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  1. Really enjoyed it. Thank you for posting. Makes you realize how good we have it today and how much sacrifice the people living at the time had to make. At home as well as the men and women in uniform. The shot of the 62,000 plus miles considered high mileage would just be a good break in with todays modern cars. If I don't get 200K trouble free miles I think I bought a lemon. "They don't build them like they used to" and I'm glad they don't.😊 On the driver entering cars from the passenger side. It must have been a law. I notice very common to see in the old movies from the 40's especially. Must have been a tough slide for a guy like me 250#s and on mohair seats that don't slip much. Lol
  2. Got her going.. corrosion on the ends of the coil wire. (so now I know) 😊
  3. I had a buyer literality on his way to the bank for a cashiers check and willing to make the 170 mile drive to purchase my (all original) 41 Buick. Straight eight. I went to move the car out of the garage to dust her off so she'd look her best when the buyer arrived and would you know...No start. Ok maybe out of gas? (the gauge does not work) had AAA bring fuel .. No start .. sprayed starter fluid. No start.. Engine cranks but even with the starter fluid no temp start, just cranks... I first thought bad fuel pump. it did that before with a bad pump but starter fluid would make it start for a few seconds.. not this time. So must not be getting spark to the cylinders? NOT A MECHANIC HERE. my guess. Drove a short distance the day before seemed ok but I think it died twice while out. your Opinions of possible problems please. I can't get it to a shop till mid October as I'll be out of the country. Glad I caught the buyer before he got to the bank. Maybe she's trying to tell me something like..."KEEP ME "😊
  4. Just posted my Buick for sale on Dyler. I'm curious if any of you have had good luck using their web site? Thanks for any feedback you have. Wayne 41 Buick Fresno, Ca.
  5. I thank all of you. It's helpful to have opinions from this group. I now have it posted for sale here in the FOR SALE General Motors section at $18,500 and a few other sites as well. Wayne
  6. Thank you. I will as soon as I figure out how to edit. Lol Got it! Appreciate the suggestion. It was needed.😊
  7. 1941 Buick Super 51 . All original. 37,000 miles to the best of my research I'm the 3rd owner. I've owned it exactly 10 years . Had 23,800 miles July of 2011. Very good condition. Run great. It's been driven weekly year round in California. Newer Diamond Back radial tire installed at 34,195 April of 2019 . Newer radial spare tire, black wall Oct. 2019. New battery Feb 2021. Newer brakes and master cylinder at 33,200 miles. Paint and interior is original and in very good condition. Some primer showing at roof above front windshield. NO RUST ISSUES Chrome front and back bumper and gill very good condition. Gas gauge, Wipers, radio & heater do not work. (never been in the rain last 10 years), never gets too cold to drive it here so heater is not an issue and the radio is AM only. Speedometer, heat and oil pressure gauges all work. Oil pressure is 47 to 50 #s at highway speeds. This is a great car that is ready for the road and fun to drive. Selling because like the man I bought it from I've aged out. Lol. Car is located in Fresno California I'll be happy to share anything I know about this car. Priced at what I think is realistic and willing to accept $18,500
  8. Don't understand why my response has not posted. (Thought I responded few hours ago?) I appreciate the feed back and agree the mid 20's is too optimistic for this car. I'll try lower. Thanks to those of you who had comments and opinions. Wayne
  9. Hey Neil. As I said I'm having trouble up loading so that's why the dated photos and no interior shots. I'm not concerned about people giving me their opinion on value. Actually I couldn't think of a better place to ask. Thanks for the feed back. Matthew: Thank you . what prompted my post here was while I was out on my run today I had a very interested person asking about value. He might be a potential buyer if I decide to sell. I'm no expert on value so that's why I ask. I appreciate your input. Wayne
  10. Pre war Buick guys just asking your opinion of value. I'm considering selling and really not sure where the real world might value this 1941 Buick Super. All original runs great, shifts great has never had a repaint. 37,000 original miles. To the best of my knowledge I'm the 3rd owner. I've had it ten years this month. Had 23,800 miles at purchase. Diamond back Radial tires (installed 4/2019)with approx. 1600 miles on them. All new brake shoes and new master cylinder with around 1,000 miles since installed. No interior photos here but interior is in excellent condition. No rips or stains in upholstery or headliner. dash is in excellent condition. speedometer and odometer are accurate. Gas gauge does not work. Wipers do not work. (I've never had it out in the rain πŸ™‚) Radio does not work . Heater does not work ( doesn't get too cold cold here). All other gauges work well. Temp runs at 180 deg. Oil pressure is excellent at idle and on the road runs 47 to 50+#s (some oil leak to be determined.. down one quart in last 600 miles since change driving about once a week usually a 16 to 20 mile run. I'm thinking of selling because I'm having shoulder problems BIG TIME and require surgery which I'm putting off as long as possible. I can manage fine if I don't stress it. With no power steering this heavy Buick is not easy for me to steer especially at low speeds. I'm aware there may be a fix to add power steering but I'm thinking in might be time to pass this original car on to another who will appreciate it. Your comments appreciated. (These photos aren't recent but the car looks exactly as shown. I'm having problems uploading so using older photos. )
  11. Thank you . Enjoyed the tour. πŸ‘πŸ™‚
  12. Hey Ben Thanks for the input. In my opinion It's more of a nuisance. Leaving a puddle on the cardboard or plastic sheet I keep under the car in the garage. it's about 3 or 4" by about 8 to 10" after coming in from a 20 mile run. It lost a quart of oil in the last about 550 miles . which doesn't really seem that bad to me. Is it? I mean I know that's not a good thing . I'm driving this Buick at least once a week about 20 or 22 miles each outing. I guess I'm a cheapo but I have to say I like what you're saying better than the repair shops $1,400 estimate. (was him guessing the rear main as it was not up on the rack) Lol Thanks so much. I always enjoy your post and responses here.😊
  13. Just asking to get an idea of a reasonable cost to replace the rear main seal. 1941 Buick 248 CI Straight eight. Pretty sure that's my leak. Still have to get it on a rack and check it out for certain. My understanding is it's a rope seal. I'd be surprised if it's ever been replaced. Just turned 37K original miles today on a 20 mile run. πŸ™‚ Car was built in October of 1940 for the '41 model year so the seal is almost 81 years old. I won't be doing the job. About the only thing I'm good at with this old Buick is driving it. and maybe not so much on that either.😊 I'm told the replacement seal can be Neoprene or rope type ,both of which Bob's Automobilia carries. I'm thinking go with the Neoprene. Just curious what you guys think is about the right cost for the job. Either part is under $50.00. Oh.. and unfortunately I'm in California just to help with a guestimate. ( probably take the low end cost wise and double it. πŸ˜–) Wayne
  14. My favorite is when asked about the car and I go over that it's all original etc. and tell them it's 1941. Then when they ask "are you the original owner?" My answer... "yes and I'll be 122 this November " at least I get a smile.
  15. Thanks Gentelmen for the info. Prio oil was also 15 - 40 wt. can't remember the brand right now.
  16. Just changed my oil to Rotilla 15-40 wt.oil ( states for Diesel engines) in my 1941 Buick 248 CI straight eight. Original with 36,000 miles. I didn't see any Rotilla this wt. for gasoline engines. As it turns out my oil pressure is running like 58 almost to maximum full gauge reading at highway speed. I think prior to this oil change it would be around 48 to 50. Is this harmful to my engine? I've read in the past here about Rotilla users being pleased but maybe they're using for gas engines. Nothing unusual seems to be going on that I can hear or see. Your thoughts? Wayne B.
  17. Wow. John now that's a dealπŸ™‚ Thank you
  18. Just received my Vehicle registration renewal notice today from the state of California.. to renew my 1941 Buick Super the total is $187.00 . $40 of that is for special plate fee. There are no other state fee such as annual inspection or smog certification requirement. (car older than 20 years smog cert. is not required). I'm just curious what other collector car owners around the country and out of the U.S. for that matter are paying to keep their cars registered.
  19. Here's mine. 1941 Buick Super . 23,800 original miles at purchase July 2011 Mankato MN. I'm the third owner. A Minnesota car from new til 2011. (NO RUST ☺️) current mileage 35,430. had her out today for a 30 mile run. I've enjoyed seeing you guys with your cars. Thanks Victoria Lynn. Great idea.☺️ Wayne Fresno, Ca.
  20. I've been using one for the 8 plus years I've owned the car. I do shake the duster a few times while dusting the car. I have washed this Buick only ONCE since it rolled out off the delivery truck almost nine years ago. So I'd say "works for me" Sorry these photos are so large. Not sure what I did. ?
  21. Of course we all know to be careful when buying i.e. cars on CL. example a friend of a friend just last week purchased what he thought was a good deal from a private party on Sacarmento Craigslist. $14,000. When he went DMV to register the car he found out it had been rented from a rental company. All normal documents provided by seller were bogus Title, his I.D etc. all fake. Police say no recourse because he can not be traced. The buyer is OUT $14,000. I Guess transactions need to be done at the bank AND the DMV to be safe. just saying.. it can happen.
  22. I just have to join in here. My very first purchase on credit was two Sears tires when I was in the Navy and home ported at Long Beach Ca. 1968 for my 1960 Olds. only could afford two. never forget Sears for allowing me to start credit. Can't remember the price but paid them out on time. "those were the days"
  23. Thanks! for some reason I didn't find the lower priced trucks. Duh.... I'll pass them on. Wayne
  24. Not me but a friend is looking for a Chevy pickup 1951- 1953. I think up to low $20,000's. Of course the amount he'll spend depends on condition and location of truck. Western U.S. best but open to finds. Thanks Wayne
  25. I have four used Coker 760 X 15" Bias ply tires. (3" white wall) approx. 7.5 years old. good tread. Used approximately 9,000 miles on my '41 Buick. Could be used as replacements for casual driving or spare. (Require tubes) Any value? any Interest? Just asking. Wayne 41 Buick
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