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  1. I am in the matket for a 1968 AMC full size 2 door hardtop, either a Ambassador or Rebel, with a factory manual transmission. Column or floor is fine. Reply direct or email mdh157@hotmail.com.
  2. Does anyone know if there is a published list of vendors who have already registered for the Fall Hershey Meet? If so, where can I find it?
  3. For Sale: 1969 Grand Prix equipped with the following: - special order Castillion Bronze paint - rear speaker - rally wheels - rear wind defroster - AM/FM radio - ps - pdb - remote mirror - ac - p windows - base non-optional M13 3 speed manual trans - gold vinyl interior - has orig shifter knob and standard trans console ashtray - PHS docs confirming the above! Numbers matching WX coded engine, I have not been able to find any numbers on the trans but it does have a date code of 1/15/69 (car was built 4th week of Feb 1969 ). Currently titled/registered in my name, runs and drives. Needs resto
  4. would love to see pics if you do decide to sell......shoot me a pm!
  5. Does anyone have the production breakdown by engine and trans? I want to specifically know the breakdown of 428 HO cars by trans and trim level. I know of a guy who has a '69 400 for sale. Any ideas on what a fair price might be? will prob need both lwr qtrs and 2 small patches in the floors, not sure if the trunk needs patching or not.
  6. can't..........shipping costs takes it out of my price range, plus buying sight unseen is not something I am interested in doing......too much risk. I tried a few times to find local guys to check the cars out that I've been interested in but nobody is ever close enough.
  7. sounds like a nice car, wrong side of the country, as usual! life stinks in the northeast, nothing but junk over here.
  8. what are you looking at on the way over? If you guys don't buy it I may be interested!
  9. i agree...........if solid, it doesn't sound unreasonable
  10. I hope somebody is bringing a nice convertible for me to buy........I need the car corral to be big( )
  11. driver/nice driver cond.......if you know of one sitting in a garage feel free to pass on owner info, even if i call them and they say the car isn't for sale. might consider a 69-70 fury ragtop as well Cash just sitting here burning a hole in my pocket........Thanks -Mark
  12. look at all those beautiful cars - ruined
  13. that car just oozes class.........look at all that chrome on the instr panel!
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