tire iron only).

I would like to locate an owners manual. Is ebay the preferred source?

Is the radio going to work?

Thanks to all for your interest and support!

Jeff Gulian

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If you like the car, get a factory shop manual and a owners manual off Ebay. It does not need any fuel additive as the exhaust seats are hardened and you probably won't be driving 20,000 miles a year with it. You might want to be sure the fuel supply suction hose at the front side of the fuel pump is good or just replace it with new. The glass will have to be done by a glass shop. Use a good upholstry shop to re-do the arm rests. You might get lucky on the radio. Turn it on and listen for a hum and press the bottom button to manual tune and hopefully it will play. If not (no hum) check the power wire inline fuse behind the radio/dash. The fuse is in an enclosed 2 piece twist apart tube like connector.

Is the car a six-model C38 or an eight cylinder-model C39? Never mind-it's the little six Chrysler. The proper owners manual is specific for the six or eight cylinder engine. Eight cylinder 1946-8 Chrysler model C39 cars are extremely rare and hard to come by even on Ebay. Six cylinder model C38 are not much better to find but do show up on ebay. Someone might reprint the six cylinder book as I thought I saw one on Ebay not long ago.


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If you hooked the charger positive to positive set on six volts, that was correct, then you had a bad battery

If you hooked the negative to the block or body that was a big no no.

That is how fires can start or you could be doing an acid splatter clean up.

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Guest markrush

I keep my positive cable disconnected and keep a Battery Tender Plus on my '48 Windsor Sedan. Before that I had a discussion with my son about jumping a positve grounded car. Is it right to connect directly to the negative post of the dead battery and then connect the positive cable to the block to ground?

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Guest Bob Call

Jeff, you might want to join the Walter P Chrysler Club. WPC Home - the World's Largest Chrysler Products Club !. Check with Bishko Automobile Literature for manuals on CD, Bishko Books, Repair Manuals, Owners Manuals, Parts Books & Sales Brochures. NAPA and Rock Auto have quite a few regular maintenance parts that are a little less expensive than from vintage parts companies like Andy Bernbaum and Kanter.

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