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New Cruiser


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For those of you who haven't been following my thread over on the Me and My Buick forum, this is to let y'all know about my new ride.

I won an ebay auction for a 55 Century Wagon.

I plan on just fixing this one (as opposed to restoring it). First thing will be to check the brakes. The engine sounds good, but the car jumps out of reverse, so I'll check the trans mounts and linkage. The interior is ratty in the front but relatively nice in the back seat area. An interesting thing to note is that in the cargo area, it is Daytona weave carpet glued to plywood. It is a very solid California car with minimal rust (zero rust through). The fuel pump is lying in the cargo area, so I may try to run it just on the electric pump and see if it vapor locks like my other 55's. All of the glass is good except the windshield which has a crack.

I will probably try some experiments with this one such as ceramic coating on the intake and exhaust to combat this horrible Central Texas heat. There is already a 5 blade aftermarket fan. I also have a period correct knee-knocker AC unit that I may install. This may turn into my highway charger if all goes well.

(I hate adding pics from the iphone!!!)



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CONGRATS on your newly expanded Project Buick vehicle fleet!

I know that '55 Nomads had the plywood rear floor items, so it might well have been a "corporate" situation back then.

Does this wagon also have the "IONIA BODY" logo on the rh frt sill plate?

When's the 40' enclosed trailer and K3500 Crew Cab Duramax going to arrive?

As usual . . . please keep us posted!



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Willis, the body plate says Ionia. I ought to post the stuff for Dave C to decode.

No Adam, I'm just surfing au naturel with the iPhone. I need a newer version. If only I had an "in" at Apple.

I was drooling over WWS's trailer for sale on the buy / sell forum. I would love a replacement trailer at some point. Ya know, I might still need one for when I finish the Convertible. I should be back working on that one soon, although working on my own stuff doesn't pay for giant car haulers ;).

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